December 1, 2021

Biden promises return to Obama-Biden era ethics

President Joe Biden, in a desperate effort to project ethics above reproach, promised that he would conduct family business just as he did during the Obama-Biden administration — announcing that his family will have no part in his administration.

Biden proclaimed in his first post-inauguration interview, published on Wednesday:

We’re going to run this like the Obama-Biden administration. No one in our family and extended family is going to be involved in any government undertaking or foreign policy. And nobody has an office in this place.

Wow, what a relief! For a moment there, it looked like Biden would be conducting business as usual, just as he did when he was Obama’s vice president.

Vice President Biden never gave Hunter Biden an office in the White House, but he did lean on the Ukrainian president to fire a prosecutor looking into Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that gave Hunter a seat on the board and hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. Hunter admitted that Burisma hired him because of his name and connection to the vice president of the United States.

In an interview with ABC News’ Amy Robach asked Hunter if he landed the lucrative job because of his connection to the vice president.

Robach asked,”If your last name wasn’t Biden, do you think you would’ve been asked to be on the board of Burisma?

Hunter replied,  “I don’t know. I don’t know. Probably not, in retrospect. But that’s — you know — I don’t think that there’s a lot of things that would have happened in my life if my last name wasn’t Biden.

In another instance of business as usual, President Biden appointed a new head of the Justice Department criminal division that has direct ties to Hunter Biden’s defense attorney. Nicholas McQuaid worked with Hunter’s defense lawyer right up until President Biden pulled him into the DOJ. According to The Washington Examiner:

Nicholas McQuaid, a former federal prosecutor, was appointed acting chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division at the start of the Biden administration. Hunter Biden confirmed in early December, after his father won the 2020 election, that his business dealings were subject to a federal criminal investigation. McQuaid was a partner at Latham & Watkins with Biden defense lawyer Christopher Clark and worked on cases with him right until McQuaid took the job at the Justice Department, according to court filings reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

McQuaid will be overseeing the department that is currently investigating Hunter Biden. Tucker Carlson eloquently explained the complicated and confounding situation:

On Jan. 21 of this year, the same day Nicholas McQuaid was featured in the Justice Department press release, Latham & Watkins filed a motion in court to withdraw McQuaid as an attorney he was working on with Christopher Clark. So that means Joe Biden put at the head of the criminal division the partner of the guy his son had hired to defend him against the criminal division.

No one will be surprised when the investigation of Hunter Biden goes down the “memory hole.”

The real problem with Biden’s family is not the possibility that they might influence Biden’s foreign or domestic policy, the real problem is that he might conduct any policy to benefit his family.

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Antogeny (@guest_1122492)
9 months ago

That means, totally unethical.

DWB (@guest_1122508)
Reply to  Antogeny
9 months ago

I agree.

DD (@guest_1122527)
Reply to  Antogeny
9 months ago


JayJay (@guest_1122539)
Reply to  DD
9 months ago

I agree, but I am afraid of what the Demonrats have planned. Whey ell those fences around the Capital and the white House? From what or who are they trying to protect themselves? In spite of what the MSM and the Dems would have you believe it was not Trump supporters who breached the gates at the Capital – it was Antifa and BLM – their people.

Patty (@guest_1122554)
Reply to  JayJay
9 months ago

I recently read a story that claimed it was a Neo-Nazi group who placed the bombs, which Sean Hannity had the video of one on his show, but you couldn’t see his face and they were still trying to identify him. How convenient! The Democrats motto is: These laws are for thee, not for me!

Terry Hoagland (@guest_1122711)
Reply to  JayJay
9 months ago

JayJay the Capital and the White House belongs to we the people how can the democrats build a fence around them legal they were both built by hard working tax payers.

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1122924)
Reply to  JayJay
9 months ago

Jay Jay, I’ve been hearing that those fences were put up by national guards whom have been federalized. Via military intelligence, who is in control of the government right now, the plan is to “round up” all the corrupt evil doers in the bubble & put them away. There are some already gone & it’s not publicly known to all of us yet. There is going to be a big event taking place to change America for the better. God is not going to let our beautiful country & the patriots go down & suffer anymore. Biden is one of the most corrupt of many & he is not a legitimate president.

David Andrews (@guest_1122681)
Reply to  Antogeny
9 months ago

Yes, I agree!

