June 25, 2022

Biden, Pelosi sent kids to private school, yet thwart choice for others

Though the Biden administration continues its efforts to curtail school choice for the majority of American families – even the most disadvantaged ones – the president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and countless other elite politicians who agree with that policy direction harbor a shameful secret when it comes to the educational path they selected for their own children, as Fox News reports.

Long beholden to the interests and direction of public school teachers’ union leadership, the Biden Department of Education earlier this year proposed a series of funding rule changes many believe would greatly hamper the ability of charter operators to launch new schools, often in the geographic areas that need them the most, as Ben DeGrow of Michigan’s Mackinac Center for Public Policy wrote in The Hill.

Among the changes sought by the Biden administration include a stipulation that anyone wishing to open a new charter would need to prove to local government officials that the new entity would “not exceed the number of public schools needed to accommodate the demand in the community” and also that school start-up grants could be denied if the new institution would not serve an appropriately “diverse” group of students, something conventional schools need not demonstrate.

The result of such policies would, DeGrow contends, restrict options for families in disadvantaged locations to find better educational opportunities for their children than the local public school and would discourage the type of entrepreneurial competition likely to bring high-quality options to the areas most in need of them.

While those concerns are certainly at the top of mind for millions of moms and dads, particularly as the failings of many public school systems were laid bare during the pandemic, they are of little worry to the likes of Biden, Pelosi, and their colleagues who have never had to worry about the quality of the educational opportunities their children received, because they simply sent them off to elite private institutions anyway.

President Biden himself, for example, sent his two sons to the pricey Delaware prep school from which he also graduated, an institution that currently costs $30,900 per student per year, as Fox News noted.

Pelosi is an alumna of the Institute of Notre Dame, a private Catholic school in her native Baltimore, and her son Paul Pelosi, Jr. attended Episcopa High School in Virginia, a boarding school that presently runs parents an eye-popping sum of $64,900 annually in tuition.

According to Corey DeAngelis, executive director of the Educational Freedom Institute, every child deserves school choice, not just those born to the wealthiest among us. “When these politicians get called out on this hypocrisy, they’ll often try to defend themselves by saying that other families do indeed already have school choice since they can simply just choose to pay for private school tuition out of pocket if they want,” he told Fox News Digital, adding:

To them, apparently, only rich people should have school choice. Their argument is even worse than that, because the taxpayer is already funding the education of the child. That same money should follow the child to the education provider that best meets their needs.

While the blatant double standards exemplified by liberal leaders are certainly nothing new, when the “school choice for me, but not for thee” position espoused by Biden and his allies serves to deprive the youngest, neediest constituencies of the educational opportunities they deserve, the insult is all the more profound.

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