July 1, 2022

After months of promises to fix coronavirus crisis, Biden says there’s nothing to be done

President Joe Biden spent much of last year criticizing former President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and promising that if placed in charge, he’ll turn the whole ship around.

Just days after taking office though, Biden called it quits on promises to end the crisis, declaring on Friday that there’s “nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic over the next several months.”

Biden was very clear about his promises prior to the election — that’s the great thing about Twitter. Evidence abounds of Biden’s condemnation of his predecessors’ approach and boasting about his own plans.

Biden tweeted in October, just days before the election: “I’m not going to shut down the country. I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m going to shut down the virus.”

Now, in a plea to Congress for additional COVID-19 relief funds, Biden has admitted that the trajectory of the virus is out of his control, necessitating an economic shutdown that must be countered with the approval of federal funds.

Political commentator Drew Holden assembled a thread of tweets exposing Joe Biden’s lies about his ability to turn around the coronavirus crisis if Americans would just boot Donald Trump out of office.

There are dozens of more examples of Biden’s promises that he won’t let the pandemic get the best of him in the thread. Read the rest here.

After months of glowing promises that Biden will reverse the crisis, Biden’s team has shifted the tone to blaming the Trump administration for not setting Biden up for success. Biden’s team claims that President Trump’s vaccine strategy is so non-existent that “there is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch,” according to CNN.

Nevermind the fact that the Trump administration facilitated the administration of nearly one million doses of the vaccine per day within just weeks of the vaccine’s approval — which NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins admitted is “getting pretty close to where we hope to be.”

At some point, however, the Trump excuse will wear thin with the American public. Or maybe it won’t. Don’t put it past Democrats to lay the blame for every one of their failures at Trump’s feet for years to come.

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Nonnie (@guest_1113220)
1 year ago

Biden is a puppet who is already losing control of his promised programs, his staff and other demo-rats. This has happened because he and his staff ran their mouths instead of doing research on the COVID and then working with President Trump to help isolate the spread of the illness right in the beginning. They worked hard against the good of the nation to get where they are now. Those riots out rest certainly did a lot of spreading the virus and the Harris and her friends were supporting the riots and actually bailing them out of jail thanks to our current VP.

Percy (@guest_1113274)
Reply to  Nonnie
1 year ago

What jokes we have in the President Office & VP Office
A Bunch Of Dumb A—

Robert W (@guest_1113519)
Reply to  Percy
1 year ago


Tressie Hi Yall!!! (@guest_1114068)
Reply to  Percy
1 year ago

Oh my Lord, you’ve got that right!!!!

Bruce (@guest_1113320)
Reply to  Nonnie
1 year ago

Biden’s team is incompetent. He gathered a team that was diversified, and not qualified to do the job they were appointed to do. Also they are not being held accountable (lets blame somebody else).

Sue (@guest_1113830)
Reply to  Nonnie
1 year ago

I don’t think that Biden can even REMEMBER what he said a month ago! The guy has senile dementia, and it’s a condition which results in memory loss, AND gets worse as time goes on. And the Democrats elected HIM for president??????? For doing this, they should re-name their party to: DUMMYCRAT!

Andrew Sapp (@guest_1113229)
1 year ago

You are the first person who recognizes the truth! JOE BIDEN IS A “PUPPET” plain and simple. He admitted twice on TV that this was the biggest presidential election fraud in the history of America!

Duane (@guest_1113238)
1 year ago

Well democrats what do you think of your man making things better now?

John martino (@guest_1113257)
1 year ago

Interesting, my comment disappeared, hum!!!

CHARLES E THOMAS (@guest_1113285)
1 year ago

Let me get this straight. Biden who has been in Washington as a Senator and VPOTUS for a grand total of 47 years and did nothing to really help and group or person other than the Biden Family and Joe Biden, claimed he would get this Covid virus under control in his first 100 days. Criticized President Trump for not knowing what he was doing, that he(Biden) already had experience in this type of crisis, is quitting after just a handful of days in the hot seat. What happen to all that seasoned experience? Just like all of his other claims through the last half century, no one else is offering him any ideas for him to steal, so his is quitting. Trump never gave up. He was told it would take anywhere from 18 months to four years just to create a vaccine to test and another four to five years to perfect for the public. Trump and his team did it in 10 months. But Biden got 80+ Million votes or did he?