Robert W (@guest_1122945)
Reply to  Antogeny
9 months ago


Ann Marie (@guest_1122493)
9 months ago

there must be someone, someway to put Hunter behind bars. he is a traitor, as is his daddy

Patty (@guest_1122555)
Reply to  Ann Marie
9 months ago

You’re right, which should have made Biden unfit to run for office. They would have done that to Donald Trump. They are so two faced and hypocritical. I am amazed at those brainwashed people who still support this fraud!

Dorothy (@guest_1122629)
Reply to  Patty
9 months ago

I agree with Patty. I also think he is afraid he is going to get caught and he wants to pretend he did nothing wrong. To bad he can’t think for himself. I am so sick hearing about him and Obama. They both near to go back in the wood work. I would also like to know what is so important about March and having the National Guard in Washington.

Mary Wooldridge (@guest_1122929)
Reply to  Patty
9 months ago

Patty, it’s sad too, that many of our representatives are brainwashed as well & have been forced to say & do what they do only to save their butts. God is totally out of their lives & the devil is thriving through their selfish evil. This is patriots (warriors) vs the traitors.

Karl Drumm (@guest_1122604)
Reply to  Ann Marie
9 months ago

why do you say this Marie? Nothing was done with Hillary Clinton E- mail case or lying Comey! They ALL are protected by the corrupt SWAMP DOJ,FBI,CIA, systems.There is NO justice in this country!

cam (@guest_1122690)
Reply to  Karl Drumm
9 months ago

It’s a sad truth. Now, it is my belief that the Left also has control over the outcomes of elections. They are no longer hiding their totalitarian conduct of silencing conservatives and labeling us “domestic terrorists”. I believe The Leftist Communist agenda is boldly on display now because they no longer have any fear of losing votes. Now they are in control of elections with nothing to stand in their way. This was a very important election in November and Americans lost.

Sharon (@guest_1123009)
Reply to  Karl Drumm
9 months ago

Karl nothing will happen to any democrat. TheDurham investigations is a farce. Justice is gone for We the ppl. America is gone as we knew it. The saddest part, it’s going to get worse Pray, our only hope.

Jean La Brique (@guest_1122494)
9 months ago


Donal (@guest_1122496)
9 months ago

he is only the presidents (ugh) son (ugh) who gives a s==twhat he says

Brad (@guest_1122497)
9 months ago

The goes right along with the slime ball, Joe Biden. He isn’t even our legitimate President. The entire swamp is in power.

JayJay (@guest_1122549)
Reply to  Brad
9 months ago

That is frighteningly true; and to whom can we turn? No one will look at the evidence gathered proving fraud. Instead the left has found a way to punish those who have tried to present it. Chief Justice John Roberts has, in my opinion, once again, proven himself to be a worthless, cowardly, tool for the Demonrats. The Supreme Court was our last option. Now we are subject to the left’s double standards on everything and to heck with the law of the land. The Constitution is once more their door mat.

JEFFEREY WILKINS (@guest_1122499)
9 months ago

So Biden’s son Hunter, brother James, and other family members involved in illegal money making activities & schemes will still continue on making money illegally, without going to jail for their crimes…???

Roger Mann (@guest_1122518)
9 months ago

They call Trump a crook????

Claxson 68 (@guest_1122500)
9 months ago

Does China Joe know the meaning of words like honesty, truthfulness, & caring for other people besides himself?

Roger Mann (@guest_1122522)
Reply to  Claxson 68
9 months ago

Short answer: No! Long answer: Hell no!

Bill Weeks (@guest_1122561)
Reply to  Roger Mann
9 months ago

I think the fact that he already lined the family’s pockets with cash from China, Russia, the Ukraine. He doesn’t have to give them any more money they have plenty and we are left with a president that’s in china’s Pocket and he owes them BIG money/favors

jjofaz (@guest_1122540)
Reply to  Claxson 68
9 months ago

Oh he knows the meanings of those words. He just stays as far away from them as he can.

George N Clarke (@guest_1122502)
9 months ago

Other than stealing from the people and another man’s wife Biden has never had an original thought of his own.

Jeff Shachelford (@guest_1122505)
9 months ago

How corrupt is basement Joe.You know he could be a”Russian or a Chinamem,him and his son get money from China.Kinda like China welfare and Russian welfare.Think about it.He could be a “COMMIE”You think”

Roger Mann (@guest_1122523)
Reply to  Jeff Shachelford
9 months ago

I do!

