August 9, 2022

Biden packs cabinet with gun control advocates

Signaling that he will make good on his promises to push for gun control, President-elect Joe Biden plans to surround himself with gun control advocates in his soon-to-be administration. Biden pulled the trigger on adding Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo for Commerce Secretary and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for Labor Secretary to a growing number of gun control advocates in his soon-to-be cabinet. Both have a history of advocating for gun-control legislation.

Raimondo, along with the Attorney General of Rhode Island, sponsored eight gun control proposals in 2020. The bills included measures to ban “assault” rifles. The AP reported that “the bills would ban military-style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and 3D-printed guns, as well as require gun sellers to send firearm purchase applications to police departments where the buyer lives.

Raimondo’s proposals also included rules for safe storage of firearms, the prohibition of guns in school, the prohibition of carrying loaded long guns on public roads, and the prohibition of purchasing guns for someone else.

Second amendment advocates said that Raimondo’s proposals would punish law-abiding citizens while doing nothing about crime. Raimondo claimed that the laws would “save lives.”

Walsh, in 2018, joined forces with Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) to promote a firearm restriction act in Congress that would provide states with monetary incentives to impose strict gun regulations on their citizens. The Boston Magazine reported on the proposed bill: “It would set aside grants from the Justice Department of $20 million per year that could be used to incentivize states to adopt measures similar to those in place here, where gun laws are among the strictest in the nation and where police chiefs are given broad authority to determine whether someone is given a license to carry a firearm.”

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and Walsh wants to see the rest of the country implement the same restrictive laws. When introducing the MASS bill, he said: Our gun safety bills are a model for other states and, I believe, for the United States Congress to follow One shooting is one too many shootings. Young people in our neighborhoods across our city face this violence every single day. I hope Congress will look at Boston and Massachusetts as an example of how to move forward and stop the violence.

Though Biden didn’t do much campaigning in 2020, he promised on his campaign website to use his executive authority, as president, to ban “assault weapons”: “Joe Biden will enact legislation to once again ban assault weapons.

This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. While working to pass this legislation, Biden will also use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons.”

With Democrats in control of the White House, the Senate, and the House, Americans can expect that national gun control laws will be a top priority in Congress. Disarming Americans has been on their wish list for decades.  Democrats will have the ability to force all states to comply with their anti-gun agenda.

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Tonya (@guest_1099647)
1 year ago

Leave our 2nd amendment alone! Trying to bribe states to become liberal idiots.

HowdyDooty (@guest_1100070)
Reply to  Tonya
1 year ago

You just have to look at the election and the Republican Governor in Georgia took $400 million from the CCP.
The Republican party is not working together with Trump. They’ve been in concert with the Demoncraps, probably because they don’t want to be exposed by our President. Most of the establishment Republicans are just part of the swamp. They would sell out our country, just as fast as the Demoncraps.

Jack (@guest_1100279)
Reply to  HowdyDooty
1 year ago

You damn straight. You got that right !!!

Ikciv retrop (@guest_1100325)
Reply to  Tonya
1 year ago

I Agree

NC Bailey (@guest_1099649)
1 year ago

Be Afraid…Be VERY Afraid! This is just the beginning. Ed Markey is a “go along with the prevailing winds” guy and Walsh eager to move up the ladder of POWER!!

WAH (@guest_1099650)
1 year ago

It will never happen, every city with anything like it has increased crime rates, and the public is fed up with these laws, the only people that will have the guns will be the crooks, and with no resistance they will steal at will. Those of you that try to vote these types of laws will be sorry.

Choctaw girl 6 (@guest_1099667)
1 year ago

Well it has started!

michele mccann (@guest_1099688)
1 year ago

Enforce gun laws all they want to, criminals are not about to comply to those laws. Criminals will get guns regardless. They will continue to kill each other, and innocent people.

rm (@guest_1099689)
1 year ago

Biden already dividing the country even more. The Supreme Court has to do its job and support the 2nd Amendment AS WRITTEN. No gun control required at all. Presidential and bureaucracy control required at all times.
A House Divided cannot stand.

