July 4, 2022

Biden vows ‘full force of the federal government’ in support of LGBTQ agenda

During a White House event on Wednesday, President Joe Biden again revealed his administration’s strange and sinister priorities by vowing to bring “the full force of the federal government” to bear when it comes to advocating on behalf of LGBT communities and signing a far-reaching executive order designed to facilitate that pledge, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The gathering in the East Room included hundreds of issue advocates as well as high-profile administration figures such as openly gay Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, transgender Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine, Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and first lady Jill Biden, among others.

During his remarks, Biden declared his administration to be the most supportive of LGBTQ Americans in the nation’s history and said that it has continued to build on last year’s event at which he declared, “Pride is back at the White House.”

According to Fox News, the executive order issued by the president is geared toward “advancing LGBTQI+ equality,” and it is, the president instructs the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help ensure the ability of minors to undergo gender transition surgery, access to which a number of states have recently moved to restrict.

Biden’s order also includes provisions meant to bring about an end to so-called “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ youth, to prevent escalation in suicide rates among such groups, and to help homeless individuals access shelters that match their declared gender identity.

Speaking at the event was Javier Gomez, an 18-year-old activist from Florida who took aim at a recently passed parental rights bill in his state, which critics pejoratively — and inaccurately — refer to as the “Don’t Say Gay bill.”

Biden piggybacked on Gomez’s remarks to include a dig at Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, suggesting that the activist would perhaps ascend to the presidency one day, while the current chief executive of his home state is “going after Mickey Mouse, for God’s sake,” referencing the governor’s high-profile battle with Disney over its outspoken opposition to the aforementioned law.

In discussing his executive order, Biden declared that his administration would prioritize the prevention of “inhuman practices of conversion therapy,” which he referred to as a “dangerous, discredited practice,” though no similar worries were registered regarding the risks and experimental nature of medical gender reassignment procedures.

Indeed, Biden’s agenda appeared to completely overlook issues raised by individuals such as Scott Newgent, a transgender male whose tragic story of horrifically botched “gender-affirming” surgery was told in the recent documentary What is a Woman? “We’re butchering a generation of children because no one’s willing to talk about anything,” he lamented, and sadly, the group of those willfully turning a blind eye to the dangers of this particular aspect of the LGBTQ agenda includes the commander in chief.

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