August 9, 2022

Biden’s COVID-19 plans exposed as unscientific and arbitrary

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his transition team have made a number of strong promises to the American people with regard to how they plan on combatting the growing spread of COVID-19.

However, for a politician in the “follow the science!” party, Joe Biden has been caught pushing COVID-19 mitigation plans that all share one similar characteristic: It’s all arbitrary and it’s based on nothing other than political sloganeering.

There are several examples of that, including Biden’s controversial pledge to require Americans to wear a mask for 100 days. That number has nothing to do with science, whatsoever, and one can even argue that it likely won’t make a shred of difference, given that Americans have worn their masks for the better part of nine months now and we still face the same issues.

The number “100,” as Zachary Faria of the Washington Examiner pointed out, is nothing more than a catchy political slogan that incoming presidents use to make it sound as if they’re on the ball and ready to tackle the issues at hand.

Another example is Biden’s promise to get 100 million vaccinations out in the first 100 days of his presidency. In reality, his vaccination distribution plans are extremely similar to President Donald Trumps’ plans, but the mainstream media never calls Biden out on that.

The former vice president has also called on the nation’s governors to open up the schools by the end of his first 100 days in the White House as if that’s the magical, unicorn number that we must adhere to on anything related to COVID-19.

Thinking in realistic terms, schools should be opening now, especially as Dr. Anthony Fauci — the revered-by-the-left medical expert — said that schools should be open given the low rates of COVID-19 transmission among schoolchildren, according to Business Insider.

It’s one thing for an incoming president to promise the world to Americans with their “100 days” wishlist, but using that age-old gimmick in an attempt to promise the end of a novel virus plaguing the nation is nothing short of irresponsible politicking.

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Keith Clark (@guest_1090857)
1 year ago

Oh sorry
I thought you meant “exposed” like Hunter plowing the Obama girls?

Chris Simpsin (@guest_1090861)
Reply to  Keith Clark
1 year ago

Me, too!! This is just as bad as he is, making a statement that means nothing!!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1090872)
Reply to  Keith Clark
1 year ago

Or exposed for what a crook he has always been, incuding the fact that he is very aware he did NOT win the election!

Marsha Smith (@guest_1090942)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

I, too, thought they were FINALLY admitting that Biden had committed treason, just like Hunter did.
You know the info on Hunter’s laptops has ALREADY been VERIFIED!
ALL of America is aware that Biden WON NOTHING !!
I will not be one bit surprised if AT LEAST 50%. of Biden’s vote tally was from ILLEGAL BALLOTS.
Joe Biden IS the one and only ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT-ELECT in the HISTORY OF AMERICA !!!!!!!
He is NEVER our president.
As far as I am concerned Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada AND Pennsylvania were ALL carried by Trump. The problem was, starting Thursday morning, we had criminals changing the laws AND the tallies.
If we have legitimacy with the Ga. Senate run-off, we MUST HAVE LAW-ABIDING and Christian adults counting LEGAL BALLOTS ONLY ——- BY HAND !!!

LaRonna Fox (@guest_1091080)
Reply to  Marsha Smith
1 year ago

You are exactly right on ever point.

Kathy (@guest_1091256)
Reply to  Marsha Smith
1 year ago

I could not agree more! This idiocy MUST STOP and the leftist TRAITORS MUST BE STOPPED AND PUNISHED. They have done all they know how to destroy the USA and real Americans should consider re-vamping our worthless “government” that employs far too many TRAITORS.

patricia overbey (@guest_1091248)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago


Ken Huffaker (@guest_1091607)
Reply to  Keith Clark
1 year ago

Logic says, there is absolutely NO REASON for anyone to give a lazy drug addict millions of dollars if they were not being used as a tool to gain influence through their Vice President father!
Some people are so narcissistic they believe other’s love them so much they will give them millions of dollar because they such nice people!

Ken (@guest_1090868)
1 year ago

Biden go F_ _ k yourself is all I need to say. You are so stupid and so is the lame brain you picked for VP!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1090875)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

So are 98% of the demonrats in government.

Bidensucks (@guest_1090876)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

Agree 100% Joe Biden and big Kamel azz Harris can go get f—–ed

HowdyDooty (@guest_1092698)
Reply to  Bidensucks
1 year ago

You must be referring to “Legs Up” Harris?
That was her nickname in the Oakland DA’s office.

Christina Creasy (@guest_1090887)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

Couldn’t agree more

Rick Navarrete (@guest_1090900)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

Biden had nothing to do with picking Harris. She was hand-picked by George Soris’s son at a meeting which included Obama and a phone call that confirmed her selection after her poor showing as a presidential candidate who pulled less than 2% in her own state …
Joe wasn’t even invited nor was he there.

Just saying … !


Jane (@guest_1091262)
Reply to  Rick Navarrete
1 year ago

Kamala was hand picked by Obama to take over when Biden steps down.

Sylvia Wieluc (@guest_1090922)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more. These “dumb” crats make me sick. We could do very nicely without them.

Joe (@guest_1090963)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago


PAULETTE (@guest_1090990)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago


Ray Charron (@guest_1090879)
1 year ago

Hiden Biden and not a doctor Jill Biden happen to be the two nuttiest idiots on the planet; so far, haven’t done much of nothing except opening the border to receive thousands of freeloaders sick with COVID into the USA. If thus is a sign of his administration’s efforts, looks like much of nothing to follow.

