April 17, 2021

Biden says he will not use the National Guard as a ‘prop’ if elected

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden made it official on Saturday that he will not use the national guard as a “prop” in an apparent swipe at President Trump’s calls to utilize the National Guard to quell violent protests. 

Biden made the announcement at the National Guard Association of the United States’ 142nd General Conference, telling the audience that he will never politicize the military.

“I promise you as president, I’ll never put you in the middle of politics or personal vendettas,” Biden said. “I’ll never use the military as a prop or as a private militia to violate the rights of fellow citizens. That’s not law and order. You don’t deserve that.”

“Our troops and our families will never, never have to wonder what side I’m on,” Biden said, after attacking President Trump’s record on directing the National Guard.

Biden slammed Trump for advocating for the use of national guard troops to end the violence in cities like Minneapolis and Kenosha, Wisconsin, telling viewers that they “deserve better.”

Donald Trump announced on Friday that the National Guard troops deployed to Kenosha earlier this week had quelled the violent riots that caused untold destruction of the town’s businesses and resulted in two fatalities.

President Trump assisted leaders in Kenosha in deploying almost 1,000 National Guard troops and 200 federal law enforcement personnel on Wednesday, and as of Friday morning, the protests — though ongoing — remained largely peaceful.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants everyone to know that when violent rioters tear through any US town, large or small, he’ll leave citizens of those areas on their own because sending in the National Guard to protect residents and restore peace is too political of a statement.

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66 Responses

      1. AMEN ! Anything would be possible if it would get rid of the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY once and for ALL.

      2. Exactly Mike, this crap is coming to a Head and it’s going to Blow soon if things don’t change Drastically soon.

    1. Then if Biden is elected and the riots keep up, will he give us permission to shoot these people who threaten my personal safety and that of my family, and will I be allowed to shoot those who through rocks, bottle bombs through the windows of my business?? Will I need to apply for a permit to exercise my right to protect myself? Will I go to jail if I do while the rioters go free? Go to hell Mr. Biden and take your buddy Obama with you.

      1. Sadly Mike they will have confiscated all our guns, that’s why we need to make sure we elect Donald J Trump for a 2nd term. The Dems are protecting themselves and their families and the HELL with the rest of Americans. They just want to raise TAXES, and keep everyone depending on them SCREW THEM ALL !!!!!!

        1. YES!! I know the communists and what they have planned for us. But thank you Trump for staying with the fight. You are our only hope. God be with you. 🙏🙏🙏

      2. No, you will not be able to protect yourself, because he is sending his gun czar Beto O’Rourke to confiscate your AR-14 (Biden’s description) or is it your AR covid-19’s

    2. HECK his handlers that pull his Strings have DEMENTIA JOE say whatever they use as VENTRILOQUISTS that make him say THINGS …..get used to it !! JOE is dEAD from the waist UP….and may be below also !!!

    3. Hes such a dunce, always has been. All his political life has been wrong.!!!
      And CORRUPT,, a PLAGIARIST, a LIAR, CREEPY with his hands, a FliP Flopper, KNows nothing about foreign policy, has no common sense, and steals money from the American taxpayer for self and family enrichment.!
      Enough SAID! We can’t have this person as president. Our Republic WILL collapse.

    4. joe biden wants be president. are you kidding. vote for trump in 2020 joe biden has dementia. he cant run our country. this guy is stuck in the basement,dont talk to reporters.he is gone. stay in the basement joe we will tellyou november 3rd trump won.

  1. Bunker Biden is clueless – a puppet of the DNC
    He has to wait for them to tell him what to do!
    Count on him to turn to Brazille for answers to debate questions & wear an earpiece
    Scary world when Dems run clueless candidate!

  2. He doesn’t want to stop it. The Democrats are encouraging the rioters and paying for them to get out of jail if they’re arrested.

    1. The DNC and GEORGE SOROS are the ones that are absolutely paying the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE RIOTERS , THUG and CRIMINALS.

