June 29, 2022

Biden publicly sheds ‘moderate’ image in attempt to woo leftists

President Joe Biden made a joke during an a meeting in the White House last week with progressive Democrats, telling them he was once accused of being a moderate.

“I used to be called a moderate,” he said, according to The Atlantic.

The article entitled “The Progressives Have Already Won,” began with the provocative quote, “They have President Joe Biden on their side. But will their ideological victory be empty?”

“Biden was indeed a proud moderate…. as a senator, but he has fallen in firmly with the progressives as president,” Russell Berman wrote.

In the Democratic battle for ideological supremacy, the progressives have already won. Even if the $3.5T bill gets scaled back, it’ll still be far more significant than recent Dem achievements. The coming weeks will determine whether that win is empty,” Berman also said.

The vote on the Democratic spending bills are scheduled for this week, with Biden’s Build Back Better spending plan up for a vote on Thursday.

The president may consider himself a moderate, but his recent actions align him more closely with the progressives in his party.

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