April 12, 2021

Biden nominates wife of Senate swing vote to prominent administration post

President Joe Biden will nominate the wife of moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) to a high-paying federal position, according to Breitbart News

Information indicating Biden’s plans to nominate Gayle Connelly Manchin, wife of Manchin — a critical swing vote in the Senate — to be the chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) made it to the media earlier this week. 

The position that Connelly Manchin would potentially take pays roughly $160,000 according to reports cited by Breitbart. 

Connelly Manchin would be replacing Tim Thomas as federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. According to the Washington Times, the organization is responsible for key issues in more than a dozen states:

“The organization is responsible for spurring economic development and investment in the 13 states that make up the region of Appalachia — which spans from northern Mississippi to Pennsylvania,” the Washington Times reported. 

The Times also reported that the job brought with it the hefty annual pay of around $163,000.

This appointment would likely assist Manchin in his efforts to remain seen as a Moderate, but would also be problematic for his fellow senators who are more than a little nervous about the 50/50 split in the Senate, which only gives Democrats control due to the Democratic control over the White House.

The position, in and of itself, is significant, however. Connell Manchinin has spoken positively about Biden’s plans for religious freedom, telling the Christian Post, saying, according to Breitbart News, that the Biden administration “will be just as strong” on religious freedom as former President Donald Trump’s.

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76 Responses

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      1. who the hell in their right frame of mind is going to support let alone vote for a senile decrepit who does not stand by his own countrys’ national anthem????????? wtf is wrong here??????????? tell cuban and the mavericks to go play ball in another country

        1. I voted for Trump, always and forever! I didn’t want brain-dead Biden, knowing that he would have puppeteers pulling his strings. Telling him and guiding him on what to say and what his next move would be. I feel Dr, Biden is committing elderly abuse by supporting these shenanigans, shame on her. Maybe the Biden family can get a discount in prison. The rest need to be arrested for total ignorance of our Constitution. They have broken so many as of now and are turning our Country into the 2nd Communist Regime. Let’s get them out!!

  2. Quid pro joe, impeach. You block some of my comments. But you let people like the first post advertise. What Bull $h*t are you pulling?

    1. You too? They post what they don’t want to be read and remove my posting. I thought I was the only on. What the hell is going on. These leftists freaks are communists and that’s the only reason. I bet they cancel this post;l

      1. I have had the same problem. Usually it due to a “word or a phrase,” It ridiculous I know. Not bad language or threats. All it takes is one wrong word in their eyes.

        1. I just got out of Facebook jail for stating the law. They don’t want to hear the truth. As soon as Trump’s social media platform is up and running, I am deleting my Facebook account.

          1. Hell you are well behind the times . 5 months ago I an my bride of 39 years deleted our Twitter ,,Facebook & messenger accounts. We’ve been on gab.com as well Parler until Parler was shut down their back up so to are we.

          2. Delete it now and you will be amazed how much you’re going to love the peaceful serene feelings you enjoy after a couple days of being off FB. I won’t go back and I’m waiting for DJTrump’s new site as well! See you there!

          3. censored on here for advocating regulation of the internet as common carrier and urging your congresspeople repeal Sec. 230 of the communications act…online censoring has to go. If your congresspeople don’t care, vote them out. 2022 is the year Congress needs a big laxative….

      2. wait till president trump has his own site that they can’t bully then you will mostly get the truth un varnished

        1. For the last 3 years I can’t post any comments on AOL under news stories. All I ever did was stand up for President Trump and I guess to them that was enough but I would always see some very faul comments about him and that was ok for AOL.

    2. If appointing the wife of a senator and paying her 163.000 in order to obtain voting favors isn’t a quid quo pro, nothing is.

    1. I AGREE. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are in the White House that are destroying our country. Mr. TRUMP WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

      1. If the Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2022, McCarthy will become Speaker of the House. So with the majority, the Republicans won’t need any help from the Dems. Impeach Biden and Harris and McCarthy becomes president until the 2024 election.

      2. Since all these Low Life, Trash Scum of the Earth, Racist, Radical, Criminal, Power, Control Freaks, Dark Cash Money Hungry Liberal/Radical DemoRATS hate America and the American People, they should ALL LEAVE AND GET OUT OF THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD “AMERICA”.



    2. Amen to that, We are being led by a senile old man out of touch with reality or concern for America. Biden’s focus is China…Both Joe and Biden NEED TO GO….A.S.A.P.

  3. Talk about politics!! That’s all this is.
    Also, if ever someone doesn’t need to be pulling triggers, it’s Joe Biden.

    1. It is obama(SS) that is calling the shots… not biden. Obama(ss) has always hated America and his primary goal is to destroy it.

