May 20, 2022

Biden promises to transform America

You don’t have to wait till November to see what Joe Biden meant when he said that he wants to “transform” America on Sunday. The Democrat version of America can be seen in any big blue city near you.

Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Houston, and others are run by Democrats and have been for a long time. They have had decades to bring their idea of American utopia in their cities, and the result is that our cities are in an ever-worsening state of decay.

While Democrat prosecutors release more criminals onto the streets to harass law-abiding citizens, those same citizens are hindered in their second amendment right to protect themselves with firearms. Chicago, which has strict gun-control measures enacted, is overwhelmed with gun violence year-round with dozens of shootings every weekend.

Other blue cities have the same problem, albeit on a smaller scale. The recent unrest over the death of George Floyd only increased gun violence in New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Chicago. But the Democrats always argue that people don’t need guns to defend themselves, they have the police for that — but not for long.

In Democrat cities, where law-abiding citizens have been stripped of their 2nd amendment right to defend themselves, there is a new cry to “defund” the police in the name of racial justice. George Floyd’s death under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis triggered demands to defund, dismantle, abolish the police in these cities.

The city council of Minneapolis voted to dismantle their police department and other blue cities are calling to “reimagine” policing. Meanwhile, the police in these blue cities are often told to stand down while rioters and protestors destroy police precincts, police cars, neighborhoods, and businesses.

To compound the problem of rampant crime, gun control, and debilitated police departments, these blue cities often have soft-on-crime, George Soros approved or funded District Attorneys, securing “bail reform” and refusing to prosecute lesser crimes like shoplifting and drug charges. The bail reform helped rioters, looters, and arsonists to get right back onto the streets even if they had been arrested. Bail reform in practical terms means more criminals on the streets in these blue cities and a more dangerous environment for citizens of every race.

While pretending to fight racial injustice in incarceration rates, the Democrats and the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge the crime in Black neighborhoods that initiates police contacts, arrests, and incarceration. As the crimes are ignored, the criminals in these neighborhoods are emboldened to commit more crimes against the innocent in those same neighborhoods.

Crime and its associated precursors are just one aspect of the liberal utopia that Joe Biden and his leftist backers are gunning for in the 2020 election. Under Democrat control, many of America’s great cities are experiencing an explosion of homelessness, mental illness, and drug abuse that the party of social justice refuses to address.

In a nutshell, Biden’s vision of the transformation of America is previewed in many Democrat-controlled cities and states. There is no mystery here like there was when Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” America. Much of Obama’s vision has been enacted, and Americans can see the results. Democrats and Joe Biden want to perpetuate racial division indefinitely because it gives them power. Democrats and Joe Biden want the American people living in a veritable hell on earth: Disarmed and huddling in their homes in fear after the police are abolished and criminals rule the streets. 

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Larry Bee (@guest_1018979)
1 year ago

Give me Jesus!

Linda Cardin (@guest_1019154)
Reply to  Larry Bee
1 year ago

We NEED our police. Even if we don’t like it if we are stopped for speeding or any other reason, They are sorely missed and we need them ALL now more than ever.

russell d remmert (@guest_1019372)
Reply to  Linda Cardin
1 year ago

Linda your point is well taken

PATTY (@guest_1018982)
1 year ago


Linda Sandsness (@guest_1019039)
Reply to  PATTY
1 year ago

You can add Portland, OREGON to that list too. Governor Brown is a Demo joke! They have ruined Portland. Businesses are running. While her and her interests get all of the funds?