  3. I don’t believe that is politicizing the National Guard. They are doing what the mayors and Governor’s of Democratic states won’t do . And that is to stop all the violence and senseless killing of innocent people and children . It sounds like Biden would let it continue. What has happened to our country ? It has to change .

  4. That is ridiculous! Makes no sense. The violence needs to be stopped. The national guard is called in when local police are unable to deal with it. It is right and has no political overtones. Biden is trying to make it seem political.

    1. that’s what the National Guard is for, they are nit intended to go off and fight wars, they are for protection here at home. Riots, Civil unrest and assistance in times of need Hurricanes, Tornadoes ETC.

  5. My husband was in the Georgia National Guard all his adult life. They trained to serve and protect the citizens of their state or the nation if needed. No way would he accept weak and dementia ridden Biden’s directive that he NOT serve and protect his state. Biden needs to come out of his basement and see what is going on in the REAL world.

    1. Unfortunately, Biden would be unable to view reality with anything like a clear mind. He reacts the way he’s told to react, and parrots what he’s told to say. What the DNC is doing to him should be considered elder abuse.

    2. NO I LIKE THE TERM “BUNKER JOE” YES the National Guard is here to Protect the citizens of this country!! Trump needs to Deploy them!! Give these Governors and Mayors of these cities and states one last chance to get their acts together or do it for them!! WHY are these mayors and Governors not being impeached by the people of these states and cities… I JUST DONT’T GET IT!!!!!

  6. Biden is a fool, Political is what he is. He loves to lie a lot. He is as phony as he can be. This is war on our land, and military needs to get involved just like in other countries to fight terrorism. You, Biden wants Americans to be killed so you can get rid of president Trump but you are up to no good. You are pushing war and murders. You have a criminal mind.

  7. Okay, he wouldn’t politicize the National Guard. Let’s see, I heard Biden was getting out of his basement to go to Kenosha, WI. Let’s see how that turns out. Biden said he’d defund police also as does the Wisconsin Democrat governor. So I wonder what will happen when the anarchistic idiots show up …no police and no National Guard. Enjoy you ride dimwit. I hope all goes well as you can’t stand another bashing in the head since obviously you can’t talk without gibberish. Hey, Biden…what’s your first name? Also, don’t call yourself a Democrat for the people you have always been an arrogant stupid liar.

  8. But when they spy on trump campaign is it a violation Democrats think we people are stupid yes go to sleep Joe Biden

  9. Biden has politicized everything ,lies about everything and has his fake MSM use racism for the black and brown vote.even the riots that his party condones..Trump 2020

  10. The main purpose for having a President is to have someone in charge who loves the country its citizens and its history enough to protect all at any cost. Leaving it to the residents to do themselves is exactly what put us in the position we are in today. Some things simply don’t take care of themselves when left alone. We have a great leader in Donald Trump, who loves us and America and knows after 50 years of do nothing Biden, someone needs to take charge and we the people elected him to be that someone.

    1. William Streeter – you are so right. I am so disgusted with these people trashing our President, while they are the trash. The people who are for Biden (actually HARRIS) are total idiots, even if some of them are my relatives!

  11. Well another way to look at it is. JOKE BIDEN will call in the BLUE HELMET UN TROOPS and turn our country over to the UN.Thay way BIDEN/HARRIS are not responsible when things go south and the CITIZENS are being killed by BLUE HELMETS

  12. AMEN ! Anything would be possible if it would get rid of the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY once and for ALL.

  13. I believe that Obama used it in Fergison, to stop the violence!
    When the elected official don’t do what they are suppose to do, protect and serve their communities. The first line of defense is the mayor and governor to use local and state police, if that don’t work then call on the National Guard (note that the National Guard can not arrest anyone ).
    It’s a shame when the governors and mayors tell the police to stand down. When they are arrested the local and state DA don’t file charges against them.