Frank (@guest_1090908)
Reply to  Ray Charron
1 year ago

Biden does not think before he speaks, “long walk off a short pier!!

Marlene (@guest_1090928)
Reply to  Ray Charron
1 year ago

Biden promised over 20 million illegals citizenship in his first 100 days. He then plans to allow 125 thousand yearly into our country to become voters. The free and fair election will be extinct in a year. Oh by the way, BLM, you will no longer the favored minority. You will be overwhelmed by incoming mobs from South of the border. It will serve you right for believing democrat “promises”. They have never kept any before, that didn’t profit them and their party.

Floyd J Hardee, Jr (@guest_1090881)
1 year ago

Ally Scum-o-crats and the Four Hundred Thieves. See how they stole an election. See how they bought the Supreme Court, except for two. See the many financial connections they have in China. Learn the truth and let it set you free!

Arleen L Podschweit (@guest_1090882)
1 year ago

This is the reason he should not be President PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TO BE OUR PRESIDENT.

Christina Creasy (@guest_1090885)
1 year ago

You can count on Biden to do nothing just like he has done for the past 47 years. He is ado nothing Soto for guy.he is now trying to take the credit foe every speech he stole from other Politicians and nor he wants to take the credit for the vaccine. His handlers need to be more cREFUL. Biden is just like a parrot. Some says something and he repeats it word for word. He has Dementia and the Democrats should all be horse whipped. Shameful that you had to humor Biden. Hehasntbeenableto come up with any good ideas.the ideas are being pumped in by wire. I can tell all the crooked things they come off with

Robert W (@guest_1090889)
1 year ago

I think Hunter has done a very fine job exposing JOE 30330!!!!

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1090892)
1 year ago

Joe Biden hasn’t had an original thought in 47 years. His words are stolen and his plans are, too. Biden has done nothing but lie to us since the day he started his campaign. He spins and flip-flops so often that it’s hard to keep up with his latest promises. His Cabinet is a joke when you consider that he swore that his time in office wouldn’t be “Obama’s third term”. Just think, we’ll have Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer, Obama, Soros and China in charge of our destiny. If that doesn’t give you nightmares, you’re simply not listening.

rick (@guest_1090897)
1 year ago

What do you expect from a closet commie?

Joe and Jill went to the Hill
To do Red China’s biding
Joe sold put without a doubt
“Doc” Jill’s pride’s now high-riding

(Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”)

Kay Cullimore (@guest_1091025)
Reply to  rick
1 year ago

great poem. So true

Pissed off White Boy. (@guest_1090898)
1 year ago

After the first 100 days of Sleepy Joe and camel toe,the United States will become the Not So United States of south America and we will all be collecting welfare. #JOE&TOE ARE NOTMYPRESIDENT.

Deborah (@guest_1090907)
1 year ago

All I know is I’m going to do just like they did to President Trump. Everything is Biden’s fault. If my toilet plugs up, it’s Biden’s fault. And not my president!!! It’s called Karma

Leticia Lacson (@guest_1090925)
1 year ago

Biden is an illegitimate president & it is clear that the Democratic Party stole the election ; when he said that his party has the perfect fraud organization he meant just that & he should be investigated along w/ his son; If he gets inaugurated the investigations will not Continue; let us harness the people‘s power if no senator can join Mo Brooks to debate this;Trump is our president; the judges & SCOTUS &some republicans are too scared to act; have they been paid off or threatened;it seems that martial law is inevitable!

MICHAEL (@guest_1090934)
1 year ago

Well, in his first 100 days I hope he will be 6 feet under along with his vice president who is a b.tch

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1091012)
1 year ago

These crooks the biden gang will be making money more than ever. selling this country out. Hunter will be head of check writing. He can continue to pay the family bills on us. We will be a broke country by the time these people are done. If can steal an election they can do anything. Think about that scary thought. We as a country are in trouble

Larry (@guest_1091052)
1 year ago

Everybody keeps saying Biden as president. Nothing is finished as of yet. Seven states cast votes for Trump ad well as the electors cast for Biden. The legislature of these states control the votes and from all looks this is going to Congress where the legislators of these seven states control which votes will be counted. Praying this happens.

Jan (@guest_1091168)
1 year ago

All the items that Biden talks about doing have already been done by President Trump. Biden is an idiot from the get-go. He just shows how utterly stupid the Democratic is. We say, but we don’t do, because it’s already been done, but they will take credit for it. Why did people vote for him? I’m still asking that question every day. I guess people listen to the blindly led national media, which are told what to say, when to say it and what it’s about. I don’t listen to them anymore. I have brains and can think and read for myself. I think that makes me fortunate.

graceythecat (@guest_1091269)
1 year ago

You would think people would have learned decades ago that democrats are lying pedophilic bags of scum.

John Steven Adams (@guest_1091327)
1 year ago

Biden and Obama partied like colledge kide for the first 100 days of that administration before actively dismantleing the Nation. We are not stupid enough to believe that any change will be seen this time. Get ready for four more years of the Obamanation

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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