July 2, 2022

Biden says it’s ‘time’ to end war in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden wants to end the decades-long war in Afghanistan. He said he doesn’t want to pass it along to a fifth president — does he have someone particular in mind?

Biden has declared he’s finally ending the war in Afghanistan, revealing wants troops returning home by September 11, 2021, according to Breitbart. The U.S. has been engaged in the conflict for two decades.

“I’m now the fourth United States president to preside over American troop presence in Afghanistan,” Biden said Wednesday. “Two Republicans. Two Democrats. I will not pass on this responsibility on to a fifth,” he said. It’s unknown whether he meant some yet unknown future candidate or Vice President Kamala Harris.

Former President Donald Trump was already working toward a May 1 drawdown deal he brokered, and Biden said he would stick to that plan. “It’s perhaps not what I would have negotiated myself, but it was an agreement made by the United States government and that means something,” Biden said.

Although Biden had initially supported the war, he now feels that the initial reasons for getting into the war — punishing Osama Bin Laden and flushing out terrorists —  don’t exist. “War in Afghanistan was never meant to be a multigenerational undertaking,” he said.

Addressing one of the major concerns with announcing such action, he warned that if the Taliban started trouble again the U.S. would retaliate. “The Taliban should know, if they attack us as we drawdown, we will defend ourselves and our partners with all the tools at our disposal,” Biden said.

The president also assured the public that the U.S. was not losing any of its diplomatic clout by withdrawing troops from the region. “American troops shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip between warring parties in other countries,” he said about the idea of leaving American troops there for political posturing.

Biden is right that the war has gone on too long, but of course he’s just continuing on the trajectory Trump sent the nation on anyway.  The only problem with him doing it is that Democratic administrations are notoriously bad at national security, so having troops withdrawn when America looks weak could spell disaster.

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McRant (@guest_1213039)
1 year ago

Forever wars in whogivesafukistan are a waste of time, money, and worst of all, American lives. They’ve been fighting each other for 1400 years. Nothing will change. I’m for nukes.

MICHAEL (@guest_1213056)
Reply to  McRant
1 year ago

Why do we have to be the World’s Police?? We have far too many service members around the World and WHY?? Just on the island of Okinawa we have 6 military bases, 6, just on this one island off the coast of Japan. South Korea, Philippines, Guam, Europe and WE PAY THESE COUNTRIES for our bases being there. We need to close down 50% and bring them home.

Dan Miller (@guest_1213076)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

We don’t have military bases in the Philippines since 1995 ,Guam is a US territory and the bases in Japan, Okinawa and South Korea is watch over armstead with NDK ,watch PRC and watch the Russians in the Arctic and the Pacific Ocean

MICHAEL (@guest_1213157)
Reply to  Dan Miller
1 year ago

Oops, your right. No more bases in the Philippines and yes, Guam is a US Territory. Sorry about that

horntex (@guest_1213223)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Philippines kicked us out because we wouldn’t open up the cash register for them, as they tried to hold our feet to the fire. They shot themselves in the foot as a matter of defense and impacted their economy as well. Subic Bay gave us a strategic naval supply depot in that area with the largest ammo dump in the world at one time. Cubi Pt. and Clark air base gave us a presence of air support. Like most of our bases, the foreign landlords use us as a cash cow.

TK_101 (@guest_1213130)
Reply to  McRant
1 year ago

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marc (@guest_1213425)
Reply to  McRant
1 year ago

nukes take out just about anything living, people, plants, animals,etc…. screw you McRant. how about if we nuke you and you can tell us about it?

Stephen Russell (@guest_1213042)
1 year ago

What took so long?
Following Trump or Obama lead
Why on 9/11
Bring troops home on these dates: 9/10, 9/12, 9/.20.
Dont abuse 9/11 victims
dont need symbolisim here

U Dems did nothing since 2007 on war to date
Look at war costs

reward (@guest_1213129)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

If troops were removed in May, as originally scheduled, Trump would be given all the credit. Can’t let that happen. Delaying removal until September, if successful, will allow Biden/dems to claim all the credit. However, when it fails disastrously, Trump will still be given the blame. Win/win decision.

David (@guest_1213048)
1 year ago

He tout’s about being the 4th President to have to
deal with Afghanistan first of all he is not a President
of anything much less this Country.
If a town hall was arraged for him to face “all” of the
layed off workers from the pipeline that would remind
him of just how despised he is..And stop impersonating
a President, better yet Joe forget Afghanistan and get
down to the border and take care of that nightmare you
created and risk having your azz handed to you.!

Deb (@guest_1213110)
Reply to  David
1 year ago


Robert (@guest_1213060)
1 year ago

And, …Just what would you have negotiated????…….That you may have followed President Trump’s already negotiated withdrawal of our troops, only if you could sniff the hair of the Taliban Mullahs wife and daughters, real sharp Bite-Me, real sharp,…..Pin Head!!! I swear, the clown is just too much for our once great country to bear any longer, I wish he and his entire family would get run over by a turnip truck

Jerry (@guest_1213064)
1 year ago

Every Democrat lawmaker should be shot for treason

Cbnjky (@guest_1213082)
1 year ago

Hey Joe Crow Biden how about ending your “Love Affair” with China and your investments in Ukraine oil. And you pat yourself on the back for pushing out the date to withdraw from Afghanistan so as to politicize the date so you will go down as ending on 9/11. Trump had already stated in May. Democrats sure know how to use a crisis to push their agenda

Jeff (@guest_1213094)
1 year ago

Anything senile Joe might have negotiated would end up just padding the bank accounts of himself and his family members. The only thing he knows is how to trade influence for dollars.

