August 16, 2022

Biden refuses to confirm or deny if he supports packing the Supreme Court

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden just made it official — voters need to say “goodbye” to any hope that he will confirm or deny any of his plans in regard to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Donald Trump is picking up momentum from his forthcoming nomination for the SCOTUS to replace Justice Ginsburg’s now-vacant seat. Biden is taking the opposite tack, refusing to reveal his stance on who should be nominated, and whether or not he will support packing the court if he wins in November.

Democrats reacted to Donald Trump’s announcement that he will nominate a replacement by exploding in cries to pack the court with additional liberal judges to offset the impending conservative majority.

However, Biden refused to give his base the satisfaction of knowing that he has any intention of doing so, telling a Wisconsin news station on Tuesday that he “will not answer the question” of whether or not he will attempt to pack the court.

“It’s a legitimate question,” Biden responded when asked if he would support adding additional judges to the court. “But let me tell you why I’m not going to answer that question: Because it will shift the whole focus. That’s what he wants,” Biden continued, referring to President Trump.

“He never wants to talk about the issue at hand. He always tries to change the subject. But let’s say I answer that question, then the whole debate’s going to be: well, Biden said or didn’t say. Biden said he would or wouldn’t.”

Biden did not expand upon what the actual issue at hand could possibly be if not the debate over the Supreme Court sparked by Justice Ginsburg’s untimely death.

Several radical Democrats have begun a major push to pack the Supreme Court if Trump succeeds in confirming a third SCOTUS justice. Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said on Tuesday that packing the court is “long overdue court reform,” and argued that it would make the court “so much more objective.”

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David LeBlanc (@guest_1051329)
1 year ago

Typical crybaby liberals they don’t get their way they’ll look for ways to make everyone miserable just because they are.

gary arrington (@guest_1051395)
Reply to  David LeBlanc
1 year ago

I think Trump should say he will pack the court

Arthur Jurczak (@guest_1051621)
Reply to  gary arrington
1 year ago


Felix (@guest_1051333)
1 year ago

It is the duty and the right per the constitution and the job of the current president. The American people couldn’t have it other way. The Democrats expose themselves to their followers and to their party the hipocrisys and their ignorance by acting the eay they are now. God bless America and God bless Donald Trump.

alicia (@guest_1051365)
Reply to  Felix
1 year ago

And the donkeys expose themseves as the Party of lawless politicians, wanting to change rules to fit their issues. The Constitution is the Constitution., It is not to be played with or disregarded just because you want to !

Lawrence Kash (@guest_1051334)
1 year ago

Of course Joe will pack the Supreme Court if elected because he is not the one in control of his party. Just a pathetic demented old man lacking any morals or fortitude.

alicia (@guest_1051371)
Reply to  Lawrence Kash
1 year ago

We will get out the vote for TRUMP in person and straight RED! MAGA 2020 or we will lose our Great REPUBLIC!
So, THINK!!!!!!

PAM (@guest_1051336)
1 year ago

just give TRUMP the election and get goin’ on MAGA……………Biden is shot and I don’t want him running my country…..O was enough for me………and that’s being extremely nice!!!!

alicia (@guest_1051372)
Reply to  PAM
1 year ago

AMEN pam!

frank (@guest_1051629)
Reply to  PAM
1 year ago

thanks Pam well said

sandyj (@guest_1052400)
Reply to  PAM
1 year ago

Yes, mam.

Russ Remmert (@guest_1051341)
1 year ago

David you are right and I say declare a terrorist party and treat them according law and order

Carole Justine (@guest_1051356)
1 year ago

Democrats remind me of the young children who, when they don’t get their way, “take their ball and run home.”
They have no sense of fairness and/or respect for different points of view. Government officials work for WE, the people. How we vote/for whom we vote is our individual right. WE, the people, do not work for the government.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1051405)
Reply to  Carole Justine
1 year ago

WE the people! NOT THE EVIL FILTHY RICH! SO sick of hearing all the millons they are sinking into any of the people running! The ones they can get what they want with a little extra on the side! SINCE when can ANY ELECTION BE BOUGHT? Should be a law, and an amount Determend by law! LOOK at the mess CA is in with the filthy rich calling all the shots!

Linda Kay West (@guest_1051554)
Reply to  Josephine Lara
1 year ago

There’s already laws in place for how much each person running for a political office can receive in donations. Problem is many under the table donations aren’t reported. Honestly isn’t considered a part of morality anymore.😢

Pondman (@guest_1051716)
Reply to  Josephine Lara
1 year ago

It’s being bought it Florida with Bloomberg paying all the fines owed by convicted Felons so they can vote. Who do you think they’ll vote for? What a bunch of BS!

Stevo (@guest_1051364)
1 year ago

Only thing biden knows is his lifelong career of being organized crime , sedition , high treason , a criminal in at least 3 countries now , perversion , NWO agenda & being the 8 year V.P. of a muslim , communist terrorist !

Marcia Fridland (@guest_1051394)
1 year ago

I thought justice required a blind eye to political loyalties. Doesn’t the search for truth determine the path that leads to justice??? People who cannot accept that premise should not be trusted with determining justice for others.

Joanne (@guest_1051399)
1 year ago

You know the next time a democrat gets in our White House, they will expand the supreme court. Maybe President Trump should bet a start on this before his next 4 yrs run out. Is rather he do this then the dems.

Bernard Clark (@guest_1051411)
1 year ago

Democrats keep holding up the process. Thing is the longer Trump is in control, and that means more gets done.
Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi how many others all need to have Treason charges and be tried and convicted in the Supreme Court

Ray (@guest_1051438)
1 year ago

Look at the picture, does that look like a Statesman to anyone? Closer to a clown. Who in their right mind would vote for this fool?

Erik Johnson (@guest_1051455)
1 year ago

ART II of the CONSTITUTION States…” The President Choses…”

Robin Andrews (@guest_1051520)
Reply to  Erik Johnson
1 year ago

You are exactly right. No argument needed. Just hiden n his nut cases always running their false statements. Hope they all get arrested for contempt of court. Please please please…

Susan Meyer (@guest_1051460)
1 year ago

I wrote a very good comment in my opinion, and it did not post. Maybe it was too Republican oriented.

SilverRascal (@guest_1051515)
1 year ago

Biden did not expand on what the issue is because there isn’t one, yet.
President Trump hasn’t avoided any issue that we know of. He’s an open book when it comes to letting the public in on what’s going he’s doing and the actions he’s taking.
Biden does what Biden always does, Bait-N-Switch, change the subject, forget what he’s talking about and dribble.

SilverRascal (@guest_1051517)
1 year ago

Try that again:
Biden did not expand on what the issue is because there isn’t one, yet.
President Trump hasn’t avoided any issue that we know of. He’s an open book when it comes to letting the public in on what’s going on, what he’s doing and the actions he’s taking.
Biden does what Biden always does, Bait-N-Switch, change the subject, forget what he’s talking about and dribble.

Barry Newman (@guest_1051636)
1 year ago

These supposed remarks are nothing more than false reports by the Russians and put into our mail.
Most Americans now can see thru this false information and laugh at it as they think they can do this a second time.
Not so.

Randie (@guest_1051923)
1 year ago

Once they gather all the evidence to show how guilty Joe and Hunter Biden are, Joe’s got The perfect excuse, he just doesn’t remember. Like Hillary the Dirty scum.

Don morris (@guest_1051999)
1 year ago

Look it’s the duty to whoever is President to fill the empty spot due to a Supreme. Court judge dearth. So yes President Trump fill the empty opening



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