June 25, 2021

Biden staffs administration with figures tied to significant political scandals

Aside from killing off high-paying, blue-collar American jobs, it appears as if the only other thing that President Joe Biden’s administration is excelling at currently is hiring officials who are ridden with scandalous pasts.

According to Just The News, the Biden administration continues to hire a number of high-ranking officials with backgrounds in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, ties to those involved in launching the Russia-collusion investigation and even some with ties to the Benghazi tragedy and resulting scandal. 

Take, for instance, Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement official Melissa Hodgman. She happens to be married to Peter Strzok, one of the lead FBI agents in the failed Crossfire Hurrican investigation that focused on proving that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

Susan Rice, whom Biden tapped for the White House domestic advisory position, should be a familiar name to anyone reading this, as she was the one who claimed that the tragic Benghazi attack in 2012 was sparked by the uploading of an anti-Muslim video to Youtube. Of course, soon after the attack, that was proven to be a lie.

Other new Biden officials include National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who was described in the report as one of the most “prolific users” of Clinton’s private email server. Biden’s new Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland has ties to Christopher Steele of the infamous and debunked “Steele Dossier” that was used to launch Crossfire Hurricane in the first place.

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) broke his silence on Biden’s rash of scandal-ridden hires.

“If you look at the larger picture, the Russia hoaxers, the people that were pushing this out from the very beginning and lying about it after the fact, they’re all at the top echelons of the Biden administration,” Nunes said.

Perhaps Biden’s controversial employees is fitting for his administration, as according to Politico, his son, Hunter Biden, is literally still under federal investigation, with damaging reports still out there concerning President Biden’s potential involvement in his son’s lucrative, yet extremely shady foreign business deals.

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120 Responses

  1. Gloria do you know what you are talking about. I don’t think you do But unlike some of us you are allowed your opinion

      1. With all that is known about the Biden’s no one is doing anything about it. I don’t understand. Everyday I read some other stuff he’s doing and it all goes by the wayside. Now with the people he is selecting for different posts, it’s bad, bad for all of us. All the jobs he took away from the unions on the pipeline WTF. Why doesn’t anyone go after him and his cronies. If someone doesn’t do something we are all gonna go down the crapper.

    1. Yes. Problem is none of these dishonest people will never face prosecution so they continue to remain in high ranking positions in government. Corruption runs
      so deep in Washington and it makes you sick to know that “justice “ is not in a Democrat’s vocabulary. Democrats laugh at the idea that jail time would ever happen to them .

  2. That’s what do great about living in The United States!
    You have the right to say just about anything you want!

      1. I sure am! I just lived this man and thought for sure he’d win the election! But oh no!?! Those Dems are so crooked! They knew they’d be stealing the election!

        1. Cover was a conspiracy gone bad. it was created by China per dirty demonic craps and we know who the top ones are…they had MAIL-IN-VOTES to help their voter fraud. well one thing for sure HELL WILL BE CROWDED. SOROS, CLINTONS, BIDENS, PIGLOSI, SCHIFF, SHUMER, WATERS, NADLER (front runners, sheep will follow) sad BUSH TOO.

          Can someone tell me why Obamas Bidens, Shumer, Piglosi, Waters, AOC, Ilhan, Shiff, have not been impeached for inciting violence toward We the Republicans? it needs to be done.

          1. and for TREASON TO OUR COUTRY AND WE THE PEOPLE (the real americans) DEMONIC RATS are not AMERICANS,they are scum

      2. As time goes by more and more people of both parties will miss Trump’s determination to help ALL Americans to enjoy the benefits of our country–and most important our FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

      3. For all American Patriots who miss our President Trump – Can you imagine if everyone who voted for him and/or want to retain him as our TRUE President sent a ”PRESIDENT’S DAY” card to him at Mar-A-Lago? If every Trumpster could receive this message – what a phenomenon that would be!! Another Tsunami Tidal Wave for our TRUE President would wake the world up as to how American Patriots love, support and trust our President. All we need do is mail a ”PRESIDENT’S DAY” card with the American Flag or the pledge on it!!

        c/o MAR-A-LAGO
        1100 SO. OCEAN BLVD
        PALM BEACH, FL. 33480

        I know I posted this a few days ago, but I’m reposting it again … and again … and again. I’m sure American Patriots get my drift. Let’s show the world how many voted for President Donald J. Trump! Make this go viral!! America will be greater than ever before!! SHARE!! NCSWIC!

    1. Robyn, you are right on !!!!! I could not have said it better. America, wake up. You are not living in la, la, land.
      This is the new “Communist world” to which we are awakening. How ashamed we should be to our forefathers for letting this happen. God bless America!!!

