April 18, 2021

Joe Biden has narrowed VP search down to four candidates

Democrat nominee Joe Biden announced on Monday that he’s finally narrowed his vice-presidential search down to four candidates after months of wild speculation.

“I am not committed to naming any but the people I’ve named, and among them, there are four black women,” Biden told MSNBC Monday. “It is important that my administration, I promise you, will look like America.”

The Washington Examiner reported that “Florida Rep. Val Demings, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice are among the potential black women in the final stages of consideration.”

Biden is slated to announce his choice before the Democrat National Convention in mid-August. He announced his intention to choose a female running mate as the primaries began to heat up, but only recently committed to choosing a woman of color.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), one of Biden’s previous top contenders, made headlines last month by publically stepping away from consideration in order to allow a woman of color to step forward.

The move appeared to strategically eliminate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer from the running as well.

Biden has reportedly given himself a rough deadline of officially choosing a running mate before August 1.

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38 Responses

  1. All left wing liberal communists that want to turn our Republic into a failed country,….a Democrats wish list,…never going to happen,………..

  2. So this is how the demorats pick a vice president. Has to be a woman of color. What the hell is wrong with this picture. Demorats suck!

  3. Well Ms. Harris must have received a heads up. She has spent lots of $$$$ changing her identity… 😂😂😂😂

  4. Kamala Harris is not black. FACT. Look it up.

    Secondly, Biden’s campaign hired a women who has a history of hating our police protection. They knew of her hatred and anti-police officers position, as she’s posted it on social media. Hear the crickets from the left? Neither do I.

    Thirdly, I sincerely hope those wishing to see the corrupt and new partnerships Biden has with both Sanders, the communist lover of communist nations, and the crazy AOC. He’s taking their unAmerican political side with them both. Is that the new America you really want to allow to destroy our republic?

    Biden shows us how extremely racists he is by only accepting a woman of color to be his VP. Intentionally showing all white women, even white dem women they are not acceptable to be his VP. Can’t get more racist than that.

  5. Can you imagine what will happen to the likes of Pelosi, Shumer, and the rest of that pack of wolves should the restless idiots from the opened asylums get their way? I do not believe the packis ready for what will actually happen to them, they just think they do!!

  6. Harris and Rice are big big LIARS! Rice went on tv 5 times to twist Benghazi story!!!! the other two, who knows them, but probably marxists as well. I dont know if these are all, wouldn be surprised if the bamawueen is thrown in at the last minute. I send her all my light to go over to the other side of the planet.

  7. Joe Biden is giving the Democrats an opportunity to select a president that is unelectable on their own merits. Joe plans to step down shorty after taking office due to advancing dementia. The Democratic Vice President will become our commander. Watch carefully for who Joe and the Party select.

  8. He couldn’t have picked any worst of corupt women except Clinton or pelosi.im sure the radical Islamic AOC will pick her for him .who ever is most un-american and favors islam.

  9. I sincerely think Biden being so racist will crash and burn, with his choices for vp, bottoms has let Atlanta turn into riot squad and anti police, the rest are about the same

  10. “Joey Paws” is pandering to non white votes. He is pandering to Islamist votes. He has already made his, “if you don’t for me…” comment to African-Americans! His Administration will “reflect true America”? Will there be an American Indian in his cabinet? An Oriental descendant? I can safely say there won’t be any conservatives! Anyone from Appalachia? the Mid West? the South or Southwest? I doubt it! So much for “reflecting true America”!

