August 18, 2022

Biden repeatedly asks veteran nurse if she’s a ‘freshman’ at University

From nonconsensual neck massages to weird, presumably unwanted whispers in the ears of random women, President Joe Biden is an expert when it comes to good ol’ fashioned creepy old man flirting.

According to Fox News, the 78-year-old president was at it again during a recent video call with an Arizona nurse, who Biden tried to move in on during a live-streamed video conference call, telling the poor dear repeatedly that she looks like a “freshman” in an awkward back-and-forth that quickly went viral. 

The nurse, Brittney Hayes, explained at the start of the call that she went to school at Arizona State University, which apparently was stuck in Biden’s mind as the two conversed via video conference.

Hayes was asked by Biden toward the end of the conversation how he could further assisted frontline workers. Hayes explained in her response that the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other groups were coordinating with her and her colleagues, essentially saying that everything was going as well as it could.

That’s when Biden apparently got a little flirty with the age questions.

“Are you a freshman at the university?” Biden asked, in the most awkward possible way. “No, no, no,” Hayes responded.

Biden went in for the kill shot, saying, “You look like a freshman.” Hayes, at that point, simply thanked the president for his observation.

Just when one would think that it would end, it only got worse. Shortly after Vice President Kamala Harris spoke, Biden circled back, saying to Hayes, “And you’re a — a nurse?”

At that point, Hayes was forced to respond a little more directly, saying, “I am, I’m a nurse. I’m an RN. I’ve been an RN for about nine years now,” she said.

According to the Daily Wire, many on social media called the president’s bizarre questions and comments “sexist,” while adding that women in the medical profession are not strangers to such remarks.

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Bebe (@guest_1128665)
1 year ago

This man is a pervert, you can’t change the fact that everyone know what he was, a creepy old man who would go after any one he could, yet they cheated to make him the president so he could be impeached for being nuts and Harris could become president. It is right around the corner, if you think this is bad, just wait for the next shoe to drop.

Keith (@guest_1129656)
Reply to  Bebe
1 year ago

Harris will die first / then Biden / then Pelosi

Marie Russell (@guest_1131615)
Reply to  Keith
1 year ago

I hope so

Marie Russell (@guest_1131612)
Reply to  Bebe
1 year ago


Bill (@guest_1128672)
1 year ago

Why isn’t he called out and loudly bashed for this repetitive, creepy nonesense?

robert w sanders (@guest_1128688)
1 year ago

biden is a complete BASTARD

Donald Wojtaszek (@guest_1128896)
1 year ago

Why hasn’t this been made a questionable offense by this demented old bastard?

Jackie Carmichael (@guest_1128944)
1 year ago

Biden is a WIERD dude

Anna M. (@guest_1128977)
1 year ago

Can you imagine the reverberations if Pres. Trump said those things?

Phillip (@guest_1129040)
1 year ago

Joe probably fell asleep that night dreaming of touching her ,and smelling her hair, if all the cheating and stealing had not went on during this election cycle for president then this creepy old pervert would never have been elected president , and to all the people who voted for this pervert you will get just exactly what you asked for and dont dare complain about setting at the gas pumps paying $6.00 a gallon for gas to go no where because you wont have a job or a house to go to do,nt dare say you were not warned

Patty (@guest_1129141)
1 year ago

Creep factor to the max!!! Plus his pedo behaviour towards little girls is sickening!! And THIS is the face of our country? No wonder other countries are again laughing at us, just like when obummer was in office! We ARE the laughing stock of the world because we allow this to go on! WHERE is the outrage? If President Trump had even looked like he was going to do that, he would have been crucified on a daily basis!

Jan (@guest_1129391)
1 year ago

Let’s get that fraudulent illegitimate idiot out of the peoples white house and into an insane asylum put him into a straight jacket where he can’t sign another EO. He and all his administration are on the road to destroy America. Keep Commie Harris and doctor Jill right by his side to keep him company.

Ita (@guest_1131051)
1 year ago

This unlawful administration needs to be removed NOW!

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