    2. Robyn,
      So true. Recently I received a package in the mail. Very nice gift, but it was sent from the business and I had no idea who it was from. Find the business and ask? I tried. It was from California and the address turned out to be an industrial park with many many businesses. Didn’t help so dug deeper. Seems as if the huge park is owned by the Chinese government. Still don’t know who sent me the package.

  3. It saddens me that this is going on. Biden is so deep in corruption that he had no choice but to hire these people. In 4yrs he can pardon them and they will have forgiven themselves of sin! We really need to work hard to convict these people. They are traders!!

  4. I would like to know who ever said that [email protected] is progressive or liberal. Anybody that knows any thing about it, knows that is a lie.

    Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brains. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

  5. According to Jack Dorsey’s definition, Twitter is a science fiction platform. You can be anything you want to be. Put on a body wig and you are instantly a baboon. How is that for the speed of the internet?😉

  6. I just had an idea on gun control, conservatives will love this. All gun violence is committed in the blue state cities. So, what I purpose is to confiscate all weapons in these cities. Anyone with a gun of any kind will be shot on sight, including police. although I don’t know who will shot them if the police don’t have guns. Guess we’ll cross that bridge when err…. we get there. Always got to be a problem.

  7. Joe Keeps saying tax the rich???? how ???? the rich keep their money in off shore tax shelters. It will be the working people that will pay for all of the BS they are trying to sell to the people.

  8. I would like to know who ever said that [email protected] is progressive or liberal. Anybody that knows any thing about it, knows that is a lie.
    Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brains. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

    1. Actually, the Dem politicians are smart, but in an evil and sinister way! They know that the communist media has their back, no matter what they do or say, and they take advantage of the many brainless people in this country, who are dumb enough to buy their BS, and vote for them!

  9. Maxine wet-pants legitimized this statement a long time ago, It is to late for the dems to take it back. Enjoy the fruits of your propaganda machine!!! more to come.

  10. The importance and recognition of the unique relationship between Israel and US is both a shared democracy, the only one in the mid east, an allowing the autonomous and independence nature of both , a true freind and ally always.

  11. .I agree Twitter must go, I have thought for a long time that Twitter was/is collecting and giving the personal information of Americans to China. This makes Twitter and most all of the big tech a national security threat to the country. I think that nearly all of the big tech ceos have strong ties to the CCP and are using their tech to help China and hurt America for financial reasons. For this reason alone they should be either broken up, or put out of business. Another option would be ( what they would dread ) to move them out of the U.S. and move them where they want to do business, China, as all of the businesses in China are state owned or controlled, these businesses would not like to live under a Chinese dominated regime. Personally I think that it would be a good form of retribution, well earned and deserved.

  12. Democrat Secretaries of State and partisan judges illegally changed election law????
    I wish to make a correction, everyone keeps saying the democrats changed the election laws. Well! I for one disagree, they did not change the election laws. we need to call things as they are, they could not change the laws because that is given to the state legislatures by the constitution, so the only way they could change the law was for them to break the laws. Now for those that don’t understand what this means, is that These people committed a criminal act, by circumventing the legislature. This means that these people must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And yes I mean thr judges too, they should have known better, but they think that they wont be held accountable.

  13. Did anyone really think that the Peepad/Kneepad or Slo & Ho Administration wouldn’t be an even worse repeat of the Obutthood years?
    Biden’s never been the sharpest crayola in the box, and now that he’s obviously in the grips of moderate Dementia, he’s a talking Brussel Sprout. If Ho(hummer) Harris moved one Inch further to the Left, she’d be getting fitted for Tranny Snap On Tools.
    Every Executive Action and every appointment Biden’s made is to the detriment of our country. What’s worse, is President Dipsh*it’s just getting started.

  14. Everything in these comments are true. Biden and the democrats RIGGED and CHEATED TO GET BIDEN ELECTED. THE DEMOCRATS ARE CROOKS AND 😈

  15. seems like everything the democrats do is somehow tied to corruption, some recent and some back in the past.

  16. I feel that the Democrats are leading us the way of HITLER, when the people voted him in in Germany he wanted to take over the world, now we have it here in the form of Biden, and China holding his hand. If we are not careful we will be under their thumbs and killed off the way Hitler killed off the Jewish people. Get smart America, before it’s to late.

  17. We expected nothing less from Biden. He was going to bring back all of the people from the old Obama administration that he could and build on it from there making it much worse than it has ever been.

  18. Not only do we have the China joe family Mafia now we have the China joe’s crooked administration. Just look at what some of these people have done to overthrow President Trump. None with their criminal involvement in the russia coup should be approved. The dirty rotten criminal FBI agent his wife. All of those involved in the email criminal and coverup.

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