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1122509)
9 months ago

Demorats think being a traitor is part of Democracy. Government has failed “We the People” with dimwit lies where their lobbyists buddies can fill the pockets of worthless parasites like the Biden family…

Paul Dancer (@guest_1122510)
9 months ago

I was reluctant to even consider a “third” political party when I first heard about it, but since the Republican party is so useless and ineffective we now only have one party. So, hell yes I’m interested in another political party, but only Donald Trump is leading it.

Louise Shelley (@guest_1122512)
9 months ago

Evidence shows ILLEGAL actions committed; why aren’t the Bidens in jail?! Could/should there be impeachment?

Ray Madeja (@guest_1122513)
9 months ago

You mean Turd biden

DD (@guest_1122514)
9 months ago

Just “LOOK” at Bidens, PAID BY $90,000 to get in his CABINET! I hope it is a CABINET that you can LOCK AND THROW AWAY THE KEYS! A BORING CABINET FOR A BORING PRESIDENT!!!!!! We are in BIG TROUBLE guys!!!

Christine (@guest_1122515)
9 months ago

We are so screwed!
Ethical , it is too late…. entire family is involved in any advantages they can reap from O ‘Biden and his relationship with China where Joe takes from.
And it seems the VP family is on the same track.

Kat (@guest_1122521)
9 months ago

Nothing will happen. Watch Ukranian news. The Parliament wants to bring the Bidens to justice but cannot. They are now hindered by the USA and all of Bidens cabinet picks, ( Kerry, Yellen, New head of DOJ). I watched an hour long video last night of the parliament- translated in English- Joe Biden, Hunter, Citi bank, J P Morgan, John Kerry involved, Black money, shell games, Stealing from both the US citizens and Ukranians. Why do you think Joe had to steal this election. To make this go away. IT will be swept under the rug.

I encourage everyone to look it up and go their website. www.

cam (@guest_1122679)
Reply to  Kat
9 months ago

I read that Kamala was Biden’s emergency contact for the family dealings with Ukraine so, if true, she’s been involved with Biden’s corrupt get-rich-quick-with-taxpayers-money schemes from the get go. We all know about her get rich corruption when she was California AG, so we were warned if we watched honest news channels.

David Muench (@guest_1122524)
9 months ago

I believe that the judge in this case should appoint prosecution special council’s to have the case tried with a gag order issued with no influence from the justice department or the Biden family. Hunter Biden or any member of the Biden Family must face the full weight of lady justice and receive very stiff penalties once convicted

Ronald Gunn (@guest_1123055)
Reply to  David Muench
9 months ago

That will never happen. SAD!!

JamesA. (@guest_1122526)
9 months ago

When you elect a known crook to the Presidency you just prove to the rest of the world America is a phony and will use our power to keep you inline. When Evil flaunts itself in front of you and you respond the way we have we deserve the disaster that is going to happen. America has lost all credibility .

Frances Clift (@guest_1122528)
9 months ago

Bo JB and H are all in the same 1 World order.

Gloria Crossitti (@guest_1122531)
9 months ago

that is a conflict of interest for sure and, therefore, should never be approved. Impeach Biden now!!

Dr Pentyla (@guest_1122532)
9 months ago

How about an Executive Order stating no family ties involved in his presidential proceedings? Bet that will fare well with Joe’s brother and son? They have already begun their unethical involvement. So-o-o-o disgusting. Now Kamala has already started with the nepotism. Blessing in disguise. Now we can impeach both of them. Kill two birds with one stone.

HELEN R ROBARE (@guest_1122627)
Reply to  Dr Pentyla
9 months ago

Sounds good but then we get President NANCI PELOSI!!!! THAT is worse than Biden! “Better the devil you know than the devil you DON’T WANT to know”.

Michael Allen (@guest_1122535)
9 months ago

Look out Venezuela, here come the new broke USA. Our country is going to be as poor as you country, with only ta small percent of well off people. Damn, sounds like China, too. The swamp is back. Hope Joe Biden’s pen runs out of ink soon!

Raymond Valentine (@guest_1122536)
9 months ago

I have seen and read this comment, from varying sources, over the years, and I believe it needs to be seen MORE OFTEN:

James (@guest_1122545)
9 months ago

Biden crime family and Kerry family all back to form mafi and destroy America all communit puppets and weak kneed traitors.

Janice (@guest_1122547)
9 months ago

That’s pretty much like the fox guarding the chicken coop. This man is out of his mind, but he will do any, and every thing to protect his no good bum of a son. Dear God how much more could Hunter do to show his dad how useless he really is, but as long as the Chinese money keeps rolling into the Biden family he will be useful to them. The good son died, and we get stuck with this POS.

Virginia (@guest_1122559)
9 months ago

This is absolutely not right that crooks should run a country. Why are we letting this happen! This makes no laws stand or mean nothing! We have got to do something and quick, they are ruining all that our forefathers and our country have worked for. Think of it people, what will our children become if we have no scruples! I can’t believe we have let things happen thus far. My husband and I are in our 80’s, raised 3 wonderful children, along with several great grandchildren. We thought them good morals, as well as respect for one another-the same as many of you have done. Are we going to let a bunch of immorals take it all away!

Albert W. Myles (@guest_1122564)
9 months ago

This means business as usual. Hunter and his Uncles will be the front man for Joe. This is what the Biden Mob means by being ethical.

larry bogges (@guest_1122587)
9 months ago

It is hard to believe that there are so many people involved in the government that just ride along with the crooked democrats. You would thing that we would have enough god fearing congressmen to put a stop to the destruction of America.

Richard Mottor (@guest_1122593)
9 months ago

They are all a bunch of crooks and they know it including the witch of all witches Nancy Palosi and the Vice President certainly isn’t any better. How we can honest American Citizens ever put ANY confidence in any of these people tell one lie after another to cover up the previous one they just gave. They lost this election and THEY KNOW IT. How can an average American put their head on a pillow knowing they are such a disgrace. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY in the days ahead. Not just today but the next four years. SAD…..SAD…..SAD. And big Joe has the nerve to stand before the American with the guts that only he has to say, “We are no long Red and Blue States but we are American’s and we should all Unite for the cause of this great country of ours”. What Country are you talking about JOE

scorpion (@guest_1122595)
9 months ago

A protest is needed! Ban together and let
our voices be heard.The crime family of JOE
must end. It’s now or never! 4years of this
criminal family will do America in and we become
a country without borders, food, etc. Someone
start the ban NOW!

Edwin Buck (@guest_1122600)
9 months ago

Unfortunately the Biden Family Crime Syndicate will be running very smoothly, “PLUGS” will still get his 20% whatever he says. The problem is that the SWAMP will never convict any member of the Crime Family. So we’re stuck with “PLUGS” until the Swamp has no more use of him and they’ll replace him, with his VP

Antonio (@guest_1122648)
9 months ago

All this garbage about Biden day after day….

Does anyone still believe this fool? Are we all just supposed to be that stupid too?

R. Kerch (@guest_1122652)
9 months ago

COMMUNISM–The dem’s are letting us AMERICANS know they(COMMIES) are in charge .Even veterans are being targeted by the swamp…they are pitifuland deranged but in all hate AMERICA…many prayers needed but not by Biden BSR!!!

Dennis (@guest_1122675)
9 months ago

This of course means an era of NO ETHICS WHATSOEVER!!!

Sorcerer 7 (@guest_1122692)
9 months ago

Since when did the Obama Administration ever have any ethics to begin with?

JDavis951 (@guest_1122774)
9 months ago

I just love how people love to sit back, down a beer while pissing and moaning over the crap going on today!

WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) have had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose instead to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action?

I strongly urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND a COMPLETE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION into the 2020 ELECTIONS and for the IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.

BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! And they both (BIDEN & HARRIS) have family members putting them both in a CONCLICT of interest position advertising and promoting their businesses and using their VP and POTUS both as an advertising self-interest, self-promoting position and it is ILLEGAL!

People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

Members of the House

Members of the Senate


One call per rep!


Howard (@guest_1123024)
Reply to  JDavis951
9 months ago

JDavis951, you’re absolutely right. SILENCE= ACCEPTANCE.

Howard (@guest_1123026)
Reply to  Howard
9 months ago

We will be lucky to be a 3rd world country in a year!!

Bonnie McVey (@guest_1122783)
9 months ago

Well I guess that means we’re gonna have another recession just like in the Obama Biden earlier back to the good old days of more race division more burning of business more anger good old boys in the White House yeah yeah

Pollty (@guest_1122823)
9 months ago

What is he pla nning to fundamentally change USA?Seems I remember another trying to do that

raymond lombardi (@guest_1122962)
9 months ago

Biden doesn’t need to be president!

Howard (@guest_1123020)
9 months ago

I see the “liberal” censors are back on the job here!



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