May 28, 2022

Biden visits Texas as gas prices hit record highs

President Joe Biden traveled to Texas on Tuesday as gas prices hit record highs in many parts of the nation.

The trip took place as the president also announced on Tuesday that the U.S. will ban the Russian import of oil and gas to the country.

The average cost of gas has reached more than $4 per gallon nationwide, with prices above $5 per gallon in California.

The new highs all occurred prior to the Russian oil ban, a move that could send prices even higher.

While Texans and others argue the U.S. should increase oil production at home as an answer, Biden has plans to visit Saudi Arabia and has even been in discussion with Venezuela and Iran regarding oil.

Biden seems happier to buy oil from dictators than Americans, further frustrating voters across the country. The president has made more effort to buy oil from those seeking to build a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel and the West rather than allowing Texans to produce more oil.

His visit to Texas will likely draw more attention to the concern. The Lone Star State ranks among the nation’s top oil producers with the potential to produce much more, if only the government will approve it.

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