  4. Sounds like a bribe to me. But that is nothing new for sleepy Biden. He needs her husband to fall in line and vote as instructed. I hope he doesn’t give up his morals.

  5. If Manchin caves because of this bribe from Biden, his career is over. Manchin represents a lot of gun owners, and if he turns against them, they won’t be happy. Think hard about this one, Manchin!

  6. Same old liberal bias. Bribery is a staple with democrats, so is quid pro quo. I wouldn’t trust any democrat to keep their word. Lying is as natural to them as breathing. Not even aware they are doing it.

  7. Looks like Manchin may have been taken care of. I imagine that he’ll be voting the way they want. Maybe he sold his soul to the devil. We’ll see. We will be watching. Our country and our freedoms are at risk. We will fight for our freedom because without freedom you lose your soul and who you are. I am not willing to give up my freedom.

  8. I really hope that Joe stick’s to what is right for the country and the state of West Virginia. Don’t let the appointment of your wife sway your votes. Joe do what’s right for the country. If more Republicans and Democrats did that we would be better off as a country. Don’t always vote on party lines.

  9. Sounds like he’s buying the wife to keep the husband in line. Something should be done about this kind of payoff. Believe me Biden didn’t think of this, someone else did…..

  10. We’ll soon see Manchin’s character. When I hear the word Democrat or Leftist my skin crawls and I get nauseated. They don’t give a damn about anything but power. Disgusting !!!

  11. Sounds like Joe is smart to hire this lady, what a great way to control the vote of her husband. I hope she doesn’t except the position and it gets smashed in Biden’s & Pelosi’s face!!!

  12. quid pro Joe……….not held accountable before……….so, he continues with the lamestream media who does not hold him accountable for anything. All he knows is bribery. The master at it, since no one questions or holds the crook accountable!

  13. I wonder what the people of West Virginia
    will think of their Senator who was bought off
    to the tune of $160,000, yearly salary,
    for his wife. As we know, money talks!

  14. It’s hard to believe Joe is getting worse every day, i thought he was as low as he could get on the first day.

  15. Please joe, don’t let your wife accept this job! And don’t betray the people you are there to represent! Vote against the Biden agenda, don’t sell us out! You and sinema are the only ones who stuck to your guns, and vote the proper way. Please don’t stop now. Mrs. manchin doesn’t need this job!

  16. Check this article on Republican Wire: Fox Host: Souces Say Obama is ‘Running Things From Behind The Scenes’. A few days ago, there was an article posted about the same thing that showed a current photo of biden and obama in the White House. It was quickly deleted.

  17. in the words of one of the most illustrious and glorious pos on the planet i have two words for creepy sleepy say it ain’t so quid quo pro joe. the first word begins with an f and the second word is you.

  18. I believe Mrs. Manchin is an honorable woman and will serve if appointed. She is not a lady that can be bought by Biden. There are good “D”s that cannot be bought. Mr. Manchin cannot be bought as he has shown already. What goes around comes around, neither of the Manchin’s are dumb enough to fall for the evil “D”s! I pray that other “D”s will follow and stand up against the evil side of the self-righteous side. God Bless America!!

  19. Talking about trying to bribe Joe Manchin!!! This is a real joke. She may be qualified but I don’t know, but still it makes it seem like a bribe for Joe Manchin’s vote all the time.

  20. Biden is giving Joes wife the position so he will vote to remove the filbuster.
    I hope Joe does not fall for it .Biden is a pos 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  21. The lone stranger is gonna be ticked if China Joe is now pulling on trigger. Bar the barn door and hide the balm.

  22. Pres Trump did same thing with then Elaine Chao for Transportation, she was McConnells wife.
    Rigging system for Biden abuse ahead

  23. The Democrats are a corrupt group. Who would treat people with nothing but lies, deception. You are cruel. Why would you ask people to come to the United States knowing you have no plans for them. Get your teaohers union and get them back w work. Shame on you for leaving our children out of school. How can we have our citizens not allowed to go to school but my tax dollars going to illegal citizens. This administration is all about putting American citizens last. Shame on you!!

  24. Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
    US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate
    Stop complaining start calling and writing before its to late. I call and write everyday. 74million of us voted for Trump bombard these people with calls and letters.

  25. China joe is trying to bribe the West Virginia senator to vote for the demoncRATs policies not what is right. China Joe is a criminal and he is at it again.

  26. Biden is a catholic that supports murder of babies and he wants conservatives to believe he will be as strong as Trump with our faith?????

    1. Great statement! Why hasn’t the Cardinal in Biden’s area thrown him out of the church? Biden promotes abortion and supports Planned Parenthood. Biden has no place in the Catholic church.

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