February 26, 2021

Biden to leave White House for first time since inauguration

While President Joe Biden was still on the campaign trail, he was ridiculed for the amount of time he spent “hiding” in his basement as former President Donald Trump hopped from state-to-state doing rallies and firing up his base for the 2020 election.

Biden continued that trend, to some degree, as according to Fox News, only now has he decided to leave the White House since moving in on the afternoon of January 20. He’s not going very far, though, as the president is expected to take a quick flight to his home state of Delaware for the weekend.ย 

Although the Centers for Disease Control has warned against traveling via air at this stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, those rules are probably somewhat relaxed as far as flying a president around is concerned, as flying on Air Force One is likely one of the safest flights a person could possibly be on.

The CDC recommends that people who do choose to continue to fly at least have their COVID-19 vaccinations in order, which is a box that Biden can also check, as he’s already received both doses of his vaccine.

Even the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, was forced to defend her bosses flight plans, reminding reporters who asked why Biden was flying against CDC guidelines that Air Force One is considered a private jet and that all safety protocols were in place.

“Heโ€™s from Delaware and has a home there and is going to spend the weekend with his wife and family there,” Psaki told reporters.

According to the Associated Press, Biden also plans on spending time with his grandchildren, along with determining what else he needs to move from his Delaware home into his new home — the White House — with the help of his wife, First Lady Jill Biden.

Reporters also quizzed Biden on what flying on the new Air Force One was like compared to the version he flew in while Barack Obama was president. He said the two planes were similar, but with regard to the new version, he said the difference is that “it’s nicer.”

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149 Responses

  1. my bet Scranton will not roll out the red carpet for him – when only a few showed up when he came up to campaign,

    1. He is nothing MORE than the “LEFT” arm of communists. He will go “down” in history as the BENEDICT ARNOLD traitor to FREEDOM and AMERICA… He IS THE anti-Christ. He and OVOMIT are the ANTI-CHRISTS !

      1. They are not the antichrist because there will be one antichrist but they are opening the door for him .Neither are men of God and both are hypocrites which God hates big time .Bidet says one thing and many times does the opposite.

    1. Be nice –God will take care of this A–hole in due time as well as all who voted for him–including the dead and illegal

    1. COVID 19? it is still possible unless Commie Joe continues to hide in the basement of the WHITE HOUSE dungeons

  2. Now Now we dont want him to die. First that would be too quick for what he has done to us. Second have you forgot who is the illegal 2nd in command? Lingering with the damrat virus would be much better.

    Man am I glad I am not one of his grandkids. He probably smells their hair the whole time or worse.

    And the “newspeople” will priase him till we all gag and puke.

    1. HELL CHINA JOE’S OWN DAUGHTER or was it Hunter’s Daughter who took the shower with his own Daughter, anyway it does run in that family being a CHILD MOLETER… EFFIN both are POS, SOB, CHILD MOLESTERS.

  3. I do not wish any real harm to the puppet communist in power ,but look at the back-up Quarterback, a total CHINESE puppet committed to a full CCP takeover of our government ,It`s a question of who is the worst of the TWO!!!!!!! HARRIS? or commie lover JOE ?????

  4. People, he is already living with his punishment, he has dementia! It’s the first thing before Alzheimer’s sets in, and that is really horrible! JUST SAYING

  5. Did everyone see the documentary aired by Mike Lindell (the My Pillow CEO)? With all the irrefutable proof he had that this election was stolen, how could all these judges refuse to even allow it to be presented? This was traitorous subversion globally and domestically.
    It’s obvious that the FBI. Department of Justice and many in the bureaucracy are compromised. Even in some of the states, the attorneys general and governors were crooked.
    then there was the mainstream media, big tech and the idiotic late night comedians.
    I just had no idea there were so many traitors in this, the greatest country in the world.

    1. You are 100% correct. There was plenty of proof, but no one would help. They must have been paid with all the Dark money Biden got from the campaign. It is a DISGRACE what is happening in our Country. No remorse for families what so ever.
      With all their corruption, money is no object to them.

    2. Yes Thomas the evil runs very very deep and extends to other countries as well! Our President Donald Trump was trying to fight the battle mostly by himself. Sone of the ones who were by his side quickly turned when they thought they were losing their jobs. Politics stink!
      Joe Biden has all these people and things ,MSM, Social Media, Big Tech,Big Labor Unions , George Soros, etc., etc, on his side yet heโ€™s still afraid of President Trump and We the People! Hmm wonder why???

    3. From the beginning, more than 4 years, the Radical Left has endeavored to keep Donald J. Trump from being our president. One main reason, I believe, is that he would get in the way of their agenda. Donald J. Trump’s agenda has been to help the American people and to strengthen our country. This is not the plan of the Radical Left. Their plans are not to help our country. Their plans are to fulfill their agenda which will include such things as open borders, abortion on demand, and many other things that will harm our country I believe the election was rigged by very powerful and wicked people in order to put in place the unamerican agenda of the radical left. I do not think this current administration will go well and I’m sorry to say, I don’t think things are going to improve for or country.

  6. i think most people with i q above 50 knows what is happening right before our eyes; president trump tryed to expose the bad ones but he did not have enough help some of the republicans and both a g was not any help i dont think he lost the election to many red flags

  7. No Trump did not lose the election. He won by a landslide. But when you allow mail in ballots with no way to check their accuracy your set up with fraud. Biden nor Harris will ever be my President and I really dislike this cancel culture crap going on!

  8. well people of America why don’t we stand up and impeach the ones that are not working for the people of our country. our government is elected by us and its supposed to be of the people buy the people and for the people. so why don’t we impeach all of the ones that are doing this. a few of them never were with the president Trump from day one.
    to me that is treason of the highest level and look at what he is doing with all of his or there exe orders only dictators do this. If the American people don’t wake up and stop this were going to be over run with illegals and they will have all our benefits like Medicare and social security . Free speech free education free homes and we pay for all of that.

    1. WE need a certain number of People to sign and demand a recall . We can post request for signers on all Conservative websites and have them certified and notarized before receiving and submitting to congress . This is still our country if We all work as ONE .

  9. wonderful issues altogether, you just gained a new reader. What might you recommend about your put up that you made some days ago? Any certain?

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