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1099691)
1 year ago

These people are Idiots, most of the guns used to comment crimes are stolen & used by little knee-grows to rob old poor Hajji at the local convenience store who’s trying to make a honest living….Political hacks with the IQ of a turnip…

ee (@guest_1099696)
1 year ago

One of the first things that socialist do is to disarm the people. They don’t want them to be able to fight back when they start implementing their plans. We can never afford to give up our guns. We will then loose all liberty……..

Ronald L (@guest_1100335)
Reply to  ee
1 year ago

You are so right but try to convince others.

Claxson 68 (@guest_1099698)
1 year ago

Memo to China Joe. You do not need a gun to kill someone! A potato peeler works just fine if you are determined enough to do it! Many thousands of people have been strangled by bare hands Joe! Are you going to outlaw human hands next? By the way, why did you pick the most hated mayor in the United States to be in your cabinet? That must have happened right before you put a lid on the day so you could take a nap! I will NEVER consider you to be my President!

Wb (@guest_1099699)
1 year ago

Biden has no right to infringe on gun ownership criminals are not going to follow the and that’s point of the law . It only hurts the private citizens and give the government ultimate control over your freedom

Claxson 68 (@guest_1099700)
1 year ago

If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns!

Hoss (@guest_1099752)
Reply to  Claxson 68
1 year ago

When guns are outlawed, I’ll be an outlaw…

Robert W (@guest_1099909)
Reply to  Hoss
1 year ago


John Nordman (@guest_1099703)
1 year ago

He can do what he wants but freedom-loving Americans will not give up the weapons and will not register them either any more.

Eddie Price (@guest_1099705)
1 year ago

Hey, it’s just starting! There will be a lot more in store for us now that the smoke has cleared and these fascists are taking over. Welcome to our new socialist world! The worst is yet to come!

Robert Morzenti (@guest_1099706)
1 year ago

It looks and sounds like they want another revolution, they’ll get it if they keep F–king with us.

frank (@guest_1099726)
Reply to  Robert Morzenti
1 year ago

I said yesterday that the next time real Americans go to Washington they should carry something other than a flag.

Keith Clark (@guest_1099707)
1 year ago

All Gun Control Laws are Unconstitutional.
I can’t buy a muffler without a $200.00 tax.
I can’t build a short rifle without a $200.00 tax.
Shall Not Be Infringed.
If they pull this crap it all but guarantees Cicil War because it only effects Legal Gun Owners.
Criminals still buy their guns from the trunks of cars.

Patricia Spencer (@guest_1099713)
1 year ago

How about this: Go through the huge pile of gun laws that are on the books already. Once you have done that, find the ones that duplicate others and get rid of them. Once you have done that, try inforcing what is already there. Then instead of punishing those of us who follow the law, go after the ones who don’t follow the law and get their weapons from the guy on the street corner! After that, go and sit down, shut up!!! Remember that the second ammendment is for all guns, not just what was around when the Constitution was written – if that is the case, same goes for the press!!

Ben talmadge (@guest_1099716)
1 year ago

Civil war is a coming sooner than later I always knew the Democrats were commie lovers now the are realy going to get down and dirty and ruin the United States and change it to sa socialist nation

Ben talmadge (@guest_1099722)
1 year ago

Civil war is coming we now have a bunch of Communist in our government so we can all kiss all our rights good by Commies are going to flush the Constitution of the USA down the drain yes sir Civil war is deff coming sooner tan later

Rick Palmer (@guest_1099727)
1 year ago

22 million guns purchased at least and that was just in 2020, I think 22 MILLION GUN OWNERS ARE GOING TO HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS B.S.., that 22 MILLION was just background checks, and SOMETHING TELLS ME MORE GUNS WERE PURCHASED and BAROCK OBAMA was known as the biggest gun salesman in the history of gun sales.

Patricia Gaviglio (@guest_1099737)
1 year ago

You can bet these gun laws will not apply to the “swamp people”. Just like wearing a mask was just for us and not for the “swamp people”. What a country this has become. A Proud Boy gets arrested for destroying a BLM flag, but the American flag can be destroyed over and over again and nothing happens to them.

