June 19, 2021

Biden officials forced to release photos of migrant detention centers in Texas

President Joe Biden has finally broken down and allowed U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials to release photos and video from unaccompanied immigrant minor facilities in Texas one day after Project Veritas leaked images from a Donna, Texas, location.

“CBP continues to transfer unaccompanied minors to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as quickly and efficiently as possible after they are apprehended on the Southwest Border,” officials wrote in a statement.

“In order to protect the health and safety of our workforce and those in our care we continue to discourage external visitors in our facilities; however, CBP is working to balance the need for public transparency and accountability.”

CBP now offers its own official media roll in response to leaked media. “Still imagery and video are now available of the Donna Processing Center in Donna, Texas and the Central Processing Center in El Paso, Texas.”

Project Veritas, a non-profit investigative group, tweeted photos and videos from inside a Donna, Texas, camp.

Congressman Henry Cueller (D-TX) shared photos of the Donna location the same day.

Cuellar described the setting as “terrible conditions for the children” and said they need to be moved more rapidly into the care of the Department of Health and Human Services.

“We have to stop kids and families from making the dangerous trek across Mexico to come to the United States. We have to work with Mexico and Central American countries to have them apply for asylum in their countries.”

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54 Responses

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    1. You’re kidding, right! This has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. This posting should be deleted!

  2. The Democrats created this human disaster, but they really don’t care! To them the end of America justifies their means! They are so Evil, they are fully invested in Satan!

        1. Oh no,it’s Gov. Abbott still trying to reflect from the freeze, with electricity cost,natural gas prices went way up ,and water systems across the state under repair. He is not scoring points with his citizens

          1. Oh please, since when is the Governor in charge of what the weather does, quit blaming him, it was a freak storm. The Border the Wall NEEDS to be completed, one way or another.

    1. When will the kids be reunited with their family. Surley at some time they will be back, it would be cruel not too, some of the kids are small.

    2. How many Americans is Sleepy Joe going to kill by importing extra covid into the U.S.. If they test positive, turn them around, send them home.

  3. Look at how close they are. And we can not even go to church. Follow the science they say. But have the appearance of do as i say not as i do.

  4. Once again, American Digest has given a misleading headline. Again, I am deleting American Digest, sick of their crap, no better than the LSM!

  5. Biden is the one who made all this trouble at the south border. Biden should be impeached along with V.P. Harris. Nether of them are good for our country. Then both lie all of the time about everything. You can’t trust nether of them about anything. The democratic party are doing their best to destroy this country in every way that they can.

    1. Please put Pelosi ,Schumer and Shiff in the pile with Biden and Harris, they will be just as stupid at running this country as potus and V-potus. Lock them all up!!!get some real polite and in who know how and care enough about this country to do what best got America!!! Not this gang of free for all idiots!!!

  6. Biden has all these illegals without an adult in cages. Now he can traffic them all to the pedophiler clients.

  7. Earth to rb- You’re really smart for a commiecrat! You can string together more words than your pal, the Great Usurper, without so much as a misspelled word! I’d love to see a Brainiac V like you writing propaganda for some great newspaper like The Washington Compost! You’re a treasure trove of junk! Haha

  8. COVID is NOT the only disease that they bring with them. They bring in diseases that were eradicated from our country decades ago. They used to get stopped at the border but with the gates always open no one is checked for medical problems. I still say, take all of the illegals transport them to DC and put them in the giant fenced-in “pen” that Pelosi had built until they either get a home or they get deported back to Mexico.

    1. The Democrats and the elite that put Biden in office, shall take these children home with them. Take them to school and pay for their education and everything they need, Then after that sent for their parents. Even the politician who agreed With Biden for the border to be opened.

  9. If someone thinks Obama was smart, NO he was groomed for the position he held. And trained. But this President had zero common sense. So here we are.

  10. Just as our country is starting to get back to some kind of normalcy with the virus now we have sick illegals coming in to put us back to square one,is this part of Bidens plan also


  12. What’s happened to America ??? Everybody talks about it !!! When is America going to get it together enough to do something positive ??? Talk, talk, talk – just like a parrot – but, what is it doing but releasing pent up feelings and where does the information go ??? As an old song goes – “The answer is in the wind…” Where is this information going ???

  13. Odd why locals didnt take any pics of facilities or local workers.
    Covertly send them online or other outlets
    There goes Hidin Biden since campaign & still losing

  14. When you have anti-American morons in control this is going to happen. Carter and Obama are dancing with glee from Biden taking the place of being the worst president in history. The Biden/Harris administration have proven they aren’t capable of being the president and vice president total failures at uniting this country with
    their left wing agenda, their racist attitudes towards whites and conservatives, their bullcrap gun laws which only affects law abiding citizens, they can’t comprehend the fact that the constitution says no infringement and they don’t comprehend that it takes someone to pull the trigger a gun is an inanimate object incapable of doing anything without a sick person to pull a trigger. Total destruction of America is the democrats vision.

  15. So let me gets this right….Photos and videos were shown and “leaked” then this unelected joey dude jumps in and states he is releasing photos and videos. Then reports of non-significant news accompanies the information. What a smoke screen. I dont understand why would anyone in their right mind allow all these kids into our country and not support our border? Sounds like the same thing happened in Germany when Hitler was in power and people followed this monster. Again, I am acting and asking that you do NOT follow this joey character down the rabbit hole. STand up for what is right. And no testing of the kids and putting them in cage type housing, …are they trying to kill them off by allowing the co v virus to run its course? Sounds like what China was doing! Stop this non sense. And why is this unelected dude still in office? I have been calling for his impeachment for weeks. Are you all just a bunch of whiners and going to do nothing about this, are you not going to help America. Stand up! Sign petitions, protest, call and write (not just call) your representatives, we got to get this guy out of there before he does any more damage and cause any more harm to our country, what are you waiting for? Another war, Iran is ready .

  16. I guess my name is enough to not print my post. Even tho I said nothing that wasn’t true. I was only expressing my thoughts and opinions. Guess we can’t do that anymore.

  17. Joe had his head up his butt and now wants to blame Trump who left office over 100 days ago this is all on the old man and the commie + those in Congress that backed them.

  18. IMPEACH BIDEN NOW!He has done nothing for the country so
    don’t expect him to do a thing.He is an imposter and Camel is
    also. What a team of retards! Makes me sick to know he is our
    President? I don’t think so!

  19. If trump would be in charge of mess like this, You would see Thousands of pictures of this Atrocity ! Such a Double Standard ! These FOOLS ARE GOING TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY ! God Help Us !

  20. The democratic party is not out to do the will of the people. There out to do the will of democrat’s.

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