September 18, 2021

Biden orders crackdown on ‘financial risks’ of climate change

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Thursday to require federal agencies to evaluate the financial risks of climate change and use the analysis in a broader crackdown on climate change overall. 

“Our modern financial system was built on the assumption that the climate was stable,” said Brian Deese, the chairman of the National Economic Council, according to the Washington Times.

“And today it’s clear that we no longer live in such a world,” he added.

Biden’s goal is to exclude the federal government from financing projects that produce greenhouse gas emissions. The order could have strong consequences given America’s economic dependence on oil and gas.

This latest move serves as one among many changes Biden has taken to fight climate change. Earlier in May, the president stated his goal to cut greenhouse gases more than 50 percent by 2030.

The Biden administration has also pursued climate change goals as part of its reentry into the Paris climate accord. Former President Donald Trump had removed America from the agreement.

Many have shown concerns the nation will require major changes that could hurt the nation’s economy. Biden appears undaunted, however, given his recent multi-trillion dollar proposals in other areas.

The president’s goal may be a crack down on financial connections with climate change, but it may result in financial upheaval among Americans as a result.

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Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1264102)
3 months ago

The dim-witted moron in the WH still believes the climate lie. He must be banging Gretta, the retard.

D Bent (@guest_1264126)
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd
3 months ago

To see who the true polluters of the world are go to: “air polution in world: real-time air quality index”. The map shows the the US has some of the best air quality in the world. Look at the visual real-time map. The carbon footprint is NOT coming from us.

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Clarence E Williams (@guest_1264106)
3 months ago

When did Washington become an insane asylum? I must have missed the announcement that it was now a place for the mentally deranged. It must have been decided to be used for that purpose because that is just about the only kind of people they have there now especially the politicians.

rm (@guest_1264112)
Reply to  Clarence E Williams
3 months ago

Email your representatives demanding they write articles of impeachment now. Or call 202 224-3121..

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1264107)
3 months ago

IF that Dumb DoDo is so smart, Why does’nt he know how to control the unusal weather we’ve been having? Oh! I forgot, It is easier to cut off gasoline and oil from cars and trucks to clean the air.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1264108)
3 months ago

Clarence, Washington became an insanity when the the Democrats stole the election and put Biden in so when things go wrong, he gets the blame. They then can claim their ignorance of his mis-deeds.

Bill (@guest_1264111)
3 months ago

When Reagan rook office. Then we had Deadbeat Trump.

David (@guest_1264174)
Reply to  Bill
3 months ago

Oh no Mr. Bill! Don’t tell me you escaped from the looney bin again?

Clarence E Williams (@guest_1264117)
3 months ago

Bill, do you even think for yourself. What has Biden done now or in the past that you believe is so great. Democrats are like little children they want someone else to take them by the hand and make decisions for them because they don’t feel confident enough to take responsibility for their own lives and make decisions for themselves. A democrat is willing to give up their freedoms in exchange for the government deciding how they will live and conduct their lives.

mercedes fernandez (@guest_1264118)
3 months ago

This latest move serves as one among many changes that Bad administration has taken and appears not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty or danger; that it may result in financial upheaval among Americans as a result.

GregoryKing (@guest_1264119)
3 months ago

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Rock Salt (@guest_1264121)
3 months ago

He needs to learn how to spell…

mercedes fernandez (@guest_1264123)
3 months ago


Americans first (@guest_1264127)
3 months ago

I’ll bet you even think Maxine Waters is a Beauty Queen.!
What the hell does “When Reagan”ROOK” office,”Mean.??

Fed up (@guest_1264128)
3 months ago

Bill must live under a rock

Larry Smith (@guest_1264131)
3 months ago

So self appointed “God Almighty Biden” is going to change the climate? He is most likely to go to hell first.

Willie1955 (@guest_1264136)
3 months ago

No the uninformed voted in clinton, and obama now biden the three worst things to happen to this country moving it closer to communism taking away the rights of the people, stepping all over the constitution, destroying the economy. People who have their head shoved where the sun doesn’t shine can’t see the truth because they listen to the fake media and democrat lies.

IvoryVides (@guest_1264156)
3 months ago

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Billy (@guest_1264180)
3 months ago

Another Commie try to destroy the nation. They need to get the rest on line first.

Ali (@guest_1264195)
3 months ago

just go away with all this job crap – it is a pyramid scam and you are disgusting…make your money the HONEST way instead of trying to trap people into an expensive scam!!!

AND THERE IS NO CAPcha on this site!!!

Marie (@guest_1264237)
3 months ago

reCAPTCHA and the Google suck and I’m done with this site can’t wait till President Trump gets his site up

Stephen Russell (@guest_1264241)
3 months ago

Hey Joe try this:
Tax cuts, rebates
Discount pricing
Merge funds
CUT DC bureaucracy
Boost EV chargers nationwide.
Boost EVs
Fine China for pollution.

Stephen F Grady (@guest_1264266)
3 months ago

Biden your as smart as a 2 watt ight bulb in a snow storm

Billy (@guest_1264347)
3 months ago

Biden is doing what no Communist has done before destroy the nation from within.



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