July 23, 2021

Biden to campaign for Dem Senate candidates in Georgia runoff

Democrats were reasonably confident that they stood a solid chance at winning enough seats in the U.S. Senate to call the upper chamber their own, but Americans said otherwise with their votes, forcing control of the Senate to the outcome of a pair of crucial runoff elections in the state of Georgia.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Joe Biden, the former vice president who is now being called president-elect, is finally ready to come out of his basement to head to the Peach State in an effort to bolster the chances of the Democrats who desperately need to secure wins for their party.

Biden’s incoming White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, made the announcement over the weekend that his boss would use his new political street cred to help out the Democratic senate hopefuls in Georgia.

“We’re going to put people, money, resources down there to help our two good candidates win. I’m very hopeful we can win those seats,” Klain said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

“It’s obviously important to win those seats in Georgia, not necessarily just because of Joe Biden’s agenda or whatever, but I think we have better senators in Washington,” Klain said, while hinting that those wins in Georgia would allow Biden and Democrats to push their desired legislation through Congress much easier.

Democratic candidates Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will be facing off in the January 5 runoff election against incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, in what is expected to be an ultra-tight race.

According to Politico, Warnock and Ossoff will reportedly need all the high-powered help they can get, as they both run slightly behind their incumbent GOP challengers as of this writing.

If President Donald Trump fails to emerge victorious in his legal battles to retain the White House, hopefully he’ll join Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia, as keeping the Senate in a Republican majority will literally be the last line of defense against an incoming barrage of radical progressive legislation should Democrats win.

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47 Responses

  1. Wait a minute…….Biden accepts already that he won, so if he won in this election, so did the Democrats lose seats in Congress! So which is it Joe? Either you accept it as is, or you don’t. And if you don’t, then you are not the president elect……yet. This entire election is nothing but a big mess. A mess created and caused by the far left who since they couldn’t unseat Trump with their sham impeachment, they knew they had to steal the election. Here is a man who can’t put together a speech without fumbling and bumbling his way through it. A man who did little campaigning, and when he did, few showed up. A man who went for days without being seen. But yet he won the election? Yeah, right. There are too many questions being raised about this entire thing. Too much dishonesty and fraud to the point where the majority of us will not be silent.


        1. Absolutely true!! He offers nothing at all to the running of this nation. And NO!! We do not recognize Biden as President-elect. We have one President at a time….and it is Donald J. Trump and hopefully, when all the cheating is exposed, will continue on for 4 more year!!! Lord willing!! I am praying it is so. I ask all Christians to come together and pray along with me. Also pray for the President and VP Pence’s safety. If the Dems are this evil to go this far to ruin his election…anything is possible. God bless our president and VP!!

    1. oh my! Just the thought of energetic Joe Biden & then Joe Biden’s street cred or whatever. That will do it. Every Republican should get out & vote for Kelly Loeffler & David Perdue on Jan 5, 2021. The last thing that I want to see is Chuckie Schumer claiming that he will take over America. Patty, like you have said in so many words, this whole election has been a mess since day one. I think that Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, has to be real gem! ‘ Joe Biden to the rescue!’ That is one of the biggest jokes that I have heard yet-that along with how energetic he is & his street cred. Well, he can yell loud, if this amounts to street cred.
      Just b/c Loeffler & Purder or Perdue are incumbents doesn’t mean that they will win this election. It will take all the votes that people give them…so, please do not forget to vote on Jan 5, 2021!!!

    2. We will not be silent! Gitmo was all spruced up for the traitors of this great country. Trump won. He can take the vote and round up the infected swamp creatures and fly them to their new paradise.

    3. To date, Pelosi and her Communists have lost 8 seats in the House of Representatives. The Demoncrats are currently fighting each other, Moderates vs Establishment vs The Communist Elite of Pelosi, Pocahontas, and Burnt out Sanders. To make matters worse, BIDEN is wanting sitting house and Senate members to quit their seats so they can come into “His Administration” so they can completely destroy America. Pelosi is pissing her pants because a few more lost seats makes the Demoncrats LOSE the House, AND weakens the Senate Communists under Komrade Shumer. . .

