May 22, 2022

Biden returns to fake ‘White House’ set for another ‘virtual’ summit

President Joe Biden joined yet another virtual meeting on Tuesday, this time with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as the president broke out the fake White House set for another show. This reversal back to using fake sets for meetings further exacerbates the credibility issue the Biden administration is facing. 

The set, located across the street from the actual White House, has become Biden’s go-to location for addressing the nation and leaders in virtual meetings.

The set has been used by previous presidents, but Biden has taken a liking to actually not setting foot in the real White House. While some may blame COVID-19 restrictions, the set is designed for convenient use of teleprompters and assistance from handlers outside of the camera’s view.

The Fact Sheet announcing the meeting noted, “President Biden will announce the intent to provide up to $102 million in new initiatives to expand the U.S.-ASEAN Strategic Partnership during the October 26 U.S.-ASEAN Summit, reflecting the Biden-Harris Administration’s deep commitment to ASEAN’s central role in the U.S. vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

The White House seems to be increasing its focus on the production side of business. In addition to the increased use of a fake set, Vice President Kamala Harris recently recorded a children’s film produced with paid child actors.

The Biden White House is about as false as many of his campaign claims as the problems continue to mount for Biden “staged” White House.

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