August 19, 2022

Biden prepares onslaught of executive orders to reverse Trump’s progress

Most of the mainstream media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the president-elect over the weekend and it appears as if Biden and his team are not wasting any time in their preparations for what they’ll do if they end up in the White House in January.

According to Breitbart, Biden is apparently ready to open fire with a number of day-one executive orders aimed at reversing a number of President Donald Trump’s policies, even reportedly ordering his team to determine how to best leverage the “executive power” of his new position. 

Biden will reportedly tackle the hot-button immigration-related executive orders launched by the Trump administration early in his first term. Those orders deal with travel bans, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan and reuniting immigrant families with children who were separated at the border.

The former vice president will also likely announce American backing for the World Health Organization, an organization that Trump slammed repeatedly given their stance on the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden will also likely take America back into the membership ranks of the Paris Climate Accord, given Democrats’ insistence that climate change is an “existential threat” to the nation.

Biden might soon be forced to walk back his harsh criticism in 2019 of the executive power of the Oval Office, given that the U.S. Senate is likely to remain under Republican control once two key races are decided in a Georgia runoff election early next year.

“Come on, executive orders are basically menus to abuse the power of the presidency,” Biden told an Iowa audience last November, while ripping his numerous opponents at the time for threatening to use a number of executive orders on day one of their presidencies.

Should Republicans win the Georgia runoff races and retain the Senate, Biden will likely have no other option than to wield his executive powers if he has any hopes of following through with countless promises made to his supporters in the run-up to the 2020 election.

According to CBS News, Biden is also expected to use an executive order to put a temporary moratorium on deportations of illegal immigrants while his future administration reviews Trump’s revamped system.

One way or another, Biden seems intent on instituting radical changes for America, most of which will meet harsh resistance by the president’s supporters and his allies in the halls of Congress.

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Charlie Bailey (@guest_1072103)
1 year ago

Biden and Harris are chomping at the bit to reverse all the Trump has done in order to show who now has the power to destroy the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

Maz (@guest_1072155)
Reply to  Charlie Bailey
1 year ago

TRUMP already Destroyed it and made the USA the laughing stock of the world. He continues to do so with his fake claims. You will all hang your head in shame when all the truth comes out about Trump. He Lied about the seriousness of Covid 19. You Heard his Voice of trump on those tapes saying just that.
He did not condemn Russia and his BFF Putin for paying bounties on the deaths American Soldiers in Afghanistan and didn’t say anything about.
He abandoned Kurdish Fighters, who fought along side American troops for years and and died at a greater number.
He Turned the Presidency and White house into his new family Business and ran it as badly as his many bankrupted family businesses.
He did not condemn Blatant Racism.
Hes promoting Civil War
Hes lied about his achievements and actually claimed the achievements of others.
He is NOT a Christian he only says it because he knew it would get him votes. Hes made millions off all the golfing trips to his courses with all he charged for his and security staff. Whilst Condemning Chinas trade deals with the USA, His Daughter Ivanka got 100s of Trade marks approved in China.
He stole from his own Charity and has been banned from running any in the future.
So many he involved in his campaign have been jailed for crimes who of course he pardoned to stop them from telling the Try up about TRUMPS Corruption
Too many things to list He will go down in HISTORY as THE WORSE PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. Also Impeached! He wont Concede because he Knows he will face Jail for all the Fraud and other Crimes he has committed he has committed.

Bill Senior (@guest_1072165)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

AND …. Your talk like a””COMMIE”” thus you mst be one you slimy POS!!!!
Eat Sh*t and die!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty (@guest_1072166)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Pardon me, but much of what you have printed are lies from the left. Try again.

Naioma Emanuel (@guest_1072173)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Find a cave and crawl in. Of course if you get the Gates Vaccine you will be dead shortly after. All I can say is you probably don’t read and set in front of a television most of the time. You think it was bad then. with Trump? Well, when the money runs out and your toasting up a rat don’t complain. That is about what you will be eating. Health care will be scary. If you are really very ill kiss your Butt goodbye. Yeah maybe you need a little taste of real life with Biden and Kamala. I still think a cave is a good idea. But, the robots will find you. That is what Gates is counting on. No where to hide!

