June 29, 2022

Biden, Pelosi forced to table infrastructure bill due to major bipartisan resistance

President Joe Biden was hoping to get bloated legislation passed. Unfortunately for him, his own party couldn’t get it done.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tabled the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill after she failed to secure the necessary votes, the Daily Mail reported. This legislation is the cornerstone to the president’s Build Back Better agenda and its failure is a decided setback.

Despite negotiations publicly and privately, Pelosi couldn’t get enough votes in her party to pass the behemoth spending bill. This legilsation was also supposed to buoy a smaller $1 trillion infrastructure bill, but that seems to be in jeopardy now as well.

Pelosi left the Capitol Friday after midnight with the promise of a vote later that day. However, the vote still didn’t happen then as Pelosi was unable gather the necessary votes from her party, The Guardian reported.

This was humiliating to Biden who himself paid a visit to lawmakers on Capitol Hill Friday — a rarity —  but was unsuccessful at moving the legislation further. “It doesn’t matter when – it doesn’t matter whether it’s in six minutes, six days, or six weeks – we’re going to get it done,” Biden still promised.

The bill has come to an impasse over tensions between the progressive and more moderate lawmakers in the Democratic Party. The progressives wanted more and felt too much of what they wanted was originally cut out. Centrists are worried about the scope of the legislation being too broad.

Despite being dubbed infrastructure spending, the bill is chock-full of leftist pet issues. There are tax increases, climate change and healthcare spending, and more pork that doesn’t belong in this type of bill and would be unpopular with the American people. Lawmakers are concerned about the political fallout, and Pelosi’s slim margin requires party unity to get it passed.

Biden and Pelosi can’t seem to unify the party around this legislation, and that’s a good thing for America. However, Democrats never give up when it comes to spending the country into generational debt so it’s not time to count them out just yet.

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