  11. biden is the vehicle for odunnuthin. he can’t be elected again, so he has to go in the backdoor of the Whitehouse. the only way for him is to ascend through the v.p. slot to president. Biden will get corona, or be committed the day after he is sworn in. watch my words. they bribed or promised something to get all the demonrats that were running to quit. why do you think Barry Soetoro waited until the last minute to endorse biden? he had to get all his ducks in a row. he started tearing down this nation in 2008 and couldn’t reach his goal of total destruction before his second term ran out. why do you think he put in the AAfes when he left office? this little-known “law”, requires all subdivisions built have affordable housing in them. Trump is going to eliminate this travesty ASAP. that is what he means by biden is going to destroy the suburbs. property values plunge when you get people who don’t give a rats a– about what they live in. especially if it is low rent or free. wake up America. VOTE RED ALL THE WAY IN NOVEMBER. we can’t let the demonrats destroy this country our ancestors worked so hard to make great. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND GOD BLESS Donald Trump.

  12. Save America vote Trump and vote in as many conservative Republicans to every political seat In this Country.

  13. Kamala Harris is jaimacan and Indian. she is NOT BLACK. looked it up…, although she is touted as black, it aint so.

  14. Biden has to go for the black and moron vote. The DNC has to okay the pick because Biden will die in office so the VP has to be another puppet to be managed.

    1. He will not make to the debate with Trump. To sick to remember anything he said. So his campaign team is trying to keep him in the basement.

  15. Well , IF my post doesn’t show up here ….we know this one doesn’t like the Truth being told !
    I thought I gave some Very interesting info . Even tried to look up dates , etc . But it’s Not here !!

    Time will tell …………


  16. I don’t believe smoke joe is going to pick any of these. This is a smoke screen to who really will be coming on the scene. We have seen and heard of this person before. Keep your eyes out for the quick sneak.

    1. I believe what you are saying is 100% true, he is just hold a place in line, for the real deal evil. yes I’m watching, and taking notes.

    2. I think it will Michele. Then he won’t live very long. As soon as Michele is sworn in she will hand it over to Obama
      because she doesn’t want to be in politics. Or she will let Obama run things and she will be a front person. Either way its bad news.

  17. My first reaction was the VP pick will be a black woman. Isn’t that at first glance meaning the qualification is black, THEN a woman then….what. I would think that any WOMAN would want to be selected due to her qualifications first and not that she is any race.I thought women had come farther than that

    1. How about this theory!!!! V. P. Michelle O’Bama. Then Joe Biden can be declared mentally ill and Michelle becomes President so that her husband can be President again and he can tell her what to do. So he can have 8 more years!!! How about that theory?

  18. I think Biden is waiting for Pelosi to tell him who to pick, he does not have enough since to do the job himself, he has just about had it as far a good sense any more and you can wait and see he will not debate Trump, the Democrats will not let him

  19. Well, let’s start with K Harris is NOT black not even a smidgeon. Then we can move on to her other lies.
    Hmm, on second thought, she seems like an excellent pick for the commudems.

  20. None qualify! It does not matter their skins color! But if we want to go by their CHARACTER LIKE MARTIN LUTHER KING SAID. NONE QUALITY! All four are showing now their true color toward black and white people


  22. You should have to be a natural born American to run for President. In addition, NO MAIL IN BALLOTS unless you are unable to leave your house. If so, you can always get a relative or legal guardian to deliver ballot for you. YOU MUST ALWAYS SHOW A PICTURE ID AND CORRESPONDENCE (G&E bill, mortgage or bank statement).

  23. Biden is not picking anyone this mush head doesn’t know where the f he’s even at. Killer and the rest of the pos will pick who they want to be president. Biden may be running but he will never be president.

  24. Vote straight REPUBLICAN! No matter what position, I don’t care. There is no place for DEMON- rats for me.

  25. Picking a vice-president candidate should be based on qualifications and not on color we have enough of that already. I nor anyone else should ever get a position based on our color but on our ability to fulfill the duties of that position.

  26. My guess is that Joe would prefer a VP running mate that he can cuddle with, grope, place his hands on her when he wants to, breathe on her neck, smell her hair, have her breathe lightly into his mouth. No. I don’t think ACME makes a blow-up doll to fill the bill. My money’s on Kamala Harris.

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