Connie (@guest_1072174)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

IT look like the dems brain wash you President Trump he is the best president we ever had and the dems the worst they spend 4 years chasing Trump instead of taking care of what they being pay for they don’t do anything for the American people , trump never stop helping the people and yoy have the nerve to said he was the worst president i guess Obama was the one who was the worst, after Biden will be in office you going to realize the mistake you made

Grumpy (@guest_1072184)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

You are special kind of stupid!

Mary Freeman (@guest_1072206)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

You are another totally misinformed person. You have been brainwashed by the media which is OWNED by
the democratic party, China and Soros. If you voted democratic, you voted for abortion, you voted for illegals to come into our country uninvited, you voted to allow the government to come into your home and take away your guns, you voted to get rid of the police, but the worse, you voted to allow China to take over our country, turning us into a communist nation. All you had to do was look at each candidates platform, that would have allowed you to make a wise choice. The democrats make no secret of their platform.

Cat (@guest_1072209)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

There is a showing of ignorance that you have, seems to me, BLM donkey is showing through!

Dale E Smith (@guest_1072216)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

What world are you living in? You want to hear lies? follow Biden’s campain!
He totally said no fracking MANY times, When trump called him out in the last debate, biden said” put it on your web site.” Which trump did!!
Quit watching the democrap news on CNN and MSNBC! Those news services are bought and paid for by the DNC! Also Silocon valley is owned by the democraps!

Robert Trier (@guest_1072217)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago


Jeannie (@guest_1072222)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

It’s obvious you only watch CNN, MSNBC and the other prime time liberal news media. IF you would try to listen to the very few unbiased news media, you might be SHOCKED to actually learn the good he has done for our country, which far exceeds the negative garbage you just spewed. President Trump did far more good for this country in his first 2 years in office, than Obama did in his 8 years (who by the way is already considered one of the worst US presidents). From your post, though, it’s obvious you already suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and there’s not much of a cure for that. However, you might want to check out Leo Terrell…he actually got “woke”, recovered from it and is thriving now as a staunch Trump supporter. He has an amazing story!

Joe (@guest_1072228)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

WOW! you have drank all the coolaid my friend. well you’re not alone, MSM has fed you and the other dopes a steady diet of lies and ‘hate the orange man’, for the last four years. everything you’ve posted here is partisan talking point lies and fabrications and out of context quotes made up by democrats and their allies in MSM. I’m done trying to show democrats the truth. they always call the truth lies even when you show them video,audio or articles, even from a leftwing news site, they still call it fake or made up because they didn’t hear it on CNN,MSNBC or some other opinion organization that has nothing to do with real news and facts only opinions. dems blindly follow opinion commentary and consider it real journalism, not realizing they have been completely dooped.

Bill (@guest_1072234)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

And you’re telling us that Sleepy Joe. Is telling us the truth. Not.. Obama is the worst President of all of the other Presidents. He said he was going to change America. Yea he tried to run us in the ground. Now you want to put his lying little gopher in office. Who’s going to tell him what to say. He can’t have that ear piece for ever.
Trump 2020

Married American (@guest_1072241)
Reply to  Bill
1 year ago

He did change America, not for the good, but he did change it. I mean look at the divide he and Biden created. And they blame Trump for it. It happened long before Trump decided to run. Make America Great Again was based on the previous administration ruining it. And the media, attempted to blame him for wanting a Civil War Obama started.

And of course, other countries only hear what they see and hear from the media. It’s not hard to see who the real enemies of our nation are anymore.

Married American (@guest_1072236)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Wow thanks for the update from the mainstream media. We knew they tell the world a lot of made up stories, didn’t realize it was that bad. Just so you know, impeached means indicted. He was found innocent and not convicted. This also happened to Bill Clinton. Indicted but not convicted. (Although he admitted to committing the crime he was impeached for, lying to the Grand Jury. Something the media “forgets” to mention).

