August 19, 2022

Biden plans to cancel Trump-era proposal to collect immigrants’ DNA

Migrants coming into the U.S. need to be vetted and tracked for the safety and security of our nation. President Joe Biden’s administration is about to make that even more difficult, however.

The Biden administration is set to end the data collection proposal from President Donald Trump’s administration, Breitbart reported. Previously, the government sought to collect DNA, voiceprints, eye scans, and photos to be used for facial recognition technology from those crossing the border.

These biometrics markers were meant as a way to better vet immigrants coming into the U.S. and ensure the children they were bringing with them were related to them. The September proposal would have linked obtaining green cards and other benefits with the collection of that data as well.

The aim of the measure was to verify familial relationships with minors accompanied over the border to keep families together and protect exploited children. By knowing DNA relationships, it would ensure children being brought across the border were not being used as pawns only to be discarded later.

Currently, the only requirement has been fingerprinting and an identification photo for all migrants over the age of 14. The proposal would have required the biometric information for migrants, their citizen sponsors, and potentially children under 14 as well.

Although Democrats were fixated on children being separated from adults at the border during Trump’s term, it doesn’t seem they want to do anything about the underlying problem now. While some children are part of families seeking a better life, others are used and even abandoned by these adult asylum seekers.

Biden has rolled out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants and has even mulled giving reparations to 1,000 illegal immigrants deported under the previous administration. This will only compound the current problem, but that almost seems like the aim.

Democrats want more illegal immigrants because they’re an impoverished group whom they can lavish benefits on, securing their future votes for life. Republicans see the problems with illegal immigration that are myriad and want to at least protect migrant children who are so easily used and abused by adults seeking a way into the U.S.

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Shelly (@guest_1244787)
1 year ago

Your page said I could unsubscribe at the bottom of every e-mail apparently not this one !!!! I want to unsubscribe !!!

Jennifer (@guest_1244789)
1 year ago

How much longer must we wait for Joe Biden to GO? Anywhere but in U.S. office of any kind?
He is completely incompetent and, as a result, DANGEROUS!

alicia cervera (@guest_1245501)
Reply to  Jennifer
1 year ago

I agree 1005%. How much longer must we endure the blockheads of this administration who are clueless and worse than that MARXISTS????? They aim at DESTROYING our country and the low imnformed, ignorants, and useful idiots who dont work because the govmt. pays them ore than they made are willing to go along without weeghing out the consequences.!

Georgia Stafford (@guest_1245939)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 year ago

alicia – I AGREE 100%

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1244792)
1 year ago

Biden and his administration are a bunch of ignorant anti American people who need to be removed from society all together.

kc (@guest_1244918)
Reply to  Clarence E Williams
1 year ago

Biden has done more to help the America People in 3 months than Trump did in 4 years. with a strong returning economy he did not inherit ,a record stock market Trump could only dream off. life is finally returning to normal after a really bad year , which because of Trumps inaction may take a couple of years to fix

Fed up with this administration (@guest_1244958)
Reply to  kc
1 year ago

The only thing Biden has done is cause more diversity,put lots of people out of work and catered to minoritys while ignoring the American peoples needs,believe me when I say our country isn’t going to look the same with this fascist in office for 4 years,I guarantee you’ll be singing a different tune

SSg Vietnam vet so fead up. (@guest_1244962)
Reply to  kc
1 year ago

You need to stay off until you know that is that.

SSg Vietnam vet so fed up. (@guest_1244974)
Reply to  SSg Vietnam vet so fead up.
1 year ago

Sorry fed up kc you are as dum as hell!!!!

Vietnam vet (@guest_1247012)
Reply to  SSg Vietnam vet so fed up.
1 year ago

Sarge..KC seems to be one of those idiots that will always allow
someone else to die for them to be free.!

alicia cervera (@guest_1245514)
Reply to  kc
1 year ago

kc. what planet have you been living in these past years? its totally the other way around. You have been or drugged or indoctrinated to the core.. Have you ever lived under communism? Do you know what that means how people live under that regime, under the regime biden is implanting in our country? I’ve never read a comment as IGNORANT as yours. Get your head out of your wazoo!

bonboyl (@guest_1245648)
Reply to  kc
1 year ago

Like what????? WTH has this guy done for the country or it’s legal citizens? How can people say things like that? This guy in the WH stole the presidency and was put in office to finish Obama’s “fundamental change”. I don’t think you’re going to like it any better than the ones who are seeing what is happening.

Americans first (@guest_1247022)
Reply to  kc
1 year ago

Biden has not been mentally alive for three months, at
best he is nothing more then a ventriloquist dummy
still sitting on the loser Obama’s lap.!

Jack (@guest_1245732)
Reply to  Clarence E Williams
1 year ago

Oh how I agree with you 🤬🤬🤬👹👹👹💥💥🤯🤯🤯

ICE (@guest_1244800)
1 year ago

DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN is more concerned with protecting his ILLEGALS than he is in protecting AMERICAN CITIZENS. He knows that by doing all he can to protect and help The ILLEGALS he will have their vote in upcoming elections. He also knows any AMERICAN with common sense will not vote for him or his DEMONICRATS.

Connie (@guest_1244823)
1 year ago

That is the puppetmaster’s decision. Check who is pulling the [puppet strings!

Kenneth Sheats (@guest_1245075)
1 year ago

I wish we could send him where he belongs. H—!

Katydid (@guest_1245178)
1 year ago

Of course, Biden wants to cancel anything Trump. No matter if it is good for America. His hatred is so bad that he can’t think about anything but cancelling Trump. What a dummy.

Billy (@guest_1245236)
1 year ago

That will make the DNC and all Democrat’s responcible for all death from his open border skeem. Good job Joe for tearing the nation apart. Your illegals will er run down and removed with the next President.

David L Druif (@guest_1245463)
1 year ago

K. C. and his/her ilk obviously do not own TV sets or Radios, and can not read a Newspaper. They are obviously totally un-informed about any reality in the world. If they have any information sources they only use them to follow Major League Baseball.

Robert Michael Heinrich (@guest_1246136)
1 year ago

He doesn’t even care if they have China Virus!

Pedge12 (@guest_1246150)
1 year ago

Isn’t there someone who can override Biden’s “orders” in order to save this country? He does NOT care about the citizens of this country so something has to be done by someone to save the UNITED STATES and the hell with his “orders” and the rest of the Democratic Party!!!!

HerminiaJarrett (@guest_1246744)
1 year ago

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Vietnam vet (@guest_1247065)
1 year ago

Beside Obama he is the worst thing that has ever happened
to the whole of the citizens of this Country.The time is coming
when this nation will do what is necessary to protect all rights
under the constitution of all people even those that set out to
destroy it.!We owe this to the ones that have given their lives
for all of those that claim to be freemen.So..KC tell us all what
Biden has done besides becoming the most hated President
in history by Millions of Americans.?

Stephen Russell (@guest_1247288)
1 year ago

2 aid the Cartels awesome



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