July 4, 2022

Biden spins wildly exaggerated yarn about ‘having had a house burn down’

In the latest of a series of frustratingly bizarre, easily disproved fictional yarns spun by President Joe Biden over the years, the commander in chief last week told an audience in New Hampshire about his harrowing experience of “having had a house burn down,” though as it turns out, the conflagration at issue was actually narrowly confined to one room, as Fox News reports.

During an appearance at a bridge in the Granite State on Tuesday, Biden was touting the supposed benefits of the recently-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill, and in explaining its importance to those in the surrounding communities, wondered aloud, “What happens if the bridge collapses and there’s a fire on the other side? It’s going to take 10 miles longer to get to the fire. People can die. I mean this is real. This is real stuff,” as the New York Post noted.

“Without this bridge, as I said earlier,” Biden added, “It’s a 10-mile detour just to get to the other side. And I know, having had a house burn down with my wife in it – she got out safely, God willing – that having a significant portion of it burn, I can tell: 10 minutes makes a hell of a difference.”

Fox News noted that a 2004 Associated Press report told the story of an incident in which the Bidens’ home was hit by lightning, and a small fire started that “was contained to the kitchen.” According to that account, firefighters succeeded in controlling the outbreak in roughly 20 minutes, and no flames went beyond that room.

“Luckily, we got it pretty early,” George Lamborn, then-Cranston Heights Fire Company Chief said at the time, adding that no injuries resulted from the kitchen fire at the Bidens’ residence, according to the Post.

The president is well known for spinning tall tales when speaking before audiences, with one of the most recent examples being yet another retelling of a favorite story of his involving an Amtrak employee who supposedly lauded him for logging so many miles traveling by train during his political career.

However, according to the Associated Press, the events contained in Biden’s account are always purported to have occurred during his time as vice president, but by then, the conductor at the heart of the anecdote – a man named Angelo Negri – had long since retired.

The aforementioned inconsistencies are just a few of those woven into Biden’s public comments over the years, and as recently as this summer, he was caught in an untruth when he claimed to have visited the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh following a mass shooting that occurred there years earlier and also when he boasted of having experience driving 18-wheelers, when he had actually only ridden in them.

Whether Biden is in fact a pathological liar or simply an old man in the grips of of dementia-induced false memories is something that remains unclear, but neither possibility is a particularly reassuring prospect to Americans concerned about their country’s future.

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