MICHAEL (@guest_1099741)
1 year ago

I just hope that Biden and his lap dog Kamala meet their maker really soon. Just watch, gas prices will go sky high, payroll taxes will go way up and things we buy at the stores will go up due to taxes. I just hope that the scumbags who vote Democratic get hit the worst.

Tom (@guest_1099744)
1 year ago

I don’t think they know it but Washington was a preview of things to come.

Dicky (@guest_1099750)
1 year ago

How many guns do these liberal idiots have protecting then???

Billy Richard Wilson (@guest_1099769)
1 year ago

Mess with the second at your own to cause a real revolution , Pres. Biden we have lots of legally owned weapons .

MICHAEL (@guest_1099782)
1 year ago

QUESTION: Doesn’t a person need to be MENTALLY FIT to be President? Biden isn’t mentally fit enough to work at McDonald’s yet he will be a President? I hope he dies.

Tine (@guest_1099896)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Biden is not fit to be a dog catcher. What ever happened to medically vetting those running for the office of President?

Lori (@guest_1099787)
1 year ago

PinnochiJoe U will never be my president. U are a disgrace to society! Harris U will never b my VP. Your own father disowned U. Hmmm That says it all! America is in for a rude awakening on the expense of “we the people”! Politicians (traitors) are out for themselves and power. However, watch out for what u ask for u just might get it!!! They don’t care about us as a country. They help Other country’s b4 they help US!! United we stand divided we fall. 🇺🇸🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Judy Owen (@guest_1099961)
Reply to  Lori
1 year ago

You people know Twitter and Facebook band president trump. How is that for power. Scary

HowdyDooty (@guest_1100074)
Reply to  Judy Owen
1 year ago

Everyone who is following President Trump, just needs to get on Parlar and Rumble.
If you have 73 million people who leave Facebook, Twitter and Google the revenue to these companies is going to get cut down.
I’ve already gotten away from Google, as my search engine. Besides they’ve got too many ads.

Janet (@guest_1100422)
Reply to  HowdyDooty
1 year ago

Parler suspended by Google

Fed up 2 (@guest_1100140)
Reply to  Judy Owen
1 year ago

Who needs Twitter and Facebook? I’ve lived without them for ages. If everyone would unplug they’d soon both be obsolete.

Former Marine (@guest_1099881)
1 year ago

“War 101″ is very simple . First You tale away the ability to fight . Japan hit Pearl Harbor first thinking that the US would not be able top strike back against their homeland .

” { First You take away the ability to fight You take away the will to fight }”

And that would be a stupid move at this point in time . Many Patriots I am sure will not surrender all weapons and We will fight back when the War starts or will start it . We have enough Patriots to take a great stand against all invaders plus the ones in the military ready for war . Many Patriots can make explosives and traps .

The big problem that is most of The US is tired of the traitors and dictators here . We will not go down without a fight or war.

John Wood (@guest_1099897)
1 year ago

We desperately need the SCOTUS to get some steel in their spines and firmly uphold the First and Second Amendments. I hope we can count on them.

Ronald Gunn (@guest_1100025)
Reply to  John Wood
1 year ago

Don’t bet too much money on the SCOTUS helping us, I think the demoRATS already owes them. I’m afraid we are on our own. GOD HELP US!

MaxHeadroom (@guest_1099920)
1 year ago

Civil War 2 starts now.

kurt gandenberger (@guest_1099986)
1 year ago

they can come get my guns. however, i will take out a couple of them first.

David Nichols (@guest_1100084)
1 year ago

Biden can go screw himself with a broom handle. He doesn’t have the authority to over rule the constitution.

Christine Haney (@guest_1100242)
1 year ago


Richard (@guest_1100288)
1 year ago

Markey should try to implement his fantastic ‘gun laws’ in cities like Detroit, Baltimore, New York, etc. where the societal make up is ‘different’ than his neighborhood. If you live in a conservative, high rent district with adequate police service, ‘gun laws’ may apply. Try it in the low rent, Democratic cities. Markey is comparing apples to oranges and has no idea how inner cities with minimum police control operates. Odd (maybe not) how people from upper income levels think their ideas and thought processes applies to everyone at all levels of our society.

Javiernop (@guest_1247091)
1 year ago

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