Most Americans wish the rest of the world knew what the truth actually is in our country. But as you can see, around half our of own population are clueless also. The Civil War you mentioned started during the previous administration. They blamed the other side for what they did, and the media, true traitors, back them up.

We’d like to believe history will show this, but they are also trying to erase history also.

Sorry you’ve been so mis-informed.

Spike (@guest_1072238)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

boy do you need a reality check

Maya (@guest_1072242)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

And I do wish you would have lived through the communist-era!!!
As I did, and millions of those who were killed by it did!
Then you would kneel and beg for forgiveness what you are doing now|
to mislead and misinform those who don’t understand matters, etc.
Shame on such as you who just know what hate is and do not have enough
knowledge and consciousness to realize the damage you are causing.
Your critique of pres. Trump is unforgivable.
USA economy was going seriously down the hill with a dollar value …
ex. comparing to some currencies in Europe $19 (Obama)
$23 plus (Trump) which took him lots of work day and night…WORKING, not playing GOLF, and happily travel the world and causing damage to America.
Destroying youth with rules at schools to push communism. How sad and how low attitude from American.

Robert Cantrell (@guest_1072243)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

maz your a moron

Richard (@guest_1072251)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

You will hang you’re head in shame when The Chinese Communist party takes over you’re life.

Maritime Maggie (@guest_1072657)
Reply to  Richard
1 year ago

If they still leave you with a head, that is. They are an evil bunch.

Richard (@guest_1072252)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Maz the moron.

Walter Robertson (@guest_1072264)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

You are a very dumb person if you really believe what you are saying.

Harold (@guest_1072282)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

WHO,Fauci,were the one’s who lied saying it was nothing to be afraid of.FACT!

Jp Pugh (@guest_1072283)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

You are a total unthinking person.In four years you can list the awful acts of Democratic Power .At that point if there is one thinking Democratic brain left .Because of lies and abuse of power is what put these people in the minds of the Democrats Good is bad and bad is good!

Doug (@guest_1072302)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Sorry Maz, you are only repeating the talking points the the mainstream media has used for over four years now. Seems that it is true that if you tell a lie convincingly and long enough folks will believe it. Liberals who hate Trump – and you are one – will latch on to this sort of propaganda immediately and then make it part of their argument over and over and over. Sadly, those of us who follow the mainstream media and the left know a lie when we hear it. What do you think about your boy Joe Biden? Tell me, do you know anything about his dealings with his son Hunter and his brother in their pay-for-play schemes in Ukraine. Or Russia? Or the billions that went to Hunter in China in which a percentage went to Joe? Or how about the business deals in Latvia? All of these involved Joe. He was enriched and so was his son and brother at this nation’s expense. There is clear evidence. The FBI has the laptops. The FBI has the evidence. Did you know that? Probably not, because the mainstream media didn’t tell you.

MaKong Ray (@guest_1072337)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

You’re a F#%king idiot MAZ!! Should we meet one day…will be your last day.
Eviscerate .J.B. & K.H>

Scotty (@guest_1072498)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Wow, where have you been. As one other poster has said “are you some kind of special stupid!”?
Look the Lies you attribute to Trump are fabricated by taking clips of what he actually said and turned it around to say something different.

Greg (@guest_1072653)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Your a freakin idiot if you believe all that BS your spouting. You are part of the problem.cant believe there’s humans out there this stupid!

