July 27, 2021

Biden says the quiet part out loud: If Harris and I disagree ‘I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign’

President-elect Joe Biden has always been something of a gaffe machine around Washington, D.C., but his latest verbal blunder accidentally revealed what everyone has known all along: He’s simply a placeholder for his radical leftist running mate.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Thursday, Biden accidentally said the quiet part out loud when speaking about how he would resolve differences with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. In a stunning moment of candor, Biden told the host, “if I reach something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

Harris herself has uttered similar misstatements that revealed how she viewed her position as second in command. While campaigning in September, Harris said on a call with Latina small business owners in Arizona that “a Harris administration together with Joe Biden” would deliver lots of goodies to their community, AZ Central reported.

During the runup to the 2020 presidential election, there were concerns that Biden, who was 77 at the time, was suffering from dementia. However, the mainstream media had no real interest in probing the candidate on that issue — or anything else for that matter.

Instead, the media continued to ignore the signs that Biden was unfit for office because he was a convenient candidate to usher in a leftist agenda they supported. President Donald Trump’s campaign got it right, calling Harris “proof that Joe Biden is an empty shell being filled with the extreme agenda of the radicals on the left,” Fox News reported.

In a rare instance he was challenged about his mental fitness, Biden lashed out at the news correspondent who dared to ask. When CBS News’ Errol Barnett asked Biden whether he’d taken a cognitive test, he chided the host saying “That’s like saying … before you got on this program, you’re taking a test whether you’re taking cocaine or not. What do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?” That statement alone — to a black man — would have landed any other candidate in hot water.

Even as Election Day loomed, Biden would routinely call a lid on his campaign for days at a time without explanation, and the media would simply leave him alone. It was almost as if he was irrelevant because their real objective was to get Harris into the White House.

Recently, Biden fractured his foot while playing with his dogs, leaving the president-elect to mill around in a boot. If Harris just has to wait for Biden to develop a serious illness or some other excuse to step down, it seems like only a matter of time.

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92 Responses

  1. To bad Biden dose not drop dead alongside Harris and the rest of the Communist democrats, wish God would strike these devils/demons down at the same time

      1. I back you up. 100%. They are dangerous, VIPERS and EXTREME Stalinists!
        JESUS help the USA! Pres. Trump and let the TRUTH PREVAIL!

  2. Obama take Biden and you two go to hell. Biden IS NOT OUR PRESIDENT. YOU DEMS. are being led by the devil Biden and Devil Obama to tkae away your freedoms. Guess what? We will fight you every day for what you did to OUR COUNTRY. The dem. party are the worst, nastiest, racist, and corrupt parties I have ever seen. Biden we will work to IMPEACH YOU. You Biden, lie like a lying dog face pony soldier. Same goes to Obama and the entire demo. party.

    1. We can give these communists, liars and thieves the same sh×t they gave Trump non stop for 4 years. I despise the Left, Dems and the evil that is within our govt and country.

      1. I totally can not stand ANYBODY that voted for biden . I have absolutely NO RESPECT for ANY of them . I don’t care WHO they are ! They are so profoundly stupid to not understand what these communists bragged they will do to them as well as us actual real Americans ? !

          1. it is ashamed that the orchestration of this 2020 election has not bee stopped yet, judges maybe weed need an operation black Cloak hanger . like we did a few years back call operation silver shovel . Jesus lord in Heaven what does it take for adults to be honest, why has the democratic party been involved killing American people who tell the truth ? genocide ? Perjury? using political position to get rich for themselves? Big Tech running shoddy news stories, trying to brain wash Americans . I don’t waste my electricity on garbage.

        1. They have promised to disenfranchise you by not letting you have any jobs, if they have any say-so in it.

          1. Nancy Pelosi is a scam artist , career politicians made their million off of Americans allowing Illegals to steal American rights, Benefits, & Money Dictating how Americans should live their lives, Get this woman out of congress being the House speaker her district live in poverty, many Homeless people because she does not care. Nancy Pelosi is in Human, anti American & has been for Decades please lord Jesus help the USA & the American people stay on the right Track get rid of all thugs, rip offs, con artists etc. out of City& State Government. mail a list of all the billionaire’s businesses to each American . especially G. Soros, Mike Bloomberg , W. Buffet

  3. Joe is pathetic to have even run for president and now he wants us to accept what ever her first name is. We have over 300,000,000 people in the country, is this what we have to put up with.

  4. This doesn’t come as a real surprise. Biden is in NO WAY capable of being president…BUT neither is Harris. What has become of this country….sad, sad, sad!!!



    1. I know one thing that’s for certain.
      He is not my President and never will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He can’t even take care of himself, so how the hell can he take care of this country and the people of this country.

    1. Its getting to be about that time, and I know where we should go first, Hollywood then Silicone Valley then NEW YORK !

  6. When is this agonizing wait for voter fraud to be exposed going to be over and Trump retains the WH for 4 more year?????

