April 12, 2021

Biden quells the rumors, says he plans to run for re-election in 2024

President Joe Biden often appears as if his physical and cognitive health is in decline. However, he is still making plans for 2024.

Biden ended the rumors that he could be a single-term president in a Thursday press conference by confirming that he will be running for a second term in 2024, Breitbart reported. He will be 82-years-old by then.

“The answer is yes,” Biden told a reporter who asked if he would be running again. “My plan is to run for reelection. That’s my expectation.”

The reporter framed the question by comparing Biden to former President Donald Trump, who had already set up his reelection campaign right away. “My predecessor needed to,” Biden blurted out after stumbling on his words. “My predecessor. Oh God, I miss him,” he later said, unintentionally articulating what most of the country feels when they look at Biden.

Whether he would run against former President Donald Trump was something he claimed he hadn’t thought about. “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party,” he said. “Do you?”

The answers came during his first solo press conference Thursday. He was more than two months into his term before giving a news conference on his own. During the event, Biden appeared to lose his train of thought and had to rely on cheat sheets for facts about topics. Another sheet he used had reporters’ names and headshots apparently numbered in the order he would all on them, the New York Post reported.

Biden also relied on a three-ring binder for information but still would trail off mid-sentence. After taking about 10 questions not counting follow-ups, Biden abruptly ended the news conference.

The mainstream media will cover for him anyway, but anyone watching this news conference could see that he is having significant trouble. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that Biden is an elderly man having a hard time recalling facts or people’s names. However, it is frightening considering he’s supposed to be the president.

Many believe Vice President Kamala Harris was strategically chosen and is being groomed to take over for him before 2024 even rolls around. Judging by his performance at this press conference, she may not need to wait very long.

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89 Responses

    1. I will be very surprised if he makes his full term now let alone running 2024! How much more of a loon can he become before he is removed from office? He isn’t fit to be President.

      1. When the Founding Father’s add the 25th Ammendment to the Constitution somehow they had a picture of Biden.

          1. Check out C0NVENTl0N 0F STATES.C0M – S0LVE the PR0BLEM IegaIIy with term LlMlTS, baIanced budget, & restrictions on fed G0VT over-reach of states rights. ST0P KlNG J0ERGE and say bye-bye to PEL0Sl & C0.

    2. Biden won’t even last in office for 2 years top. His mental decline will get alot worse OR, and I hope this will be the case, he will drop dead.

      1. The only problem with that is Kamala will be president and palosie will be vp. No matter how we look at it, our country is in really bad trouble. He said that the majority of Republicans are with him…..? Who are they???

    3. In four years if he makes it that long he will be in depends ( I would bet he already is), he will be fed his meals and he may not even know who he is or anyone else. Already reall doing huge harm to our country.

    4. Terry, I think the SOB is dead NOW. His damned mouth just won’t quit moving. He’s a member of the Lying dead!

    5. If he makes it that long we need to get them both out Kalalm is just waiting for the chance to take over to destroy the country even more.

      1. The worst is yet to come… Kamala will be president, no doubt, and Pelosi will be VP. What happens next is anybody guess… we are screwed, any way you look at it. The only chance is to win the Senate back and hope that McConnell has the WILL to help America… instead of just falling in love with the administration..

    6. Guess the old boy don’t realize that it is impossible to run a country from a mental care center. If he even lasts for 1/2 of his first term, it will only because he can still read a telepromter that Obama/Soros wrote for him to read. Poor little puppet will no longer be able to think he is important to our country although he will still be rich from his son’s corrupt dealing with China/Ukraine etc. Wonder if Hunter is in competition with Piggioski’s son in all the dirty corrupt dealings using their parents names.

    1. He is doing a great job Biden is 10 times the man and 20 times the president that trump couldn’t even dream of being

      1. I don’t know what Planet you’re from pale this Friggon idiot is Destroying our Country and cause a lot of job losses and a lot of kaos and bringing in more Covid 19 Deases and Lord knows what else Both of these idiots needs to go I hope and Pray we flip it all Red come 2022 and 2024 God Bless The USA

    1. You know that this so called wise guy called Gov. Abbott a Neanderthal, well at least that makes him a thinking hominid. Which is more than I can say for that monkey in the tree house, a chimpanzee that would do or say anything for a banana. So! who would you listen to?

    1. Well people look what you’re lord and master trump.the want to be dictator has done in the last 4 years because of total incompetence. You people would have to be the stupidest people on earth to support a total failure like him

      1. Trump did more for this country in four years than the That shxx
        head Berry and Bush did in sixteen years.

  1. He may not have any country to represent at the rate were going, with all the immigration going on there may not be an American,Mexico may annex this property

  2. Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
    US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate
    Stop complaining start calling and writing before its to late. I call and write everyday. 74million of us voted for Trump bombard these people with calls and letters.

      1. And what about all of the votes that dominion switch to Biden, or the votes they found in a ditch for Trump, or in trash cans. I bet that by the time you add all of that in you would be talking at least 100 million Trump supporters.