Gary m (@guest_1213098)
1 year ago

Partisan Democrats and Rhinos=Pact Court. Packing the court is racist. There are too many Hacka$$s on the court now. Slow Joe has admitted that he is a racist, he has finally decided to pack the Supreme Court. He will be putting on more Hacka$$s to turn the court into more of a excrement spreader than it already is.

Byron (@guest_1213109)
1 year ago

Liz Cheney is going to be unhappy not having a war. Then again, she may not have a job next year.

Linda Smith (@guest_1213133)
1 year ago

First off, I feel sorry for Joe Biden, now wait a second and think about this…Soros and all the rest of his crew has put Biden, a washed up, old senile man, out there as the
“Scapegoat spokesman” for the Death-o-Crats. OK? Joe says what he’s told to say, do you really think he could come up with as many cohesive sentences as he has on his own?? George Soros doesn’t want Joe anywhere near the South Boarder, he might say something that wasn’t scripted for him

Michael C (@guest_1213135)
1 year ago

A withdrawal of troops is okay, but a TOTAL withdrawal is not just stupid of the Demorats, it’s idiotic! We have a base there that should be held onto so any future problems could be handled promptly instead of having to dispatch an aircraft carrier to the region. Once the Taliban knows ALL troops have left the country, they’ll immediately start a build-up of terrorists and we’ll be back in the same crap we’ve been in for 20yrs yet again. I’m sure, knowing how the Demorats don’t “look ahead to any repercussions”of actions they do, the U.S. will be less secure and under threat from more terrorists yet again! The Demorats will be holding “true to form” for their corporate “buddies” to yet again have to start building all types of weaponry will muliti-billion dollar contracts.

Gary m (@guest_1213143)
1 year ago

Hold on I have an idea:
I know that is a rare thing for me? We get rid of the police, and any local body guards for officials. since we wont have a police force we wont need a court system since there wont be anybody to arrest anybody. Then we hire a security firm with the money that we saved by not having a police force or a court system. Of course this means that should Nancy decide to come around, she would need to bring her own security detail. To protect her from BLM or Antifa should they come around. But since she would leave us out in the woods to fend for our selves, I guess she would have to take care of her self.

Gary m (@guest_1213147)
1 year ago

Let me clear this up for you.
Kids get a divers license at 16 year of age. That is 99.9999% of kids regardless of whether they are Black, White, pink, or Purple. Which means that 99.9999% of adults at or above voting age That are citizens, should already have a ID when they go to vote. Those that did not 0.0001% have several years after they turn 16 years of age to find and get to a DMV to get an ID. If it takes that long to get an ID, then they evidently didn’t think that they needed one. They evidently didn’t need one to get a bank account, and get ATM card, so that they could go to Macdonald’s, to get a Big Mac. Now does that clear things up. This just goes to show have depraved people on the left (.D.) really are.

David (@guest_1213160)
1 year ago

Hey Joe.! Forget Afghanistan your buddy Khomeine is now 60% on his
way to a Nuclear bomb that you and that idiot Kerry allowed him to build.
Is he going to let you know when they are going to launch it at the US.?
It won’t take long for it to get here and kill a few million people so you
had better be ready to get yourself,Phony Dr.and your Felonious Son and
get to Tehran and go into the basement at the Ayatolla’s house and hide,
you should know how to do that by now.!

Gary m (@guest_1213165)
1 year ago

It is a statement of how the people really feel about the people that are running this GREAT country. All I can tell them is quit voting for them. You can vote for someone in another party if you think that they are better? Not voting at all will guaranty the loser will win. Just look what is in the White House now.

Vietnam vet (@guest_1213173)
1 year ago

This Country is not unlike “Humpty Dumpty”sitting on a wall and
when it finally falls because of the lunatics that are destroying it
now,like the pieces of Dumpty nothing is going to put America back
together again.! 4 yrs it will be way to late.Biden said what he was
going to do,yet the idiots pulled the levers anyway..There’s the blame.

Cmac (@guest_1213178)
1 year ago

“Biden says it’s ‘time’ to end war in Afghanistan”
Yeah, you stole the idea from president Trump who was already working in that direction when the election was stolen from him.

Randy Justice (@guest_1213266)
1 year ago


Gary m (@guest_1213285)
1 year ago

Follow the science, not Dr. Fauci, the science will get you there, Dr. Fauci wont. The science shows that you stand a 80% chance of get infected in you home, and they want to keep you under house arrest. A lockdown is just another name for house arrest, and it is illegal. So if you want to get infected stay home and get it, get it. So get the heck out of the house, and enjoy the sunshine.

Vietnam vet (@guest_1213427)
1 year ago

What the Hell does that idiot know about war anyway.??He
had so many deferments he did’nt need to hide in the base-
ment at his home when the draft was underway huh joe.?
Biden and that loser Richard Blumenthal (Stolen Valor) chump
would’nt make a pimple on a soldiers azz.!

Ryan S. Witt (@guest_1213675)
1 year ago

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Ryan S. Witt (@guest_1213676)
1 year ago

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