May 12, 2021

Joe Biden touts son Hunter’s book, progress in emotional interview

Joe Biden’s delinquent son, Hunter Biden, was a significant source of controversy in the lead-up to the 2020 election due to allegations about his business dealings and substance abuse issues.

However, President Biden has given Hunter his vote of confidence in an interview with CBS News on Sunday, declaring that the younger Biden’s new memoir gives him hope that his son has put the past behind him.

Hunter Biden, 51, has been the subject of a number of scandals over the years, including being discharged from the U.S. Navy after testing positive for cocaine. Biden has spent much of his life battling drug and alcohol addiction, but Joe Biden has insisted he’s “proud” of his son despite the controversies.

The interviewer did not ask the president about his son’s questionable business deals, another source of scandal and intrigue that has plagued his campaign from the get-go.

Hunter Biden is set to release a memoir entitled “Beautiful Things” which will chronicle his longtime struggle with substance abuse on April 6th.

“The honesty with which he stepped forward and talked about the problem,” President Biden told CBS, “And the hope that — it gave me hope reading it.”

“You know, I’ll bet there’s not a family you know that doesn’t have somebody in the family that had a drug problem or an alcohol problem,” Biden continued.

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141 Responses

  1. Gee, the interviewer didn’t ask Xiden about Hunter’s (and his own) crooked deals with China, Russia, and the Ukraine? Bet they would have asked Trump. Damn lying Dems and their complicit media.

    1. hunter biden needs to be put in jail. impeach joe biden also. two losers. joe biden is not fit to be president take them to trial.investagate these two hunter and dad biden. boy if this was president trump and his son don jr they would of had them both up for charges and locked up and threw the key away. these dam bidens are a disgrace to our country.trump in 2024.

      1. We all know nothing will ever come of The investigation and Hunter and family will use the biden name. None of the investigations will go anywhere. All democrats are above the law, get use to it.

      2. We have to ban together as brother and sister and start impeaching Biden out of office. The unions put him there and then he screwed them and dumped the coal workers and the pipeline to raise the cost of gas. Don’t you get it he is out to screw you? WHY DO YOU THINK EVERYONE IS RUSHING SOUTH THE THE NUT BALLS IN OFFICE ARE RAISING TAXES AND FORCING THE LITTLE GUY TO DIE. THAT THE PLAN KILL ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE POOR AND THEN THEY COLLECT AFTER ITS OVER. DID YOU CHECK Obama’s HOUSE ON 7 ACHERS THE SHACK IS REALLY BIG. NOW WE COULD HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CLIMBED INTO THE GATES LIVE IN OR ON OBAMA SHACK. IF YOU ARE UNION YOU JUST GOT SCREWED.

        1. The whole family needs therapy and NO they are NOT Catholics. They do too many things that are not even considered Christian! They will all die and go directly to hell with all of their millions or billions whichever they accumulate.


      1. he should be toss out of the Catholic Church for pushing the abortion act. he Biden should be kick out of the Catholic Church for good.

    3. Boy McRant, you are right on the Money…What about the old man biden taking a lot of money, getting the prosecutor fired using his so called government power and then getting a huge amount of monies that also his crooked family enjoyed. It was treasonous and our security which was already compromised by China more fuel. It is so damned disgusting. What about Ashley’s diary and showering with Daddy? hmmm? if that were Trump they would have had him out faster than a horse can wee…Makes me want to yuke..LYING Dems is right!

      1. This China Bidets’ home is full of perverts!! Have you seen a picture of his daughter, obese, signs of some serious types of abuse. I will let you figure out which type!

  2. That’s a downright falsehood. I know, including my own, of families that have NOT experienced drug and alcohol problems.

      1. hunter biden needs to be put in jail. impeach joe biden also. two losers. joe biden is not fit to be president take them to trial.investagate these two hunter and dad biden. boy if this was president trump and his son don jr they would of had them both up for charges and locked up and threw the key away. these dam bidens are a disgrace to our country.trump in 2024.

    1. With Biden’s face he could have been a good clown. Instead he became a career politician who chose to steal from the people and take bribes for favors from other nations.

      1. we can cry and whine about these political crooks and they’re still in control of our lives. what can we do about them?

  3. Hunter Biden could also become our president, subject to similar “elections” as the 2020 elections. Why not ?

  4. I have a son that 56 yrs old, when he was 16 yrs old he was arrested in a drug bust sting and was tried as an adult, the first in Kansas history. I told him that if he was guilty I would help them send him up but if he was innocent I would do everything in my power to help him. I don’t and won’t condone wrong doing I don’t care who you are, if you are trying to cleanup your life I will help you all I can but don’t play me to get out of your mess because I will not be an enabler to help you destroy yourself. Joe Biden is going to hell and enabling Hunter to go to hell by greasing rails and pushing him because of MONEY. The love of money is the root of all evil and Satan uses that tool very well.

  5. how do they do it? get away with everything, I would bet murder could be involved as well.

    time, all we need is time, you cannot hide for ever hunter, you soon will be hunted by the media and we all know daddy is not playing with a full deck…………….,

  6. NICE TOUCHY FEELY! Two criminals ignoring recent crimes – probably trying to cover up the extortion video “SOB they fired the lawyer” and he released a billion dollary he was going to withhold if they did not fire the lawyer investigating his son. Not how Biden profited, nor Biden and son’s collusion with China he so favors and wants to clear the mud China has caused with Covid and payoffs to politicians and others here to steal the election by CYBER FRAUD NOW PROVEN BEYOND A DOUBT and other criminal means of stealing the election at the voting centers.

    I am sure his family is close and protective of each other but a family of crooks and traitors.

    1. many, many or majority of politicians are children of Satan. why? because they all lie and Satan is the father of lie. How do we know they lie? when they move their lips or when they all speak from both sides of their mouth.
      we all have comments about them. what can we do about them? they are still in control of our lives via the policies they create for us, not for themselves . they make another set of laws mostly for their best interest,… our life a process to be lived, not a problem to be solved with these political crooks?

  7. There is definitely a double standard as there are no addicts in the Trump family. Also if ANYONE in the Trump family, even as far away as 3rd cousin, who is, or was a criminal, the media would be talking non-stop about him/her. Hunter belongs in prison for his crimes or worse. He has sold out his Country on a number of occasions and using his relation to his father to help our professed enemies, (China). Even worse, his Father has allowed this or possibly encouraged it!

  8. I wish the Democrats had better morals and better sense than to run scum like Biden,but they also have Pelosi, Schumer,Schiff Waters and a basket of others .There is nothing in our history as corrupt as the Democratic Party.

  9. I agree. The Biden’s are all CRIMINALS. They should at least be in jail. If guilty of treason (I think they are) then gitmo or a firing squad. Probably true of many of our politicians who’ve resided in the DC swamp. The only President who followed through on his campaign promises is Trump. I also believe that the election was stolen. And Donald J Trump should be in the White House and not that piece off S#$# biden. Come on America, wake up!

  10. As I see it not one person, other than Jill, cares about Hunter, whether he uses drugs or not, is happy or sad, has a job or unemployed,, is still on the dole with China or what. I don’t even care about Creepy Joe or Jill, what they do, where they go, who they see or not. In my mind they are both boils on the butt of the county so I am dismissing that whole family from my mind. I don’t plan to ever think about them again!

  11. Then they will get away with it. Just like the other Dems. Don’t you get tired of them getting their way and destroying our lives!

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