AL O. (@guest_1072987)
Reply to  Maz
1 year ago

Look, GOD gifted us with TRUMP. GOD can see how the DEMONCRATS tore up this country for decades.
He is very pissed off and made it possible for a non politician to win the presidency because TRUMP is a financial genius and knows and has studied all the corruption and thievery that the DEMONCRATS have torn into this country and ruined it. So, when all is said and done, don’t be surprised if GOD just says “I tried to help, but your ignorance has pissed me off to no end now it’s time for the end of mankind. Check the bible folks, he’s given us the chances to correct all of the dirty wrongs and expand on all the beautiful rights. But we as a nation have done nothing but knock TRUMP. A hard working man who loves this country and all of it’s people.
You people just had to ruin the only chance that GOD gave us to redeem ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You DEMONCRATS ARE A FILTHY BUNCH OF LOW- LIFES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, now live with what you made and corrupted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this country and I love GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY with all of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colin Fuller (@guest_1072220)
Reply to  Charlie Bailey
1 year ago

Never going to happen, Biden and the rest of the cheating Demorats will be on their way to Gitmo.

Kathy (@guest_1072268)
Reply to  Colin Fuller
1 year ago

THAT should have happened months ago…..and it will never happen although that is what SHOULD happen and what WOULD happen were it a decent human.

George "BUFFALO" Kehl (@guest_1072257)
Reply to  Charlie Bailey
1 year ago

Charlie one word for these twomPOS WANT A B’s TREASON !!!

Kathy (@guest_1072267)
Reply to  Charlie Bailey
1 year ago

Yep, the disgustingly horrid leftists care NOTHING about our nation EXCEPT re the POWER and the MONEY they anticipate getting once they can put the traitor and criminal, BIDEN, into the White House. They have nothing to offer if they even considered offering anything to real Americans. Sure hope they want to be hated….they are working big time seeing to it that they will be despised by all decent humans on earth. They are little SATANS.

FLOYD BOIVIN (@guest_1072104)
1 year ago


cynthia (@guest_1072107)
1 year ago

so Dictator Biden thinks he can just reverse all this by the stroke of a pen??? Get over it it is you are so uncognative you don’t know what day you are in..or if you are running for Senate or the Presidency..while your wife has to hold your hand to make sure you don’t blurt out something you should not..oh this next 4 years is going to be a joke with you and that laugh bag Kamala at the helm…you are going to ruin this country and we all know will be lucky if you make it through 1 year without causing more riots in the streets..the people will be sorry for what they did, but it is too late

Kathy (@guest_1072270)
Reply to  cynthia
1 year ago

Know what I think? I believe that ALL TRUE AMERICANS SHOULD CONTINUE LIVING AS TRUE AMERICANS, DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR THE NATION, TO HELL RE THE LEFT WING OF SATAN. Some, or many, on the left want real Americans to die, so we may as well live as we have always lived: AMERICAN DECENCY. No adult should have to OBEY any imbecile who is as dumb or dumber than Biden.

FLOYD BOIVIN (@guest_1072108)
1 year ago


Jim (@guest_1072111)
1 year ago

Who said he didn’t want to start a civil war. Fortunately he will find out really soon, that he lost, and that all the plans his team laid out in his basement were all for not. I want the picture of his face when he finds out he is a loser once again. Then he can call a lid on the rest of his life.

Joe (@guest_1072122)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

That’s the truth he lost they are not going to get away with dumping a bunch of paper ballots to make up for his loss

Jp Pugh (@guest_1072284)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

God bless President Trump!

ajk (@guest_1072113)
1 year ago

YES!!! They (Dem.) can hardly wait to “change” our America… Just you wait…Don’t come “crying” ….You did it to yourselves!! YOU VOTED FOR IT!! GOD SAVE AMERICA!!

jsa (@guest_1072121)
Reply to  ajk
1 year ago

Chucky Schumer said it today regarding the Senate. I can’t quote exactly all of what he said, but it was similar to if the Georgia Senate run offs end up dem wins, they (the senate) will be able to “change America”.

Bill Senior (@guest_1072169)
Reply to  jsa
1 year ago

Over my dead body ….. too!!!!!!!!!
“Let’s Roll …Conservatives” … if they though ANTIFA and BLM cause “Havoc” …wait a Revolution is just on the horizon …. believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We “Real American – Conservatives,” have more guns than the Libtards and will mow then down like the “rats” they are ………… period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Freeman (@guest_1072208)
Reply to  Bill Senior
1 year ago

No, no, no, It’s over THEIR dead bodies.

