April 18, 2021

Biden rejects interview request from Fox’s Chris Wallace

President Trump sat down with Fox anchor Chris Wallace on Sunday and responded to a barrage of tough questions from Wallace. Trump suggested during the interview that Wallace should have Joe Biden on for an equally tough round of questioning — Which Wallace said Biden has refused to do. 

On the patio outside the oval office, both men sweating in the heat, Wallace grilled the president on a variety of issues, from the president’s coronavirus response to Joe Biden’s mental abilities.

The president challenged Wallace and said he thought that Wallace treated Democrats better, which Wallace denied, saying he liked to think he treated everybody the same.

The president suggested that Wallace prove his impartiality by interviewing Biden:

Let Biden sit through an interview like this. He’ll be on the ground crying for mommy. He’ll say, ‘Mommy, mommy, please, take me home.

Wallace agreed with Trump that Biden should sit for an interview and reached out to the Biden campaign, but they responded that  Biden is not available for an interview.

In our interview last week with President Trump, he questioned whether his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, could handle a similar encounter. This week, we asked the Biden campaign for an interview and they said the former vice president was not available.

Wallace, no fan of Trump’s, credited the president with showing up for his interview and having answers:

The president is out there. He’s out there in this broiling heat with me for an hour, took all the questions. You can like his answers or dislike them, but he had answers.

Wallace said he will keep asking the Biden campaign for an interview.

The Biden campaign is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they let Joe out of the basement he is sure to fumble through an interview creating more viral gaffes, but if they don’t let him out of the basement for an interview, then they are tacitly admitting that President Trump is right that Joe can’t handle the tough questions. This time, they are willing to let Trump be right.

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36 Responses

  1. And that is all we need to know as to Biden’s fitness for the presidency. For me, though Trump is not my favorite, he is the only logical and rational choice at this time. I am sure that many Dems will rationalize voting for a totally incompetent and befuddled Biden, thinking the VP could take over, but the Dems did not put up anyone else for president, so that is a cop-out of the most egregious sort.

    1. Wallace is correct. Biden’s campaign is so afraid of the befuddled remarks or answers he would give, they don’t dare let him do this. When asked a question, there is no sure telling if Biden’s brain will misfire and God knows what wil come out. This makes no opponent look like a likely candidate for the potion of YMCA Manager, to say nothing of the President of the United States. How long can they keep him in the basement??? He is running for the most important position in the country and will have to deal with major issues…what in the world would he have done with the COVID Virus, had he been the one to handle it? What will he do when handling foreign leaders who expect competency, not a kindergarten approach. The Democrats didn’t think this one through…they KNEW he was a tremendous longshot…and are ruing the day they made the decision they did! I know Trump will blow him right out of the water…like he did to Clinton 4 years ago…who was more of a candidate, then Biden ever could be.

        1. Hate is not the emotion, it’s contempt for those who are letting this man be ridiculed by the world.

      1. I REALLY believe that the Dems DID think this through. I think they have an Agenda. Some sort of surprise in store to shock us all. They are conniving that way as they have shown us time and time again.

        1. Dianne, I agree they have something up their sleeve. Heard a broad cast from a black man say that his running mate will probably be a black woman. Once he wins and been inaugurated into office he will step down for health reasons and the VP will step up. He warned us that then this country we love will turn communistic and only blacks will be allowed to be in office. White, browns and other cultures will be moved to their ancestors country of birth. He warned us all.

      2. They know exactly what they are doing, idiots will elect Biden then he will be declared unfit and leave office allowing the vice president. And stretch pelosi to run the show.

    2. Biden represents a very real and present danger not only to America as a whole but to the world. It is not Biden, but those who are promoting him. Unfortunately, the covid 19 and the extremist “policeman” who so cruelly killed another man who was ‘black’ damaged the easy run-up that the President had.

  2. NEWS FLASH: Watch how the democrat party gets Joe Biden out of debating the president. My guess is they will come up with some “new rules” for the debate that they know the president won’t accept. Then just refuse to do the debate.

    1. ,,,you might be right…they will use the distancing thing…too close for the comfort of possibly exposing the “Senior” with COVID.

  3. President Trump has been right or wrong, but he has tried everything he thinks is right for the people. And that makes President Trump right for America. He is one man with a leadership, successful reputation. The president and his administration, foresee what can go wrong for the country.

    1. I agree with you completely. Trump is our only choice and the best man for the job.


  5. I agree that Biden should take a hour + interview with Mike Wallace. I want to know what plans he has for our Country. And how he will pull our Country together again.Thank you

    1. It wold be the embarrassment of the century! The Democrats would have their heads in their hands…Obama would just turn the TV off…no one with any sense will let Biden near a mic…or a debate…or an interview…if they do, they can just call the race for president a “no-show” by the other party and President Trump wins by default! But winning is winning. Yeah, there are times he says things that don’t please me, but damn…the man gets the job done. And he knows when he is at his safe depth…and calls in the experts to help him handle stuff. That is intelligence. Most of all, President Trump loves this country…the American Flag and our national anthem…he is 100% American..and for my money, he’s my guy!

