May 6, 2021

Biden says he will use federal government’s ‘vast powers’ to crack down on COVID-19

Self-proclaimed president-elect Joe Biden gave his Thanksgiving address to the nation on Thursday morning and included an ominous proclamation about using the federal government’s power to eliminate COVID-19.

Biden, during his address, threatened to use the government’s “vast powers” to “find people with cases and get them away from one another” in an effort to slow the spread of the novel disease. 

The liberal media has characterized such authoritarian proclamations as “strong leadership,” and Biden voters have begged the government to do more to crack down on Americans that are seen as violating the rules for months.

Biden explained that he will overhaul the federal government’s response to COVID-19 from “day one” — reversing President Trump’s policy of allowing state and local leaders make the decisions about how to combat the virus in their own area.

“We’ll find people with cases and get them away from one another, slowing the number of infections,” Biden declared. “More protective gear for businesses and our schools. The federal government has vast powers to combat the virus, and I commit to you I will use all of those powers to lead a national coordinated response.”

Biden and his team have not specified the full extent of the powers that will be utilized in the battle against COVID-19, but Democrat governors’ weaponization of police forces in states like California and New York point to a troubling pattern of heavy-handed enforcement.

Only time will tell what Biden has in store for the American people in regard to COVID-19 crackdowns, but the Democrat party’s bent towards the authoritarian side is cause for great concern.

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29 Responses

  1. Once again, Biden has proved that he is nothing but a CRIMINALLY CORRUPT, political HAS-BEEN, HACK, FRAUD, LIAR and TRAITOR. He is willing to upend the Constitution to combat a virus with a 98%+ recovery rate, and impose national mandates that are the domain of the states–and NOT the federal government. This is nothing short of TREASON, and must NOT be permitted under any conditions, and IF enacted, will result in non-compliance by most citizens, if not outright civil war…

    1. deMaestro, Right on the mark with your say on this
      criminal Biden. Maybe Trump can knock him off the
      charts? I pray for Trump and all citizens of America!

      1. Well he can begin with Gavin newsom, Nancy Pelosi, let’s see who else can throw out there? Well names don’t matter I’ve seen so many of the Democrats without masks, that they all should be taken and separated.
        Limb from limb.
        Kamala to I’ve seen her in pictures without masks, and while in crowds to.

    2. They already have FEMA housing units, so I heard. I guess when they start rounding up all the deplorables that’s where they will start sending them!! You know, to separate families! At least we won’t be in cages like Obama had all those illegal immigrants. I just wonder how long after.they will start transfering us over to box cars and sending us elsewhere, never to be seen again. JUST A THOUGHT!!!

  2. AMEN! to daMaestro’s comments! Has Joe Bite-me EVER even read the Constitution, or is that, too, beyond the comprehension of this pea-brain?

  3. The AIRHEAD Biden is showing how demented his mind is…. Its time to go too bed Joe and get your beauty rest since you done nothing to be awarded 80 Millions votes on Election day…

  4. Power has surely gotten into the Biden camp and he has not been declared president. Sounds like he and Kamala have plans to upend everything in USA. Dangerous and sickening.
    Nothing like another Saddam Hussein to dictate to us. Obama was pretty much the same, such a loser. What the hell were democrats thinking who voted for these people.

    I Hope there’s a still a good chance for President Trump to keep his job for 4 more years. We need him more now than ever.

  5. The Democratic Communist Party is either conflicted, or their writers haven’t been listening to their expressed agenda. The Communists are presently running a campaign to Defund and Disband Law Enforcement Agencies across the U.S.. They have actually accomplished this in a number of cities, or they are in the process of accomplishing it to some extent.
    On the other hand, Biden now says he’s going to bring down the “vast powers” of the Federal Government on the people to deal with the COVID, by even Removing the infected away from the rest of the population, and weaponizing the Police to more effectively deal with Restriction violators.
    Sounds like Concentration Camps, and using the people you are getting rid of, to do the dirty work. If Law Enforcement is smart, they will reject doing the bidding of these Dictators.

    1. He can’t weaponize the police after his minions want the police shut down and all prisons emptied.
      The Democrat Party is out of touch with reality or they just don’t talk to each other.

  6. I will not comply with any order issued by President Biden/Harris concerning the coronavirus. I would rather go to jail than pay any fines. I will be glad to become a political prisoner for my country. I would live in a concentration camp and be subjected to various torture techniques . I will accept them with gladness. Resistance is more to me than submission

    1. What is going to happen if all people willing to go to work each day are placed in jail and given 3 meals everyday. I guess we wait until their Big Rock Candy Mountain crumbles.

  7. Lyin biden didnt win squat only by bias media BEFORE everything was done. He dont care bout helping our country or citizens. Soros, Biden, Obama, Fauci, Gates n dems all knew bout this so called virus bc their all involved to destroy our country .

    1. All these so called politicians don’t have any kids and they are trying to tell everybody how to raise their kids. They do not care about the (REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE) or their constituents!! All they want is power to run this country and it’s people into the ground. Biden is not the one making any decisions and neither is Harris! Obama is the sole person behind all of this because he hates AMERICA AND ALL REAL AMERICANS AND HIS WIFE IS THE SAME WAY!!

  8. I don’t doubt it. They will try to Kill anyone who doesn’t comply. They intend to take the American people freedom away. It’s all about power over us

  9. as you can see this country is going more to the communist more each and every day.if every body had the feeling,that i had about those crook and thieves also you all know they are putting all their gang in office so they can really do this country in .i just hope that all those people in the peach state which is GA ,can see what is going on,self made president, i was reading here on computer where so call president is going to release all those , illegal mexican .biden has put his self in hole with his black life matter and all protester,he got fulfill his promise too all those millionaire,who put up the money for him,and those who rigg all those machines.if we not communist with in next two years it will be by the help of (GOD) this is who they do not believe in. i know hillary and obama and the rest of the gang glad that forgetful joe is up there so all of can be pardon

  10. As far as Biden’s dictatorial leadership, he (IF he actually becomes President)has a U. S. Constitutional OATH TO SWEAR TO — to defend and protect The U.S. Constitution AND to OBEY The U. S. CONSTITUTION.
    All laws / rights not specifically designated to the federal government by our Constitution fall under the jurisdiction of the individual STATES. ONLY !!!!
    For Biden to ignore this is TREASON !!

  11. Well I wish him luck with using a heavy hand to separate the sick from their families The man is Nuts why in the world would anyone I. Their right mind vote for him. He is a commie, and we do not want anyone like that in office He is plain out NUTS. Run him out of the country’s

  12. Biden is a JOKE and is running his mouth about something he has no knowledge about and is stupid. He needs to stay in his basement

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