Nicole Riley (@guest_1114145)
1 year ago

I have a crystal ball. I see that the demonscats will realize they made a murderous mistake and will beg President to come back and be our president.
Just kidding. no crystal ball here, but one can dream…yes?

Nicole Riley (@guest_1114146)
Reply to  Nicole Riley
1 year ago

will beg president Trump to come back. Sorry for the typo.

Shirley J (@guest_1113296)
1 year ago

Just think what President Trump is saying and thinking about all this garbage with Biden and the rest of them. I really hope all the democrats that voted this jerk in are very proud and happy with what they voted for. Good luck This is just the begining and there not much we can do. We will need all the help we can get. America and its people are going to hell with these people and they don t care. they want to destory it all. America and us. Their just laughing

Harold L. Andersen (@guest_1113324)
1 year ago

Biden is a puppet, he’s sick , he’s a monster, and a dog, besides being illegitimate, he’s a thief.. hahaha

jj (@guest_1113624)
Reply to  Harold L. Andersen
1 year ago

Obama and harris have power, not sick Biden he is puppet

Shirley J (@guest_1113328)
1 year ago

Hateful ,evil people Biden, Pelosi and Harris all of them democrats. They hate America and its white people(American) Do they realize some of them are white. Of cause Biden don t know who he is or where or what he is signing What a A– H—. he is. I don t even know if God can help us now. Hand on tight this only the begining were in for a lot more and the best(President )we had can t help us now The worst is yet to come from the democrats

roger vanhulle (@guest_1113396)
1 year ago

Dear Mr. President, can you please come off the golf course and still save us?

Gloria (@guest_1113417)
1 year ago

I want to know “HOW THE HELL DID WE GET TO THIS POINT”!! This crap has been going on for the Obama Administration, Clinton Administration, Bush Administration? That’s 3 Administrations at 8 years each. Do the math! Now “HOW THE HELL DO WE GET OUT OF IT”!! We tried voting but that didn’t work so now what? We could invade Mexico and change countries? How about taking over Venezuela ? Only GOD knows!

Sharon (@guest_1113418)
1 year ago

Well we heard for years, all Bushes fault now it will be President Trumps fault. biden is a failure 😨 from day one. One order was to bring back the sky high cost of insulin, disgusting. But big Pharm should happy, pay back time

Katydid Cullimore (@guest_1113422)
1 year ago

Well, they didn’t post my last comment. Guess I didn’t approve of the right people.

Helen (@guest_1113492)
1 year ago

What happened? Hidden earpiece on the fritz?? Better get it fixed so you know what they want you to say. Maybe it was made in China?

Nancy w (@guest_1113553)
1 year ago

Biden made some big boy promises and now he is saying that he can’t do nothing he is incompetent and he has same as admitted that he is so all you people who believed his lies watch America go down the damn tube hope you happy

answierd (@guest_1113575)
1 year ago

Well, it just proves you can fool some of the people (Demacratic Party voters)all of the time.

raymond lombardi (@guest_1113581)
1 year ago

Biden needs to be removed from office, this election was stolen from Trump!

Dave Perry (@guest_1113699)
1 year ago

I’m getting tired of your e-mails getting to me with SENSATIONAL headlines. Just report your stories without BIDEN IS DONE or THIS IS THE END FOR TRUMP< etc etc etc. Sensational headlines just to make me read one of your headlines makes you look like CNN, MSNBS, and the dumbocratic party. Just let me read the god damn story without the hype, or I'll unsubscribe.

Mike Mellen (@guest_1113707)
1 year ago

Promises made promises kept! Joe your a lying piece of garbage who doesn’t have a frikken clue..
Drain the swamp from the top downdown

Bernard Jackson (@guest_1113915)
1 year ago

The most incompetent fools are now running our country into the ground.

richard (@guest_1113941)
1 year ago

FRAUD he is . He is a BS artist remember He has been in DC for 49 years approx.

Joe P.O. (@guest_1119211)
1 year ago

If you elect a clown-you get a circus

Javiernop (@guest_1245976)
1 year ago

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