September 30, 2022

Biden says he will use federal government’s ‘vast powers’ to crack down on COVID-19

Self-proclaimed president-elect Joe Biden gave his Thanksgiving address to the nation on Thursday morning and included an ominous proclamation about using the federal government’s power to eliminate COVID-19.

Biden, during his address, threatened to use the government’s “vast powers” to “find people with cases and get them away from one another” in an effort to slow the spread of the novel disease. 

The liberal media has characterized such authoritarian proclamations as “strong leadership,” and Biden voters have begged the government to do more to crack down on Americans that are seen as violating the rules for months.

Biden explained that he will overhaul the federal government’s response to COVID-19 from “day one” — reversing President Trump’s policy of allowing state and local leaders make the decisions about how to combat the virus in their own area.

“We’ll find people with cases and get them away from one another, slowing the number of infections,” Biden declared. “More protective gear for businesses and our schools. The federal government has vast powers to combat the virus, and I commit to you I will use all of those powers to lead a national coordinated response.”

Biden and his team have not specified the full extent of the powers that will be utilized in the battle against COVID-19, but Democrat governors’ weaponization of police forces in states like California and New York point to a troubling pattern of heavy-handed enforcement.

Only time will tell what Biden has in store for the American people in regard to COVID-19 crackdowns, but the Democrat party’s bent towards the authoritarian side is cause for great concern.


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