October 5, 2022

Biden receives frosty welcome from local resident at start of lavish Nantucket holiday

Despite his administration’s efforts to tamp down growing concerns among the electorate about everything from inflation to energy security, President Joe Biden received a rather chilly reception on his way to a Thanksgiving getaway at billionaire David Rubenstein’s luxury compound, as Breitbart reports.

Prior to settling in at the private equity tycoon’s $20 million Nantucket expanse, Biden and his wife, Jill, stopped off at a nearby Coast Guard station to distribute commemorative “challenge coins” to servicemembers.

As the presidential motorcade approached the station, however, a man was seen standing on his porch with middle finger raised as the parade of cars passed by his home, according to a White House pool reporter who was present on the scene.

Perhaps the demonstrative citizen was attempting to convey his disdain for the staggeringly tone-deaf display of the Biden clan – disgraced presidential son Hunter included – descending on the island for a lavish holiday celebration as countless Americans continue to struggle with the rising cost of everything from gasoline to household staples.

Biden himself did little to dispel the notion that he and members of his administration are shamefully out of touch with the concerns of everyday consumers during a Thursday morning phone call with Today show personality Al Roker in which the president unabashedly declared, “America is back,” as Fox News noted.

The reality facing most of the electorate, however, is that the cost of their Thanksgiving dinner increased by 14% over last year’s average, with turkey prices alone up roughly 24% from 2020, overall inflation is at a 30-year high, and prices at the pump are the highest they have been in seven years, the outlet added.

Democrat allies in the mainstream media have been similarly detached from reality when it comes to the economic challenges currently facing rank-and-file Americans, with MSNBC contributor Stephanie Ruhle recently dismissing worries about inflation by arguing that the “dirty little secret” that needs acknowledging is that Americans should have saved so much money during COVID-19 lockdowns that they can afford expensive groceries now.

Ruhle’s elitist take drew immediate fire from conservative commentators such as Ohio Senate candidate and renowned author J.D Vance remarking incredulously, “In other words, inflation is the fault of the middle class for not planning enough.”

Though the man on Nantucket who offered Biden and his entourage the one-fingered salute may not have been the embodiment of the decorum typically afforded a presidential motorcade, it is a safe assumption that his sentiment is shared by millions of Americans who are fed up with the haughty, ill-informed arrogance of this administration and its media cheerleaders.




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