  6. This country is in a world of trauma, mess right now with everything.and seems that no one is in charge of making decisions on how to bring this country out of anything.we got BLM crap,Washington stuck in a free fall not doing a damn thing but going on vacations all while the people are hurting and not knowing where to turn for help.we got the economy in the tank.we got this virus crap .its unreal it makes me wonder what the hell is next. stimulus is held up again by Democrats no shock there.enough is enough Nov is our chance to change all of this vote vote vote please.

  7. One policy Biden will definitely institute will be the “1 to 4 nap time in the basement” rule. At that time the Marxists will have full control of the government along with the media. Just what lazy libs ordered.

    1. Biden is incompetent. The Democrats know this. He will be a pansy for them to control, through Obama. If anyone votes for Biden, they are totally nuts. If anyone wants our country to be a socialist, Liberal democrat controlling the USA, they are totally nuts.
      Please consider the option of voting for Trump. He will not destroy our freedom, the Democrats will. Obama was a disaster, Hillary would have been a disaster , Pelosi is a big B…she is horrible. This country needs someone who is a real patriot, not controlling (even though claims are made so). Trump has already done so much to enrich the USA, the Democrats want to tear it down, raise taxes incredibly high. Trump has to fight for his life, the liberal media, with all their lies about Trump are twisting our youths minds. Remember, they are our future voters. I know this is happening, with the media, Liberal colleges, not teaching real history.
      Would anybody with real common sense want that. This party would be controlled, no freedom allowed. Would be a nightmare, Biden is to control, that is all they want. Their ideas of freedom, is none.

  8. I watched Wallace’s interview of President Trump and I felt like he was trying his best to needle Trump into losing his composure. Wallace seemed to enjoy asking tough questions. I lost all respect for Wallace during that interview. He needs to leave Fox and join the haters on some other channel.

    1. I wish i had, but you are right…he is not a fan of Trumps…that means nothing to him…he answered the questions like a pro, I hear. But Biden in that hot-seat and it would be like an interview on late night TV…they could tell jokes maybe! Biden is not able to do this, and his handlers know that…why he isn’t AVAILABLE!

  9. What type of people would actually vote Democrate ? Their path of destruction is great . Abortions , sanctuary cities , antifa , harboring fugitives , burning building’s , shooting , hell they even escorted illegals across the border. Isn’t that what coyotes do ? Did they break the law ? Now ascending into the pits of hell , with no singing in church ! They support China ? Iran ? And allow demon to protest , and demolish statues dishonoring our flags and murals , democrates are doing exactly what evil does so we’ll . Destroy !

  10. For those who are figuring that the Demoncrats are figuring on the VP to take over if Sleepy Joe is not able to do his job as POTUS, but maybe not… OBAMAnation has always said he wants an (illegal) third term as (dictator) President. All his shadowing of President Trump and his admitting to have 30 groups across the country to help him take down (America) Trump. Well, who do you think is behind all this rioting in the streets? ANTIFA and BLM are terrorist OBAMA backed groups that smells of Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. He will be Puppet master while Biden dances on whatever strings he wishes to pull. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE OBAMAnation, PEOPLE! BETTER KEEP PRESIDENT TRUMP AND RID DEMONCRAT CONTROL OF CONGRESS AND GET RID OF THE WHORE OF BABYLON OMAR AND HER SQUAD AND THEIR CHEERLEADER, NONSENSE PELOSI! VOTE TRUMP PENCE! BOTE RED FOR CONGRESSIONAL SEATS!

  11. I know how to get Biden out of the basement and so do you. Promise his audience will be on stage with him at his fingertips and they will all be children between 6 and 10.
    He will go into a pedophile frenzy

  12. I know how to get Biden out of the basement and so do you. Promise his audience will be on stage with him at his fingertips and they will all be children between 6 and 10.
    He will go into a pedophile frenzy

    1. Well, that’s ole Gropin’ Joe Biden. He’s never met the kid, or anyone else, he wouldn’t molest given the chance.

  13. We need to stand up to the democratics and fight back !! They have taken our right away. They want power and control of us the American people!!! We can not allow this to happen, it is our children’s and grandchildren future!! They are counting on all us not to let this happen. We need to fight back and shut them down!!!

  14. The democrats need to go. They are all evil. They will do anything to destroy Trump. The democrats want to destroy our country not make it better. Nancy Pelosi and her squad need to go to another planet far away.

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