May 6, 2021

Biden taps former Harvey Weinstein enabler for top White House role

Anybody associated with President Donald Trump is being systematically cut out of public life. Meanwhile, at least one public relations professional who helped a sleazy criminal through his day of reckoning is being elevated to a prominent position.

President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Anita Dunn, who previously served as crisis communications consigliere for Hollywood mogul and sex offender Harvey Weinstein, to become a senior White House advisor, Breitbart reported. Dunn counseled Weinstein pro bono in 2017 as allegations of sexual misconduct poured in from more than 80 women. 

Besides Dunn’s experience dealing with allegedly predatory men, her qualifications also include a stint as White House communications director and chief strategist for former President Barack Obama. She is also credited with rehabilitating Biden’s image after his early mistakes in the run-up to the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential race.

During her time with Weinstein, dozens of women ranging from aspiring actresses all the way up to Hollywood A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie came forward with their store about a disturbing encounter with Weinstein and his sleazy behavior that seemed to be an open secret in the entertainment business. He was eventually sentenced to 23 years in jail for rape and sexual assault, the BBC reported.

Although Dunn severed her relationship with Weinstein after that time, she has yet to address the particulars of her role dealing with the public relations nightmare those allegations had caused for Weinstein. Still, Biden had no qualms about hiring her in April 2020 to help cover for his own blunders on the campaign trail.

“Anita Dunn brings decades of experience managing and winning political and advocacy campaigns and advising our nation’s leaders at the highest levels of government,” the Biden’s transition team said in a statement. The administration didn’t specify her exact role, but her experience may be useful in messaging for the new administration.

The allegations against Weinstein launched a firestorm with the #MeToo movement. The mantra of the movement was to “believe all women” until revelations about Biden’s own alleged misconduct surfaced during his campaign for the presidency.  At least eight women had made allegations against him, but the media was suddenly skeptical if not completely silent on the charges when it came to Biden.

Even Dunn received flack from the movement after an advocacy group she was loosely affiliated with refused to publicize the story of Biden accuser Tara Reade. However, the left is always quick to forgive and forget once their candidate of choice has dethroned a Republican, and Dunn seems to be along for the ride. Of course, if Dunn is gifted at dealing with men of questionable character and covering for them, she may be the best person for a spot in the Biden administration.

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70 Responses

    1. now we really have a —hole for President. He want to tear down the fence in tx. and the big money who have property along the rio grandee want the fence cause sick and tired of the mess they make on there property. I would think Trump would stay in TX because he wants to see the fence being made. They raise in 3 days 3.5 million$ to see that the fence is progressing like the plan that was made and the border pratol people will have t.v. motors to watch the fence. If a person tries to concur the fence they will see it on there monitors. they will then check it out. The TX’s are tired of the mess they have made on there property and want it finished

    1. Yes they are, dregs can only deal with dregs. Most Dims are not smarter than a third grader. Hence their actions which seem to most Dims as truly brilliant. But most true third graders can see the faulty logic.

    2. He has hit the bottom of the barrel with his entire administration and he is proud to be anti-american and pro-communist.

  1. Biden admin, cabinet, et al, is nothing but liars, crooks, idiots and sleazeballs. Omg, pray our country is not decimated.

      1. We all know its not Biden however regardless of whos calling the shots ones worse than the next. God held America and her people.

    1. Biden is now proving, “When things begin to rot, they rot from the head down.” The onus of having to deal with the likes of Joe Biden rests in the hands of those who enabled him to enter the office of president.

  2. In short order, there will be prostitutes, and they can pimp them out, to all the DemonRAT perves. Just think of all the fun Hunter, and Joe will have.

  3. Hey, hey ! She also has kids and grandkids creepy joe can play with and sniff !! Wonder if they will rub his legs and make the “hair” stand up?

    1. What a pervert thing to talk about! He is sick! Even a Democrat Congressman slapped Biden’s hand away when they were getting picture with him! Scared!

  4. With all of the sniffing and Dirty Old Man stuff that Joe is into, he will need some one like this woman.

  5. Talk about the abortion of Biden all the Democrats need to be gotten rid of their whole bunch of real life freaks

  6. Something has to be done!!!! QUICKLY!!!!! Or America (as we used to know it and what it was founded on) is F**KED……

  7. It is a CRIME to go forward into the future with a lying leader, a cabinet filled with crooks and the world watching this SHAMEFUL FARCE! Furthermore, knowing the election was stolen, the election laws changed & law broken, the Constitution violated, and the US media supporting this scandal of destroying an innocent man’s life (Trump) to gain power for their personal gain & SOROS’ world order movement. SAD; & Dangerous not only for the USA!
    i will not be cowered to remain silent, to change my poltical ideology nor to do or think as they want !.

    1. Not a thing is planned or being done to correct any of the frawd that was done by the Demorats and Soros. in the presidential election, God help us all.

    2. The world, is not watching, all they hear is fake news, for the past 4 years cnn, told the lies everyday to the world, so
      ALL hate TRUMP, friend in Paris, finally told me last month.
      BBC, same knocks TRUMP everyday, trashed him over fraud, laugh at him, she also told me i”t’s time for USA to move over and let china take the reins of the world.”
      I told her the left, wants after birth abortion, she’s fine with it, “happens all the time in china”
      Have you ever hear of Downs Syndrome in china? sure they kill them.

  8. Disgusting people affiliated with the Biden admin. It’s going to be a crazy 4 years, and he probably won’t last long either. Kamala will take over shortly after he is sworn in, count on it.