  2. The Democrats are trying to install another “ringer” in the White House, another “Obama”, a fraud and usurper. He was not a “natural born citizen” and neither is Kamala Harris, and we know that she is the real person they want as POTUS, just as soon as the Dems can get rid of Biden. She was born in Oakland, CA but her parents were both foreign nationals, not citizens. Birth in the U.S., by itself does not and cannot make someone a natural born citizen.

    One must be born on U.S. soil to parents (plural) who are themselves, citizens. Citizens through soil and blood, not just one or the other. Sole allegiance to the U.S.!

  3. Biden was never in the lead and he never won the rigged the election so he got all the votes stole all of the votes for Trump, so he would lose but he did not lose. And they have been caught with so much proof there is no way out for them they have committed treason to the United States and this by law is punishable by death. And I want to see all of them put to death.

  4. One more time! Oh I’d love to see the already self-proclaiming “prez. elect” learn that he’ll have to do the walk of shame. Walk away, and vanish along with Komerad Prez. wannabe Kamala Harris. We need God’s soldier to clean the house.
    We need the Faith to shore up the walls. We need the barriers to keep out the trash

    1. PRAY CONSTANTLY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP,, AND HIS FAMILY. THIS IS ONE NATION UNDER GOD. If you do not like that you should go somewhere else. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !

  5. Biden is going to be friends with Iran they hate us. Recount is also a joke people doing recount is saying ballot is for Biden and its really for Trump. One observer noticed this it was just less then 3 minutes and 3 boys that were said wrong by person counting. Observer can’t watch every ballot. Voter fraud is still going on.

  6. The Republicans need to win Georgia so we can control what the Democrats try to push through with no opposition to keep them in check . Warnock is Obama’s reverend . What does that tell you ? Most of the Democrats are corrupt . Remember Pelosi and Feinstein have interests in the Dominion Software Company that was set up to specifically cheat and the Democrats knew it .

  7. Gilbert, this page is censored. God needs to come down soon and deal with the trash in Congress as you say. I’d care less if I read in the paper that the coronavirus paid a visit to the trash in Congress…

  8. When did the “President Elect” become an official title? There was never any such title before this sham of an election! Who the h*ll made this up for him? Yup, he acted like a senile old man and did nothing prior to the election and now he surfaces from the basement as a dictator/president elect? WTF! No way, he’ll never be my president! We need to do whatever it takes to drive them out!

  9. If I have already said it, why didn’t you post as I asked?
    Where did you hide it??
    Bring it back up and POST IT!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It’s so hard for me to accept that God doesn’t have to do what I want Him to do but instead it’s His will that must be done. This entire election mess is the work of those who have chosen to do the will of Satan, not the will of God. Communist substitute government in place of God and revel in their glory that truly belongs to God. It was truth that led me to believe in the Creator and in that sense I owe my salvation to our God who is the personification of truth. It is truth that is sorely absent in this election and until we replace the fraud and lies and thievery with the underlying truth that Trump was the victor, if in fact he was, we will have no peace and no faith in the honesty of those who govern us.

  11. Georgia,
    Please do not allow lying Biden, the treasonist in your state. He is a liar and the truth is not in him.
    Please do not allow any more mail-in ballots. They have but one purpose: corruption.
    Georgia can prove to the nation that Election Integrity starts in The Peach State.
    Vote Republican. MAGA.

    1. In Today’s news. . .2600 votes that had NOT been counted previously were “discovered” in Georgia today. . .2600 votes. . .Trump gained @1800 votes and Biden barely gained 800 votes. . . Wow. . .what do ya know. . .Trumps votes were 2.25 times the votes of Bidens. . .the SAME RATIO of votes for Trump vs Biden as on Election Day. . . .PRIOR TO the sudden numbers changes in the dead of the night while all the “ballot counters” were supposed to be home asleep. . . . . . further proof that the Dominion Vote counting machines were flipping Trump votes and giving the Trump votes to the Criminal and Traitor Biden.

  12. Let me get this straight. Biden couldn’t come out of his basement to have his own 200 people rallies but he can expose himself by going to Georgia for the run off elections? Who is he kidding?

  13. Trump deserves 4More. Years ! We the people voted for him a red wave across. America. Not Blue They cheated We The People. With all honor and Truth. Trump Won by a landslide

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