J Trent (@guest_1072115)
1 year ago

As a republic I knew this was coming an it’s just the tip of American’s downfall. We r headed for communism. We knew he was lying but those that voted for him u reap what u so

Barry (@guest_1072116)
1 year ago

The most corrupt clowns ever in the Demonic Rat lobotomy Party. When the Kamel becomes POTUS she can give her legacy speech ” I hate white people”

Dan F. (@guest_1072254)
Reply to  Barry
1 year ago

I think we ought to look at one small issue that shows what kind of respect that Biden (and Obama before him) have shown for the office of President. I can remember all the way back to Eisenhower. I NEVER, repeat NEVER saw the POTUS get off of Air Force One in anything but a suit and tie !!!! And the first lady was a ALWAYS properly dressed. How many times did you see Obama and Michelle (and their girls) exit AFO in slacks and teeshirts ! The same goes for Biden. He repeatedly appeared without a tie at his rallies. Many times he was wearing a sports jacket….and no tie. The leader of the free world doesn’t have time (or doesn’t know/remember how) to put on a tie ???? How sad. Time to learn Mandarin !

Mary alderson (@guest_1072117)
1 year ago

I knew Joe would be a very BAD Pres.

Darius the Mede (@guest_1072135)
Reply to  Mary alderson
1 year ago

Don’t worry. He won’t be president long. With his increasing dementia, he will be removed by his congress and Kamel-toes will become the new “President”

Randall (@guest_1072119)
1 year ago

Quite a few uneducated people have called President Trump a clown. If that be the case we would be a whole lot better off with a clown then with a disgusting pervert that is incapable of stringing more then 4 words together and who is never even sure what day it is or what office he’s running for. And lest we forget Harris who slept her way through political circles and is chomping at the bit to have Biden gone so she can be the president. Chew on that Dumocrats!

Janet Barlow (@guest_1072158)
Reply to  Randall
1 year ago

Thank you.

Joz Lee (@guest_1072125)
1 year ago

can’t begin the transition process until “a winner is clear.” wow; Biden prepares onslaught of executive orders to reverse Trump’s progress!
Joe Biden. They say he got the electoral college votes.
As of this morning, Joe Biden has Zero votes.
The electoral college doesn’t meet for more than a month.
And electors cast their votes based on certified votes from Americans like you.
Not a single state has yet certified a vote.
Apparently I missed the part in the Constitution where it says Fox news and CNN decide Presidential elections and NOT voters.

FH (@guest_1072134)
Reply to  Joz Lee
1 year ago


Russell Hirata (@guest_1072151)
Reply to  Joz Lee
1 year ago

That’s exactly right and when Trump wins Biden will be going to gitmo for treason and seditious conspiracy!!

Gary m (@guest_1072156)
Reply to  Russell Hirata
1 year ago

Yes put them in Gitmo, no guards needed, Castro will take care of them. He doesn’t like losers.

Joe (@guest_1072231)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

it’s unbelievable that people would vote for a senile old man who is obviously in his twilight years. he can’t put together a complete sentence without losing his thoughts on it but democrats voted for that? he’s been a racist his entire 47 years in Washington calling black people animals and thugs, called Obama the first well dressed and spoken mainstream black man. during the debate between Kamala and Biden for primaries, Kamala told the truth and called him a racist hateful man thats done nothing for African Americans and that he voted against bussing black kids to better schools for better education. remember she was one of those little girls who would bus into those schools. Biden said he would allow his daughter to attend a school that was like a jungle. and then there is Kamala herself. she slept her way to the top in Californians attorney generals office. she withheld evidence that proved she put an innocent man on death row until she was forced by a judge to provide the evidence. she couldn’t even get past the first primaries debate before she bowed out with zero support from democrats, they disliked her so much. and finally she has been calling it the Kamala presidency or administration, so she has her eyes on the oval office. poor Biden ain’t long for this life with Harris behind him. LMAO 🤣 🤣. Biden did no real campaigning, saying it was because of covid but everyone knows that’s BS, he knew everyone would see just how bad his mental condition is if he did or if handlers allowed interviews with real news organizations other then the softball questions he got from his allies in CNN and CNBC or those welps who did his townhalls.