  14. The DNC and GEORGE SOROS are the ones that are absolutely paying the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE RIOTERS , THUG and CRIMINALS.

    1. Ron, you are absolutely right!! Soros and the DNC must be water boarded then executed for their attempted overthrow of the United States government!!

  15. Biden is politicizing Americans safety just to go against Trump. His handlers tell him what to say and he often gets confused even then when he has to not even think for himself. The left has unleashed the MOB on many cities but now they realize they cant control them and are reluctantly starting to admit these are violent riots, not protests. They purportedly seek justice and reform. They will not take over America. Harris and her running mate have proven time and time again that they are not for the American middle class. They are for liberal elites and the minority’s votes and that’s it.

  16. Biden is losing his mind! Why would anyone vote for this guy! He loves all the violence and killing going on. I think most people would agree with me in saying we want a President that is for law and order and Biden is saying he is not for law and order and he thinks that is good ! More votes for President Trump !

    1. He has already lost his mind. His wife is disgusting by letting him humiliate himself as he does. My husband has Alzheimer’s and I do everything I am able to protect him and not cause himself embarrassment. Someone must be paying her big bucks.

  17. Biden, you don’t have to worry about anything because President Trump will be re-elected by an amazing landslide on November 3rd!!

    1. I guess I just don’t understand. You have a Mayor in Portland who is refusing Help to stop the violence and killing of innocent people. Destroying a city burning and looting a city that will have to he rebuilt from the ground up! So people are killed nightly and yet nothing is being done! So WHY.? There is blood on the hands of this ding dong Mayor and why is he allowed to make such decisions? We the people will be sent the bill to rebuild! Police officers who are trying to stop the nightly violence and are injured, some killed by bullets! Why do they have to put their lives on the line for someone who cares only of himself????????? WHY The protesters are destroying this city nightly. I am sad. Not a safe place anymore. Mayor you should be ashamed. No sense No Heart No feelings Shame on You

  18. Biden says he will not use the National Guard as a ‘prop’ if elected. So let me get this correct: If a Military Force is not used as a “Prop” then Biden’s plan must be to use them to kill???

  19. Bidon go back to the basement. You have shown the American people you are unfit to lead this country. After 90 some days you speak about the riots go back to your basement and take Harris with you

  20. President Trump needs to pass a legislation that forbids protesting of any kind that shows threats to the President of the United states and whose only motive is to commit crimes towards those who do not believe in their reasons for protesting. These anarchists don’t hate Trump they are being paid to destroy all means of government and law and order. Democrats don’t even realize the people they are paying to cause violence and anarchy don’t vote and will like most wild animals you try to domesticate are coming after them next. I hope they burn down their homes and threaten them and no police will help them. Then let’s see how quickly their minds change.

  21. I keep seeing remarks that indicate people believe Joe Biden is capable of directing a mass killing session by black people. Sorry, I don’t accept he is capable of properly leading anyone, since he can’t even lead himself without someone holding his leash! Wake up people; there are too many intelligent blacks who abhor what some evil people (black and white) are doing to this country! Don’t ever believe they condone what some of their own race is doing in the name of SYSTEMIC RACISM!! Any one not deaf, dumb, and blind can see through this mascarade of legal rioting, looting, and killing as nothing but ignorant, disgraceful sub-humanity !!

  22. What a big crock of monkey mongering horse schitt !!! IT’S REALLY SIMPLE, VOTE REPUBLICAN OR WE GO TO WAR AGAINST THE NIGGERS !!!

  23. What a stupid old fool Biden is! I’m still amazed his handlers haven’t gagged him! Every time he open his mouth he shoved both his feet in it!

  24. The city council of Portland and/or other similar cities need to recall these Mayors. This is America people, not a third world country YET!!! I don’t even think they know why they are rioting anymore. If it’s justice, what they are doing will not get it done. Calm down people and take a deep breath. