May 6, 2021

Biden to issue executive order halting Trump administration ‘midnight regulations’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is gearing up to take over the White House, and he’s got all kinds of big plans to set in motion on day one — or at least his handlers do.

Biden’s Press secretary Jen Psaki announced on Wednesday that Biden has made the decision to immediately use his executive power to cancel President Trump’s “midnight regulations” on the first day of his presidency. 

“We’re announcing today that, like other incoming administrations have done before,” Psaki told reporters, “the Biden-Harris White House will issue a memo to take effect on the afternoon Eastern Time on January 20 that will halt or delay midnight regulations, actions taken by the Trump administration that will not have taken effect by Inauguration Day.”

Fox News explains that “midnight regulations” are rules “outgoing administrations rush through during the lame-duck period.”

Psaki declared that such an executive order is “is standard practice for an incoming administration” and allows incoming officials to examine the previous administration’s rules before making a decision in regard to either allowing or canceling them.

Democrats have been waiting for years to be able to reverse or vacate dozens of President Trump’s actions while in office, and this impending executive order is simply another way for the Biden camp to destroy Trump’s progress.

Biden has a long list of “day-one” actions he has declared as his priority, including issuing a national mask mandate, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization, and reverse President Trump’s tax cuts.

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79 Responses

      1. Biden/Harris have no right to issue executive “orders” to anyone! They are liars, cheaters, thieves and traitors! The only “executive order” that I will support is one that will send them to the gas chamber!

        1. Agreed! Communist control must be halted, or America will be totally destroyed/
          Biden, Harris are in NO position to issue executive orders! They are crocks, liars who belong in jail.

          1. Yes, I totally agree. By these two taking the position as “president-elect and vice president.” is an act of treason! They know better and are ursurping a power that they do not have. The media also knows this and are complicit with the treason. They all need to be locked up or face the death penalty.

        2. Exactly Biden and Harris are evil and rotten, being puppets for Obama and his 3rd term, along with Soros and China.

        3. Amen on the gas chamber! There were a time when didnt tolerate people who committed treason. It was once considered a cowardly thing to commit.. Now its a joke, just the fool that thinks hes good for “our” country when hes not fit to run a snowcone, stand! Sorry terd!

          1. all of congress needs to be put into a room and use gas on all of them. let’s start all over.

        4. Notice there calling it biden/harris administration. This is really ridiculous. Trump better hurry up and pull that rabbit out of the hat now!

        5. Sounds like the best idea I have heard so far. We need to get rid of them before they destroy our great country.

      2. I’ll never refer to him as “President” or “Mr. Biden”. I have wondered what exactly I will refer to him, and I cannot prevent myself from referring to him as A CRIMINAL IMBECILE.

    1. Thank You ,I know why Joe hid in the basement . Hell is as low a person goes after death , so he is getting ready for hell where he very likely will be next year in Feb after he dies from covid or really killed by his peers and diagnosed with being a covid death by fakie (fausi) . We all know he is not fit to president and so does his “Party” . He will be clintoncized by his “friends”

      1. The problem is that if you get rid of Biden, then you have Kamel Toes Harris as president. I’m not even sure she is eligible to be President since she is not the child of a native born American. If I remember correctly, her parents were Jamaican when she was born and Jamaica is not an American state, so…..

        1. Her mother is from India and her father was from Jamaica. Neither of her parents were citizens when she was born so from what I have gathered she is not eligible to be a president. It didn’t stop the dummocrats running Obama and look at the mess he left and now he goes around with a smug look on his face. Neither of his parents were Americans but that didn’t stop them. I don’t understand why the Republicans didn’t do something to stop it – no back bone.

        2. even tho she may NOT be eligible to become PRES. I’m sure the “rest of the ILLEGAL Gang” will come up w/some type of “article” to make it fit the ILLEGALS NEEDS!!! After all they have come this far to cut AMERICA TO SHREDS…..why stop now when a simple lie will or SHOULD suffice!!!

      1. Buy the ammo BEFORE he is inaugurated. Afterward, via his “executive orders”, we probably won’t be able to buy more ammo

        1. Now we KNOW the “rest of the story” and why Biden is complaining about the DOD’s “briefing” as “not complete INFO”…..DOD is NOT stupid…why show your “full hand” (in this case whereabouts of strategic places/armaments’ etc.) to a known “Enemy of the United States” even IF he claims to be dually elected POTUS???? SO he can hop on the phone and hand over the info to CHINA/Russia??????….like I said…DOD is not stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It seems like the dark side has all their players in place for a take over of this country. Shock and awe at the listlessness of the SCOTUS folks.
    Surely there are some patriots in office who can save this republic.

    1. That IS a VERY TRUE and ACCURATE STATEMENT….this entire and immensely “detailed plan” has been in the works since the 60’s by none other than GEORGE SOROS….don’t know the name; look it up and make sure you get the DETAILS ON WHERE AND HOW HE WAS BROUGHT UP….He has been taught how to “detail every single item” to get the results he has currently….VERY GOOD FRIENDS WITH AND IN SOME CASES RELATED VIA MARRIAGE TO …CLINTONS, SANDERS, HARRIS, BIDEN, KERRY, GATES, OBAMA, ILL. STATE ATTORNEY FOXX (who dropped chgs against Smollett/actor who accused 2 men of attacking him; to gain notoriety AND A LOT MORE I CANNOT THINK OF RIGHT NOW…it just may include judges, other known Money People as well. He has let it be known that he wants to RUN THIS COUNTRY AND BY THE LOOKS OF IT…HE DOENS’T CARE HOW HE GETS IT….MONEY CAN BUY ANYONE WHO HAS A DESPERATE “NEED” AND George Soros fills that need which puts that person in Georges’ pocket, for future use. Details are what George Soros thrives on…no stone left unturned. So if you fill “a need” in George’s line up, you’ll get $$$$ for whatever you need. Would not surprise or shock me to find out anyone on the Supreme Court isn’t in Georges’ pocket….I’m used to getting SHOCKED STANDING UPRIGHT!

  2. Insane mental degenerate will kill this country. He and Kamala are in with China. They are treasonous criminals who deserve deportation. He and/or she will NEVER EVER be my president.

      1. Yep, and entirely too many democrats are TRAITORS and they act as though they are GREAT, PROBABLY TOO STUPID TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE TRAITORS.

  3. “I Don’t Know How THE OLD MAN Can Make Rules When He Hasn’t Officially Won The Election”!! “The Voter Fraud That Happened In Several States Will Hopefully Be Proven & That OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP Actually Won THE 2020 ELECTION”!!!

    1. He’s got more serious problems than voter fraud. Does the fact that he can’t keep his hands off of little girls and smells them give you a hint.

  4. The puppet Biden dosen’t have a clue as to who is going to be president he believes Harris is the new president how can the country be safe with him not even knowing what position he holds however we will be no better if a homeless person won the
    fraudulent elections SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT

  5. I am not surprised. These democrats are a bunch of hypocritical lying bigots. They are demons and rats. The name fits them. They are the worst cover up party ever in Washington D C. They rigged the election and they know it and use every method to cover up their crimes. What they plan is are acts of treason. The so called stimulus bill is full
    of foreign gifts and very little for the citizens of the U.S. God declares in His Word that those who don not take care of their own are worst than infidels. Punishment will come, believe me.

    1. Absolutely right !!!!! More than sad to have members of congress against our country trying to destroy it. Our Founding Fathers knew that was going to happen one day !!

  6. Sorry Joe you are not President till sworn in so tuff luck hope he just makes everything harder after the steal.

  7. Will somebody please tell this dope he is an idiot and before he annihilates our country put him back in his basement, PLEASE and lock the door from the outside!

  8. If Biden gets into the WH. I see a severe clash coming on. And the new WH residents more than likely will keep a very low profile. Lots of unhappy people losing their freedom, high new taxes, religious persecution, anything that’s bad will be unleashed. Honesty will be frowned on. Reality will be hidden. Truth will be banished. The downward spiral will have begun.

    1. The Second Amendment is about to explode in to relevance,out of national necessity with no other choices left. The left will instantly resort to extreme violence at the smallest provocation as they have already demonstrated several times this year.

    2. That downward spiral started in 1962-3 as well as 64 and 70-73 W/the removal of Prayer in schools and Bible Study and the 10 Commandments as well as the institution of abortion of the unborn! This nation is TOAST! PRAYER is our only hope for the right change!

  9. Now the ukraine people even want their countries stolen money. Giving out by former heads of state there to joe and family. They have a hunter snapshot as good as the laptops. The biden gang can’t win. Crime is not suppost to pay

  10. Our ship is going down in just 20 days. This whole farce is going take a whole lot of people down with our Country while the crooked win and will reap the harvest. We became to relaxed and trusting therefore all the evil Foxes out smarted us. The hen house door is wide open. God bless America and pray she will come back soon even stronger. Biden and Harris are both evil because the both know the truth and are such sell outs that their souls are not worth the air God lets them breath and they put thenselves out first. Jill Biden is the worst wife in history. She allows and pushes Joe even knowing he is not fit for office. She is in it for herself by wanting to be first lady even if it kills her husband and kills the America we all know or knew. Traders they all are.

  11. Clueless China Joe u can be sworn in but YOU will never be a truly elected POTUS – stolen election stolen votes & STOLE OUR VOICES
    China Joe is an Illegitimate President!!! Nothing more!!!

  12. I will support is one that will send them to the gas chamber! These democrats are a bunch of hypocritical lying bigots. They are demons and rats. The name fits them. They are the worst cover up party ever in Washington D C. They rigged the election and they know it and use every method to cover up their crimes. . Punishment will come, believe me. The downward spiral will have begun. It seems like the dark side has all their players in place for a take over of this country. What they plan is are acts of treason. God bless America and pray she will come back soon even stronger. The citizens of the U.S. God declares in His Word that those who don not take care of their own are worst than infidels. Punishment will come, believe me.

  13. AND THE COMMUNIST CHINESE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD! How can such a CORRUPT person become president? By cheating. His administration will focus on THE OPPOSITE OF TRUMPS POLICIES! In other words, making Americans last!

  14. Happy NEW YEAR to every one this is the last time that we will have happy time,well we got few more days left .before Chania and Russia move in .all those democratic and some republican have sold this out this country,we will be part communist. as you all know when thing don;t go right mr trump wil be blame for it,he has already lying blaming president saying he not turn over to about what is going on.if can get head out of (obama,harris A’
    ss,he can what is going on.or is it he going too let them do his dirty when something jump off .just like obama done when he was in there,turn his head.he knew that sleepy was up to no good.i can not get over people in Washington,D.C selling this great country to the Chinese,i though when obama left office he sent 4 billion dollars to iran,now we need tax money that we been paying,all we get is ( I)won’t say crumbs because it not that much.we lose our property if we do not pay our taxes so other country can enjoy it.we been suffering all these months,loseing homes,cars ,our apartment,people are begging for food ,an these greedy and stupid up in Washington like the senate and congress make laws that can and will break,even down to the court system,from the high court include the judges too

  15. The answer to the problem is right in front of you, but nobody wants to do it. In order to save this Country, we must stand up in Arms, and take her back by force, we have the whole entire Constitution and Bill of Rights on our side, but we have to put forth the effort to take her back !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tank the markets on day one Joe, smart move. Oh, but you already got yours, I forgot. All that money from the Ukraine, China, Iran and god knows wherever else sets you up just fine. I forgot.
    There will come a day when the basement looks like a palace, and no roommate named Tiny.

  17. I will be 96 next month, and I doubt if I will be here for the next election…but I “feel” for the the people of the U.S.A. – what they will have to live through in the next four years. They “wanted” a change…and they “sure” will get it!!
    You will not recognize our beloved United States of America. Dear Lord, Forgive them, for they know not what they do!! God Bless America!

  18. How about instead of declaring the sky is falling, call for a leader who is a true patriot to organize the resistance?
    Start talking to local patriots, hold meetings, and secure a plan. The enemies of the constitution have a weakness. Israel in the 6 day war destroyed 80% of Egypts planes by figuring out a weakness. We can no longer just allow them to lie about us, cheat us, attach us, enslave us, and kill us. Look what Hitler did to the Jews. What do all these leftists say everyday with no repercussions about god fearing second amendment supporting constitutional patriots? And traitors like Robert should be the first to go. He has to be removed and put on trial for treason and failure to uphold the constitution. The judicial branch was suppose to be the weakest branch by our founding fathers. It is destroying our country. It fails to uphold the constitution. That is treason. We need to form a peoples court to deal with traitors. If you are close join the Jan 5 march on Washington and declare openly with signs all the leftist crimes and corruption and declare Trump president and say Biden is a criminal and unfit for office and declare he should be impeached for criminal collusion enriching himself , family, and China which is a security risk to this county and freedom. Declare all like him should be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors. Fight fire with fire. You can complain and watch America die. I would rather win and make sure the greatness Trump started continues. Cross the Delaware with that in mind.

  19. As a veteran, I can’t imagine wearing the uniform again with this bunch of clowns in charge. While you’re in a foreign country risking your life and defending freedom, idiots back home are trying to give the country away.

  20. bidenbiden and his blimp, kamal, CANNOT issue any blanket orders as law; only CONGRESS can make law, so horseface can issue all sorts of his exec that he desires. Bottom line, that fool has no power to enforce his “mandates”.


  22. Have we lost all our American Patriot’s in Washington but for a few exceptions? Millions sit at home because the traitor’s demand it. They have us put on masks, shut down 90% of our businesses, scare the crap out of the ignorant and then cheat our election process to put another lying fool at the helm.
    Where is the gain, except for Satan, in this take over of the most successful nation in human history?
    Like every dictatorship in history, the perpetrator’s gain the whole world but lose their own souls!

  23. I just do not understand why we have members of congress trying to destroy the USA. Should be Law to have any person in office that is against our Constitution and Law should never hold a position in our government !!!!!

  24. The asinine Communist trying to get into the whitehouse aka biden/harris and the other communist that goes by the name of democrats should be SHOT ON SIGHT to save American lives.

  25. Whether you are an Agnostic or a gnostic or an UNBELIEVER of any sort, take this to the bank! This nation, in 1962-3-64 as well as 1970-and 73 TOOK the road to destruction! Let me clarify. Abingdon v. Schempp as well as Engle v. Vitale took prayer and Bible Study out of schools. Then it made “DIVORCE” a matter of convienence and a destruction of the family! (Civil Rights Act/the U.N.) Then it gave anyone, the so-called right to abort and shed Innocent blood of the unborn. (which GOD HATES. Proverbs 6:17KJV) Then it took the 10/ten Commandments off the walls and halls of Justice and schools! These, above, were what are known as “INTERNAL RESTRAINTS” they were what it took for people to do right, KNOWING that there is a GOD IN HEAVEN who will hold us, all of us, accountable! Hebrews 9:27 KJV Now that these restraints have been removed, prepare for Anarchy and Communism to follow!

    1. We need to unite and not allow them to be sworn in. And demand the military take and hold a new election. Then I would be willing to except the results.

  26. Biden and his entire family are Thieves and Harris is a communist and idiot. Americans have nothing, but misery facing them for the next 4 years.

  27. Iden is a thief and Harris is a communist and idiot. Americans have nothing, but misery to look forward to for the next 4 years.

  28. I have been watching and listening to what has been happening to this country aka AMERICA. I think that they should close off all transportation into from foreign countries and make them leave this country is already here. Each time they let other communist people in the covid-19 seems to spread. Each time we have more cases. We should get rid of the teachers teaching our children communism because obviously, they do NOT understand what it will mean to their life as they have had it so far. The lefts have already broken our families up, shut down our schools in most places, shut down our restaurants, and made people wear masks, also shut down our Churches. They are setting it up for a communist country with China. I personally do not want them to take away what our people have acquired for their families, or make them work in jobs they do not want or go to concentration camps. I do not want the freedom of speech taken away or babies being destroyed that are still alive in the women’s tummies. People should follow the Constitution and we have rights. Biden, Obamas, Clintons, Harris, Pelosi, Karen Rice, and all the people that Biden has supposedly unlawfully added to his, what he thinks is his party in Congress or otherwise. He is NOT OUR PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT TRUMP IS. I know he stole the election, even in California and many of the other states. But, this is an act of TREASON AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. ALL the people involved should be charged with Treason! Our TRUE President which is TRUMP should take control, as the Constitution should have kept him in the office during an emergency such as Covid-19 or a Warlike was stated that China has declared. I think there must be a way to round them all up and either take their citizenship away and remove them from America or put them in prison where they belong. This is worse than Watergate and those people were put in prison. After all Who is in control, NOT BIDEN, OBAMA, CLINTON, or any of the others. Whoever was paid off to set this up committed fraud right along with all of them. I don’t care if it was judges, governors, senators, or who They need to be accountable for what they are or have tried to do.

  29. Can’t believe that all of the traitors are now coming together to completely destroy all of the values that true Americans have put together to make our country one of the greatest in existence ! Now we have some of these low-life voters whose goal in life is to destroy everything that has made our Country what it is ! ! ! ! Just think about that.

  30. We need to unite and not allow them to be sworn in. And demand the military take and hold a new election. Then I would be willing to except the results.

  31. Biden should be unqualified for Presidency not only from what he has done with China, and his son and money laundering and the poor kids, much less the fraudulent voting scheme. They try to teach our kids in high school how to vote and they vote for someone at the school. If one cheats the other is automatically President.

  32. News just said that Iran planning on killing trump on the Anniversary of Soleimani death, because he had bombs blow up near an airport in Iran that killed that man and they said he was a War Hero in Iran.

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