Anton Vyborny (@guest_1072214)
Reply to  Joz Lee
1 year ago

Amen brother…this fraudulent election is far from over. It will go the the US Supreme Court because the state and district courts are contaminated with liberals. Any legal ballot that cannot be traced back to a legally registered voter should be thrown out. When that is accomplished Biden might well have won just three states: California, New York and New Jersey. Then he can go back to his basement and blankly stare at the walls.

Rosalie Blunda (@guest_1072126)
1 year ago

He’s a jerk and a liar and she is nothing but a laughing bozo. I will never think of them as nothing but the cheaters of voting fraud. Those people that call themselves dems are nothing but haters of our country

Michael Bouldin (@guest_1072138)
1 year ago

God is not finished with the country He created. So those DEM-O-RATS don’t make any plans. TRUMP 2020 As they say “It’s not over till the fat lady sings.” All the ones I know are on a diet.

Robert (@guest_1072140)
1 year ago

Trump 2020 🇺🇸

Christa Owens (@guest_1072141)
1 year ago

Hope and pray that our beloved Country will survive them….

Randy (@guest_1072148)
1 year ago

Neither Biden or Harris be my president or Vice President. Trump 2020

Gary m (@guest_1072152)
1 year ago

When these so called woke generation, woke up to the fact that they have just made themselves [email protected], their tears will fall quite freely. They think that freedom means everything is free HA! What a laugh, they will find out when the money runs out. Then their freedom checks stop coming. The food in the stores will disappear, and they are crying because their belly hurts. The rain will beat their brains out, if they have any. They will certainly not have a roof over their heads. The government wont have money for affordable housing. Biden will be putting it in his off shore bank accounts.
Yes I am talking to the demonicrats that voted for a [email protected] ridden idiot. Along with his [email protected]@lly challenged partner remember ( heels-up ) or was that ( Headboard ) Harris. I will question if that is who you really want for a [email protected] master. Someone to starve you and beat you and kill you with love.

scot_belle (@guest_1072162)
1 year ago

Biden’s planned “Executive Orders”…may well be the “kill shots” against America.
Why?? I have a sinking feeling…that this is all driven by both, China and Russia!!
Add in Iran’s zealot “insanity”, then a future of 100% disarmament and then
….George Soros’ dreams of revenge against America for WW2, will be complete!!

Gary m (@guest_1072223)
Reply to  scot_belle
1 year ago

Wont be complete, he wants control of all, population control, and the blood will flow, his super race. Wait till he builds extermination camps, if your dna doesn’t meet his muster. George Soros is a product of the Nazi generation. He wants to finish what Hitler failed to do. He wants the whole world under his thumb. Yes this means you Putin and Xi, don’t let Georgie girl fool you. He wants to be the ruler of the whole world. You think he is helping you, he is setting you up.

Bill Hutto (@guest_1072167)
1 year ago

This is a Shameful disrespectful mess. May God have mercy on Our Country The Truth will Set US Free. Praying for Healing in America. As these Fraudulent Ballots and Votes are exposed and the true Voices of the People are acknowledged Justice will prevail. Trump and Pence 2020. Give them credit for job well done. Credit for Covid Vaccine and Trump 3 Nobel Peace Prizes. Then ———-xxxxxxxxxx
Finish Cleaning the Swamp.
Keep Praying for Gods intervention.

Gilbert Boisvert (@guest_1072178)
1 year ago

Actually Mushbrain Biden was actually running backwards for the Presidency. Hey, he want to undo everything good thing that Trump has created. I suppose that he will also dynamite the Southern Walls? Let the UN patrol our streets. Change the language that we speak. Maybe Spanish, Mushlim, and Chinese (Biden, he’s in their pocket). We’ll have to wear bandit masks forever. No more fuel. Do we have to swim across the Atlantic? Horse (with corks in their butts) drawn wagons. Picks and hoes for gardens, unless you own a horse. Candles for nighttime, unless you live near a waterfall. Oh, he loves Americans, that he has mucho more plans for us to degrade our lifestyles.

LadyB (@guest_1072199)
1 year ago

I can’t believe there are that many Americans who would vote for this blooming idiot who can’t put two sentences together and hid in his basement for four years. Harris who wants so badly be a white woman but, is what she is BLACK.

Vicky Church (@guest_1072210)
1 year ago

I would not think that so many Americans voted for Biden except that I remember that Obama was put in office for 8 lousy years. We know that this elections was fixed long before it even happened, but proving it will be hard and some people will never believe that is what happened. Biden didn’t campaign because he knew the election was fixed. Our faith in the fairness of our system of elections is probably gone. As for Pres. Trump, he may win but the country will be divided and some will believe it was stolen from Biden. Either way the country loses.

Me (@guest_1072224)
1 year ago

I hope he destroys this country! We were dumb enough to elect a crook so be it!

flak (@guest_1072450)
Reply to  Me
1 year ago


Rufus (@guest_1072288)
1 year ago

Hold on guys, it’s not over yet. watch and listen. there is something coming down. can’t you feel it?
we’re not lost. Trump is a fighter and smart with it. he has something that he is working on.
they didn’t beat him then and they won’t now. He cares enough about this country and has God on his
side. I’ve watched all these riots and seen how the Lord was working in changing a lot of minds on how their
felt about their Democrat leaders and gun control. those who didn’t believe in owning a gun has a gun now.
they are realizing they have to protect their self and their families. Pray for our country. If my people (Christians)
would humble their self and seek my face I will be found of them and heal their LAND. Repeat for the evil this
country has done and pray for God’s hand to prevail for us.

Maritime Maggie (@guest_1072662)
Reply to  Rufus
1 year ago

Yep, you are on the right track. God says he will gather people into bundles to be burned. We take this as sheep being separated from goats. Biden is obviously a goat. Just look at the electoral map and see where the Blue is concentrated (California where the goats are gathered waiting for the big earthquake that is predicted!) and where all the Red Sheep are found. That should give you an idea of where the safest parts of the country are to be ultimately ‘saved’ by God when all those earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, diseases, tsunamis, etc. will hit. The country is going to be a lot better off when Hollywood is swept out to sea. Good time for God to keep His promise to: MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.

MikefromTexas (@guest_1072291)
1 year ago

Guess we’ll see all those companies leave the U.S. again. Also a lot of small companies will be out of business.

Dorothy Paul (@guest_1072376)
1 year ago

Impeachment proceedings against Biden should be started now. That excuse for a Christian (not) and his crony Kamala should also be impeached – the crime TREASON AGAINST THIS NATION.

Nathaniel Rorie (@guest_1072746)
1 year ago

as we all know we will be at war !before long ,i hope that i am wrong,let’s look at it this way ,we all know that can’t remeber who or what he running for ,don’t know the different between pro team and high school team.what i am saying i give him maybe(1 year before) harris step in or take you all know several those foreign country wanted those democratic to win.that because they very dun,and stupid also weak,what i am saying they know harris is all those i said before above.they going to run over ,she do not know how to handle foreign country,like mr trump,now all those will be pardon even obama,hillary. may be warren buffet wil come to there rescue,since he like getting out of jail.just you wait and see .howthing going to work out next 4 years.the more you depend on the goverment better they like it .obama start this by giving food stamp to the one did not need people got those stamp,they would not look jobs.

Malcom Gagner (@guest_1072978)
1 year ago

What does Joe Biden say to young girls when he leaves the room?…..”Smell ya later!”

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1 year ago

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Javiernop (@guest_1231702)
1 year ago

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