July 23, 2021

Biden stacks up more shocking gaffes in Pennsylvania

To say that former Vice President Joe Biden is a gaffe machine would be the understatement of the year, given the number of ridiculously bizarre — and sometimes downright creepy — things he has stated on the campaign trail.

In his final push to win over the hearts of Pennsylvania voters, Biden instead collapsed under the pressure. The Democrat nominee racked up the gaffes at a record pace, claiming that he was wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jacket when, in reality, he was sporting a University of Delaware Blue Hen’s jacket — among other missteps. 

The gaffe came as Biden tried to convince the crowd of his Philadelphia street credit by bragging about his wife’s Philadelphia heritage.

“I was very happy to have the moniker of being Pennsylvania’s third senator. I married a Philly girl, by the way,” Biden said. He then quickly looked down, gesturing at the Blue Hens logo on his jacket before saying “And I’ve got my Eagles jacket on.”

The glaring mistake wasn’t immediately noticed by the small rally crowd, who were all in their cars honking their horns in support of the 77-year-old Democrat candidate, but Twitter users were quick to pounce.

As if the Blue Hens gaffe wasn’t hilarious enough, at a surprise campaign stop in the state later that day, Biden would go on to introduce his granddaughter, Finnegan Biden. Grandpa Joe slipped up again in his introduction, calling himself the little girl’s “grandmom” before eventually correcting himself.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users once again piled on, with some critics even expressing sympathy, claiming that Biden has obvious signs of common diseases in the aging population like Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

According to Fox News, Biden’s Pennsylvania gaffes come in the wake of another unfortunate gaffe made during a campaign stop in Michigan, where the frail candidate was bragging about the Affordable Care Act, which he worked on with former President Barack Obama.

“Donald Trump thinks health care is a privilege, Barack and I think it’s a right to have badakathcare,” Biden said. Shortly after, Trump aired the gaffe moment — along with several others — during short video clips at his campaign rallies, which drew plenty of laughter.

Politics aside and giving him the benefit of the doubt, Biden’s constant string of gaffes might be caused by combination of old age and a childhood stutter, but in no way, shape or form does a man in his condition belong on a world stage negotiating with America’s allies and adversaries.

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68 Responses

    1. Exactly! By the Biden signs on the many homes around my neighborhood I hate to say I am surrounded by idiots!

      I will just repeat how an OAN journalist described Biden the other night: “A CORRUPT, RACIST, WHITE OLD MAN”. That’s who Democrats want for president.

    2. Well stated and Biden is one dangerous dude.
      He needs “a check up from the neck up” which is unfortunate.
      The Presidency is a job which is over his head and shares of the Bamster.

    3. And they say he is going to win 😳 the people watch what he says
      Im not going to stop oil
      Yes im going to stop oil
      Im going to raise your taxes
      I lowered your taxes
      Biden says anything to you
      You are not in the democratic agenda

    4. It’s a bait and switch operation with the main candidate named Hate Trump, the second Beijing Joe, and the actual PRESIDENTIAL candidate being “Momala” Harris, with Nancy Pelosi as the hidden VP candidate.

      1. I think you are wrong there…Not even a liberal “village” could raise an idiot like that, not even Horrible Hillary’s “village”

  1. It is not Biden’s senility that is sad. It is the fact that everyone knows he is not capable of running his own life but are willing to vote for him to run their lives. So sad.

    1. That’s because they expect Horrible Harris to step in and take Creepy, Sleepy Joe’s place, probably after the election and before his inauguration, if he wins.

  2. Why did you lie stating biden collapses in front of everyone ? this isn’t funny this isn’t a comedy about someone collapsing.

  3. Joe Biden is not mentally healthy enough to be president. He’s slipping into Alzheimer’s. I think he should have an MRI, to check for calcium deposits on his brain. I’ve seen Alzheimer’s and this is the way it starts. If he is going to be president, he owes that much to the American people. Take the test!

    1. He insists he is healthy, mentally and physically. He would never agree to a physical even though a WH doctos has said he is concerned about his mental fitness.

  4. does anyone in their right mind think he is anywhere? capable of leading the country and his court should even be in the government much less vice president I dang sure don’t

    1. No they don’t. But they’ll vote for a block if it was against our great President Trump. That’s just why stupid can’t be fixed

    2. Apparently these Democrat idiots think so but he needs to be admitted into a mental health facility for tests to prove what we who are in our right mind already know. We don’t even need a test to prove what we see and know already!!!!!!!!

  5. It is so sad that nobody in his family can see what is happening, and get him some help. All the Democrats want him for is a puppet, this way it looks like he is running for the white house. This way Obama gets a third term at destroying the country alone with Clinton and Pelosi and her muslins.

    1. I think the Democrats keep him up there to make it idiot out of him I’m a Republican but I still I kind of feel sorry for him they’re making a joke out of it and it’s not right

    2. I’m NOT voting for Joe but as a human being I wish his family would had stopped this long ago. I would NEVER
      USE someone I love.

      1. It is obvious his family and the Democrats are just using Biden as a pawn. I do not approve of his politics but as someone who obviously has the onset of major dementia, it is sad to see this was all the Democrats had to offer this country. Shame on the Dems! It all goes to show they will do anything for POWER.

    3. Amazing, isn’t it? But the main person I look at who should be really concerned and be the first one to tell him not to run is his wife, but like many Democrats, she wants power too even if it means the humiliation of her husband.

    4. It’s not that they can’t see it, .. they’re all corrupt and don’t give a damn about senile joe .. in a criminals world, life’s a dog eat dog affair … cut throat!! .. and if they can use 1%joe to hide their criminality then throw him under the bus, so be it. After all, to them, he’s nothing more than a commodity .. collateral damage.

  6. His Biden’s, actions Every day provide absolute evidence that he is not mentally able nor fit to sit as our president! We will be at the mercy of ever adversary with him sitting in the high seat and can anyone imagine him having the nuclear button! In his delusional state he would probably ignite the next world war and that would earn him more money from the Chinese!!!

      1. That’s Alzheimer’s disease. They really can get so angry n it’s hard for their families to endure it. Really very sad that his family is driving him on this path of destruction of himself.

  7. Why does people think he could run a country, it’s a terrible, I take care of people like him every day, it’s a shame he is in the spotlight . Needs to retire.

  8. Sad to say, China is paying Biden to show his compromised mental state.
    This is a disgrace to the democratic party, and those who want the United States to survive knows this.
    Trump will be elected again for FOUR MORE YEARS.
    Make America Great Again!
    God Bless America!

  9. Lately, I have been called an “idiot” and “stupid” for being a Trump/Pence supporter. I’ve decided that I’d rather be CALLED an “idiot” and “stupid” than to actually VOTE FOR CRIMINAL CROOKED CHINA JOE and REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!

    1. you are a honorable man. I agree I want to vote for someone who believes in law and order, not how to take everyone to the cleaners.

  10. Biden’s speech changes are pronounced in all 4 areas, semantic, phonologic, pragmatic and syntactic in comparison to his speeches from earlier in his career. While these changes are not a widely accepted diagnostic tool, research is still ongoing that shows a marked trend for its use as such in diagnosing MCI to AD.
    For me (and the 20 years I spent exclusively nursing Dementia patients in all stages), Biden’s Facial Affect is troubling. He’s often has a look of bewilderment, especially when his speeches aren’t going in the right direction. The fact that he’s almost incapable of speaking or replying to questioning without notes or a Teleprompter is a huge cause for concern. His rhythm of speaking during the debates was too scripted. He had to be getting auditory cues through some means.
    Combine that with his poor Senate record of almost 40 years of doing nothing of importance. The fact that he’s kept his seat there for so long in a State that is notorious and nefarious as a corporate tax haven, means the only thing Joe’s good at, is fighting to keep his Wall Street donors happy.


  12. It’s only shows the length that the democrats will go to because of the couprution that has taken place in the Obama administration. Joe biden got dragged into this when he should laid low in the swamp .Seems like the fbi involved to

    1. FBI is the democrat protection agency – they don’t charge any democrats that have committed crimes in fact the FBI has been a active participant

  13. If Biden and Harris are the best the democratic Party can come up with, then THAT Part is in Deep DooDoo. But the “String Puller is apparently, in reality (Not a word democrat’s are familiar with), is most likely, Mr. Obama, who badly wishes for a THIRD Term. NO WAY< Thank Goodness!

  14. Make of Joe a jest, if you will – but he is most misused and abused by the Democrat party making a carnival sideshow of him. Keep in mind, however: Joe is the sharpest, most honest, most articulate candidate the Democrats have. He may be even better than their last candidate, but it’s probably a tight contest.

  15. No matter what anybody says, Biden looks exactly like Jeff Dunham’s lap puppet, WALTER, the biggest difference in the two is that Walter has more brains !!!

  16. Joe Biden has lost his mind. Maybe Joe can ask Trump to stack the court and fulfill Joe Biden’s wish. Just saying

  17. Biden is completely unconvincing when he talks about what he will say to China! What a joke! “Come on, MAN, CHINA?!” The Communist Chinese have Biden safely in their pocket, and if there is any justice in the world, Trump will fire Wray and Barr and clean up the CORRUPT PEOPLE IN THE DOJ AND THE FBI! AND BIDEN WILL BE GOING TO “THE BIG HOUSE” NOT THE WHITE HOUSE!

  18. Can you imagine having. Kamala aspresident an pelosi as vp I read somewhere that that could happen( don’t believe it but heard or read it). Bidin really does need to see a dr though president is to much stress for him my father died of dementia. He didn’t even know his own kids when they came to see him. Dementia is really sad

  19. Everyone has said exactly what most Americans are thinking but too afraid to say it out loud. I am so glad that many of you see this as it is and wish others would come to realize that we need to elect Donald J. Trump for 4 more years.

  20. Biden’s “ gaffs” clearly show he is becoming aphasic, which happens to alzheimers patients at a certain stage of the disease. They have cognizance at times, then they slip back into not recognizing family members, certain objects, etc. and the inability to articulate their thoughts. Can you imagine him trying to talk to a world leader and loosing his temper if they say something he doesn’t like, or scrambling words? He will not make it past the inauguration, The “ Califonia hos ( Piglosi and Harris) will take over, because he can’t cut it. I pray to God President Trump comes out the victor, if not, our country is gone!

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