    1. I AGREE 100%…. KOMMIE “knee-pads” HARRIS WILL BE TAKING OVER!!!! AND BTW, (pay no attention to the kenyan behind the curtain. It’s his 3rd term). Thank God that i’m still black!!!!

    2. I agree, the week after Biden is impeached for his crimes, of course, that is just what the democrats want, the want Harris to be president. Of course Obama has his ear piece in and will have his 3th term behind the curtains, so sad. Just like the Larry, Mo, Curly.

      1. This is exactly what will be done. Barack even said how he would love to work from his basement and manipulate someone who will be the president. He has been behind all of the corruption to try and get President Trump out of office.

  9. Birds of a feather flock together! If the news has been accurate over the years, Joey Biden has been accused of improper “actions” by several women. He may need this gal for his own purposes!

  10. GOD HELP US ! About 2 millennia or so ago a famous Senator & Orator by name of Marc Anthony quoted loud & clear : “Oh Judgement thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason and I must pause till it come back to me ! When that the poor have cried I have wept and I must now bear the plight of a seemingly tainted justice – the evil that men do lives after them the GOOD is oft interred with their bones, so let it be with a great leader. “

    1. There will be as soon as Biden pardens him. He will be in charge of brining young kids to the white house so biden can sniff their haie and play with his hairy legs. I can’t believe people were so STUPID enough to vote for this POS. I’m hoping they find out that the election was stolen and don’t swear thgis scum bag into office. NO BODY CAN BE THAT STUPID!!!!!

  11. It fits, now we know conclusively what side of reality Biden lives in. This guy is senile. That is the only way you could appoint someone so disgusting and not have a second thought about it. Joe is completely insane.

    1. Its beyond me how people with any brains could have voted for him. My goodness don’t they understand what they have done. HELP

      1. Do not forget….Biden was not elected by the people of this country… was a total fraud and we have been had. Disgraceful how the government has turned against the people. There are more of us than them, so they are going to attempt to bring us down. Hopefully they will rue the day they committed these crimes against our Constitution and the people.

  12. Has anyone heard about Texas getting its own union. I sure hope they do. Count me in. A new country away from the Democratic Party.

    1. Yes, we have heard of it through several sources–even the earthquake watchers. We also heard they want to invite some of the other Red states to join them and have absolutely nothing to do with the Blues. Let the Big expected Earthquake dump them into the sea.

    2. Me too, I am sick of all of this mess and stupidity, I realize you cannot fix stupid, but there must be a cure somewhere for this disease.

  13. OBAMA’S …THIRD TERM! … Call it like you see it Right? … The man moved less than one mile from the White House. … He stayed there until he got all his ducks in a row. Make no mistake? OBAMA is a Brilliant Navigator of the CONSTITUTION! … He Graduated From HARVARD WITH A “CONSTITUTIONAL LAW” DEGREE! …. Then Taught CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AT HARVARD For 10 Years. … How many MOCK Impeachments do you think he had over all those years? Using our Most Bright and Brilliant Minds to Show Him The Way To SHRED THE CONSTITUTION. … We need to be frightened. An On Full Alert. The People who want to destroy AMERICA? … They need our CONSTITUTION RIPPED TO SHREDS. … Let’s Do everything in our Power to “STOP THE SHRED”. If you do that? YOU CAN “STOP THE STEAL.” … WeThe MEDIA has shoved down our throats! WE need folks to Strip Off Your Political Label’s. … The Only LABEL … I Will Identify With IS: I AM AN AMERICAN. … We ALL Need To Do The SAME! … (Otherwise, we will end up with American Shooting American?) That is Exactly where this Party is Headed. …. STOP IT! …. I AM AN AMERICAN. That’s It.

    1. You are so right. I do believe we should dump the Republicans who have done nothing for us and form a new party of patriots and secede. We need a new beginning and leave the spoils to the crooks who have destroyed our country. They can live in their squalor they have created. I am an American🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. Don’t believe everything you hear and read, ” HARVARD WITH A “CONSTITUTIONAL LAW” DEGREE! …. Then Taught CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AT HARVARD For 10 Years. ” No one in those schools saw him or knew of him being at those places. There is no paper proof of this as he sealed all of his papers. He did nothing while he was in Chicago either.

  14. Biden’s cabinet reminds me of what I have read about Hitler and his govt. start-up. He released the idiots out of the nuts houses and put them in his cabinet, in charge of the army and the camps. I see no difference from that to the idiots that Biden is doing. There is going to be hell. Don’t give up your guns.

  15. Wonder what the outcome would be if these demoncrats would be put on a lie detector test?! Would any of them be charged?

  16. WOW is anyone in his cabinet who isn’t a criminal? Then again Joe is a criminal why wouldn’t he pick other criminals.

  17. Impeachment charges need to commence against Biden, he is unfit and charges of criminal/treasonous, offenses brought against him, ASAP on January 21, 2021! Harris is not qualified to become President as she was not born in the US. she was born in Canada. I have no idea how she was qualified to run for the President or VP seat! That means Pelosi will become President-her life long dream-think about that! I think its time Pelosi be admitted to a nursing home. She is Impeachment crazed! Pelosi is crazy insane that we will soon find out her son Paul Pelosi, Hunter, Kerry’s son and Bulger’s son are all in the China, Ukraine pocket padding business. All are thugs, thief’s, crooks and murderers, self enriching, power hungry! Its time the Republican Patriots, all 75+ million unite: RECALL/IMPEACH all those incompetent traders in AZ, MI, WI, MN, NY, CA, PA, GA, ETC….

  18. Pelosi will never be President as she has broken many laws but is never charged because of being in Congress where she can do as she wants. Thanks Nancy for making you and your husband wealthy. Can you remember me for tomorrow ?

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