August 16, 2022

Biden tells grads to ‘take back’ country from ‘darkest forces of the past’

President Joe Biden just wrapped up yet another bizarre commencement speech, this time at the University of Delaware. Some of the lines he rattled off toward the end have many scratching their heads.

According to Breitbart, it’s not clear if he went off script, but Biden told the graduating class that they were entering “a very dark moment in America,” and urged the graduating students to “take it back.”

The president, during his speech, was sure to inject race, as it’s one of the hot-button topics that Democrats believe energize their base, though it’s one of the least-pressing issues as far as actual crises facing America right now.

“We should not be surprised that these same forces are fighting back again, preying on hopelessness and despair, demonizing people that don’t look like them,” Biden said. “Doing everything, no matter how desperate, to hold on to power.”

Biden injected the Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacist protests — a story in which he injects debunked lies — and lumped those protesters in together with Jan. 6 protesters, most of whom protested peacefully outside of the Capitol.

“The oldest and darkest forces of the past may believe they’ll determine America’s future,” Biden said, continuing a fake narrative that America is a super racist country and that “domestic terrorists” pose the greatest threat to the nation. “They are wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

“Get goin’ for God’s sake,” Biden said at the conclusion of his speech. “Godspeed on your journey, keep the faith, and take it back. Please. This is yours. Take it back. We need you.”

While some of the brainwashed students probably hung on to every word, at least the ones they could understand, hopefully, there were enough bright graduates that understand Biden is the most divisive, weakest, and least effective president in U.S. history.


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