Linda Cardin (@guest_1019157)
Reply to  PATTY
1 year ago

Thank you, you are entirely correct. America is now a hot bed of trouble and it is the Demo-rats who are pushing the unlawful things that are going on today, Including the number of American Children who were shot and or killed in America.
We want our country back. And for that we need Donald Trump. He is the only person who can and will protect America.

russell d remmert (@guest_1019375)
Reply to  PATTY
1 year ago

rat infested by more then one way

Strider51 (@guest_1018986)
1 year ago

In the last six weeks over 600 shootings between the cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia, DC, New York, Chicago, and L.A.. All Democratic run cities. What does that tell you?
Just sayin!
Semper Fi

russell d remmert (@guest_1019376)
Reply to  Strider51
1 year ago

Strider51 Thanks for your service

Maureen Wolfe (@guest_1018995)
1 year ago

My mother had an old saying “ God doesn’t pay debts in money”. For these Democrat cities are in the Lords crosshairs and its time to pay the piper. Obama began the “fundamental change” of America and we are paying for it already. Now Biden, wants to finish the job with George Soros’s $$$$$$$.

russell d remmert (@guest_1019377)
Reply to  Maureen Wolfe
1 year ago

Maureen stop the democrat communist party is all I can say

Joan (@guest_1019004)
1 year ago

Did we not have enough of the “fundamental transformation of America” from his buddy Obama? We have not completely recovered from that fiasco, and he wants to continue with the failed, evil and ridiculous anarchy? Wow. I know the American voter is not very bright, and does not inform himself nor pay attention to what is going on as long as he is entertained, fed, and is generally taken care of, but even this is too much. If this is what Americans want for their government, then there is no hope—

Carolyn Clark (@guest_1019033)
Reply to  Joan
1 year ago

Maybe you, as a voter , are ignorant, uninformed and not paying attention, but do not denigrate all the rest of us, Joan.

lill (@guest_1019027)
1 year ago

I can’t see Biden wining. NO WAY is he going to beat Trump especially when the true Biden actually comes out in the debates. HANG-IN-THERE, America. Trump will succeed. HE DOES NOT GIVE UP!!!

Alan (@guest_1019051)
1 year ago

The Democrats will use anything, even a communist revolution against america and their spreading of the virus to win in lives matter to the anti america Democrats..Trump2020

Adita Vazquez (@guest_1019096)
1 year ago

Transformation of America into a 3rd world country.Examples already are NYC,CHICAGO, ATLANTA,SAN FRANCISCO, ETC. iT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING of anarchy in the name of BLM and all the rest of anti American groups, that want to convert the greatest country in the world to a CUBA OR VENEZUELA OR KOREA!!
How could any sane person want their childrens’ lives and their own turned into HELL on earth ,just because they do not like TRUMP! They can not see beyond their nose what could happen to them and the world.
I do and will not support anyone that does not support our Constitution and Republic!

DonC (@guest_1019179)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is asking the $64,000 question and it is “the heart “ of the next Nov election, which every voter must ask their selves when they vote! “Can the Democrat Progressive Left really lead a country that they hate?” The Democrat Progressive Left owns the entire “cancel culture”, that is happening in our Nation today and its destructive impact is against the principles upon which our Nation was founded. I believe Seniors in the silent majority will remember this, before they cast their vote in November.

P Lightfoot (@guest_1019189)
1 year ago

Brib em couldn’t plan a trip to the pisser his wife has to help him the plan is what the demonrat D N C plans for him 50 years and has done nothing but collect a government paycheck and collect bribe money on the side it’s funny where and when the big money came in it was during his time as oBUMa s partner then the millions came rolling in TRUMP 2020—2024

David Druif (@guest_1019197)
1 year ago

Does anyone besides my-self see the insane pending disaster created by implementation of the following two plans?
A. Require every one outside of their house to wear a face-mask.
B. De-fund and dismantle all the police forces.

Such stupidity could only come from the minds of liberal Democrats!

michael folk (@guest_1019215)
1 year ago

what happen to my post ?

michael folk (@guest_1019220)
1 year ago

5 post blocked here

michael folk (@guest_1019221)
1 year ago

commie site beware

1 year ago

[…] decided to openly embrace the Democrats’ hatred for everything American by promising a “fundamental transformation” of the country the likes of which we’ve never seen.  If the Supreme Court […]

Brerjeort (@guest_1245905)
1 year ago



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