        1. Something that liberals don’t like to think about is that conservatives are born, they are not made that way, liberals are. Liberals have to be trained to be liberals, conservatives are natural born, so they will never get rid of them. conservatism is a natural condition, even [email protected] is conservatism after the first year or two when the government runs out of other peoples money to spend, then everyone will have to conserve everything in order to survive. If you have any doubts about this, all you have to do is look at Russia, or China, North Korea, Venezuela, or any communist country or dictatorship. This is the way they are run, basically they are [email protected] states, and conservatism is the natural condition in a [email protected] state.

  3. He is a joke! There is nothing he says has value. I think he helped Hitler into power and now he’s trying it here.

  4. Biden lord, In fact I can prove it.

    Biden will say what ever HE thinks you want to hear.

    Listen to what Biden was asked, then listen how the person asked a second question when Biden didn’t give the answer the media wanted to hear.

    That’s been his game play for 40+ years.

  5. Run? He can’t even walk. He doesn’t remember he didn’t run in the last election, he was kept hidden in his basement & he didn’t win, it was handed to him. Someone needs to take control of him away from his “loving family” & they should be charged with elder abuse.

    1. Don’t you think that Harris should be charged with elder abuse, I think the reason that Biden can’t remember where he is, is because they keep him drugged all the time, so that he does not know what he is doing, does only what he is told. We need an investigation into this to find out just what is going on!!!!

  6. First of all I wish this quite challenged being (i.e.) Mr. Biden , his family and political entourage a well treated and salutary health . As per Mr. Biden’s being elected as President of the United States of America : WELL – I would like to believe that even a total APOLITICO would surmise that he WAS NOT ELECTED as President but indeed the logical action of the Democratic party to make certain that our former President : MR.TRUMP would lose the election process by any means possible as indeed has been well proven. Having witnessed the upheaval actions of the gluttonous House representatives who would have done all and just maybe sold their souls to Hyades so long as Mr. Trump was voted out. Certainly it does NOT take a wizard to recognize the outlawed horror which the many have subscribed to in this poor faltering country of ours. I, None the less will hope that Mr. Biden take in consideration of his faulting health and mental capabilities. LONG LIVE (U.S.A.) OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.

  7. He better hope that there is a position in the election
    process for someome to “Pick Rabbit Crap” out of snow
    drifts even then he would not remember where the crap
    was other then on his lawn in Delaware.What-a-Joke.!!.

  8. Exactly why should he run in 2024, he didn’t run in 2020 and he was appointed, if we don’t change the way things are done, they will do the same in 2024, that is if they can keep him alive that long !! Or if they can make us believe that he is still alive then, for all we know he could already be dead and the liberal criminals are using “stand in’s” NOW !!! When it comes to the Liberal Criminals in D.C. ANYTHING is possible, they are beyond criminal and will stop at nothing to keep control !!!! They are so crooked that they must hide behind barbed wire fences and armed military guards to keep us from knowing what they are doing !!! JUST LOOK AT D.C. TODAY, ONLY CRIMINALS WOULD NEED THAT LEVEL OF “SECURITY” !!!!

  9. BAHAHAHA! Does this demented worst President ever truly believe he will even be here to run again. Democrats will be done using his feeble brain as the escape goat by then and America may not even be America anymore. Biden get you head out if your butt and Obamas.

  10. Even if he should die. he could run again and represent all those who voted for him in 2020 from the grave.


  12. Laying on a sofa with heels in the air is not campaigning for anything except a trip to the doctor for a shot to cure whatever you caught.

  13. I do not believe he will run again and his mental and physical health are in a rapid decline which is evident. I will be surprised he lasts the term out and likely he will be declared incompetent before the end of this year.

  14. “C’mon Joe” really? You can barely make it through the first 2 months!
    “Your intention” (fate versus plans)
    Real leaders do plan past this week/month ! Perhaps that’s why YOU weren’t prepared with a PLAN at the border 🙁

    Whoever runs in 2024, “sleepy Joe” won’t be in the running…..

  15. I think Joe thinks he’ll actually still be president when the next election rolls around. He’s going to be removed from office, probably very soon, under the 25th amendment. A good indication that he’s “missing many marbles” is when he said during the press (joke) meeting, that “who knows if there will be a Republican Party by the time the next election comes around. That’s a good indication of the Dem party actually trying to CANCEL 75 million people!!

  16. Now at 78 year old just remember everything what HE says doesn’t mean anything any more because his GRAY MATTER is all but a ROTTEN COCONUT TOGETHER WITH THE VICE MISSTRESS

  17. What more evidence do you need to prove Biden is incapable of a rational thought than his planning to run for re-election in 2024.

  18. he won’t live that long and if he does he won’t be able to do nothing you can see the deteration coming on fast

  19. I really doubt the democrats will allow him to make it to 2024. They can’t enact the 25th amendment against him because if he is found unfit, all his executive orders can and will be challenged using that as evidence. They can’t let him go on because sooner or later he will genuinely slip and provide concrete evidence of election fraud. My fear is that they will hire some wild eyed maniac like Oswald to provide them with another JFK martyred for the cause. Using a web of lies and paid for judges to frame Trump supporters will provide them with a win – win situation. God I hope we haven’t gotten that low.

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