June 29, 2022

Biden wants 10 times as many refugees next year

President Joe Biden plans to bring nearly 10 times as many refugees into the U.S. in the next fiscal year according to a State Department report on Monday.

In May, Biden raised the Trump-era number from 15,000 refugees to 62,500. For the next fiscal year, starting Oct. 1, Biden has set the limit at 125,000.

Top refugees countries of origin will include Africa with 40,00 and South Asia with 35,000.

The refugee plan offers a much more aggressive resettlement approach than the previous administration. In addition, the resettlement numbers do not include the vast number of illegal immigrants crossing the nation’s southern border.

For the past two months, more than 200,000 people per month has illegally crossed the southern border. More than 1.3 million have crossed in 2021, with more than two million estimated by the end of the year.

Illegal immigration has already exceeded the population total of many U.S. states, angering many Americans over Biden’s open border policies.

The border became an especially difficult situation last weekend. More than 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants crossed the border at Del Rio, Texas, leading to a mass gathering of immigrants under the international bridge.

Biden’s administration promised to support increased immigration, and it has certainly followed through. Unfortunately, the rapid expansion includes many harmful factors for current Americans that the administration has failed to address.

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