    1. Sadly the corrupt Dems have once again outsmarted SPINELESS REPUBLICANS- RINOS only care about protecting their own butts!!!!

      1. No democrats cheated. Voter fraud voter intemidation. Dead people voting. Even poll workers were cheating

  7. I knew this was Biden’s plan to step down all along the moment he picked Harris as his VP. A Biden Presidency, by itself, would not be so bad but a Harris Presidency would be a complete total DISASTER for this country! Heaven help us all, including his supporters, if this happens.

    1. I feel this was the democommie plan all along and the patriots of our great country will have to save it. Stock up and keep the powder dry.

  8. What the hell does giggle girl Kamala know about being President? Obama third term! We hated his policies the first time around. He isn’t for the American people! WE NEED TRUMP WHO WON THIS ELECTION FAIRLY!!!!

  9. I don’t know which is WORSE, the CORRUPT Silicone Valley, Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, NEW YORK GOVERNOR and MAYOR, or ILLINOIS, but them along with ANTIFA, BLM, NBA, should all be CONVICTED OF TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST THE PUBLIC!! And this list goes for SOROS as well as the rest of the DEMWITTED MILLIONAIRES!

  10. So this election should be called nul and void as if it did not even happen, so fooling even the Democratic voters to think they were voting for Biden when in fact they were voting for Harris is fraud in the first degree, many people I know thought they were voting for Biden or course they were no Trumpers but this is FRAUD in capital letters

  11. We need to just put every one of these traitors in a wooden box six feet under, and not just the politicians either I am talking about every single one of them including antifa members, BLM members to every news media scumbag and their bosses along with every college professor and school teacher that is part of this anti-American traitor group and end this crap once and for all!! They need to start back up with the public Hangings and Firing Squads like our forefathers had to deal with these traitors!!!
    Now we know why Stalin, when asked if he was going to attack the United States and he said NO!!
    Because the USLESS IDIOTS will do the same thing to the United States that communist would do!!
    He called leftists liberals,
    “USLESS IDIOTS” and he was 100% right on both counts!

  12. Biden is the “Paper President”, ramshackled by the mental incompetence of senile dementia! We deserve better than this. We can thank the media and the corrupt democratic machine which should be serving the public’s interest. Give up your license to pollute the airways!

  13. All those women that turned against Trump from the last election. Enjoy what you get, your so called pick is letting you know he only ran to get the title President in front of his name, because his son Bo told him to run. Well, all I can say, all of you that voted for those phonies and the ones that lied to you, enjoy, you made your bed enjoy lying in it. Shame, shame, shame on you. You have helped those arrogant liberals to end the life of the USA!

  14. The Congress, Senate, and White House are not the only powers at play in this struggle to save the Republic. Nothing yet has been heard from our military who stands to lose funding and support with a re-run of the Obama decimation. I hate to predict intervention by the JCS but it has happened many times in many venues and it certainly may be justified here. I fear the consequences of either action or lack thereof.

  15. I agree so much with all that is said – so much corruption in this beautiful country – where is the justice in this country – I am supporting our President Donald J Trump 1 Million percent…we have to STAND UP and fight for what is legal and right.
    God help us all – and let the good people WIN….I am praying every day (without a mask) May the Lord be with us and all of you…Amen

  16. What comes next ? ? ? ? What happened to the decency and honesty that America always prided itself with? Have the Democrats taken all of that away from our once great Country? Enough is enough! It is waaay past time to put an end to this !

  17. Is Harris even a natural born US citizen? I question if she is but noone seems to want to go there because neither was Obama.

  18. Well the plan all along was to elect DEMENTIA JOE by any means necessary election theft, dead voting ,mail in ballots counted in secret, signatures not validated etc.. Then after he takes the oath of OFFICE of POTUS NASTY NANCY will use the 25th amendment to declare DEMENTIA JOE MENTALY INCAPEABLE TO HOLD THE OFFICE OF POTUS HAVE HIM REMOVED AND INSTALL KAMALA HARRIS AS POTUS AND EITHER HILLARY OR MICHELLE OBAMA AS VICE PRESIDENT !


  20. I totally agree with all of these people!’n. The Demarats all along had a plan and now its happenings those dirty dogs!

  21. Sounds like Obama is leading this administration from behind the scenes. He never said anything untill lately. He has been voicing his opinion a lot in the last few weeks. Dirty as hell.👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Since when does a President have to agree with the vice president anyways? She should do as shes told by him.
    And again hes talking about him and obama. What year is his head in?
    And once he sets it all up and develops a disease and resigns, Harris will do what she wants. Not what her and Joe talked about!

  23. Harris doesn’t need to be vice president, not because she’s a woman, it’s because she isn’t doing the right thing for the american people, nor is biden, biden needs to let Trump have it for four more years due to Biden’s poor health

  24. the dimms have turned our form of governance, into a joke. that horrible person, camela harris, laughs at everything said, as though it’s all a joke. Then the election gets turned into a fiasco by the dimms. There’s no way this election was legitimately won by biden.

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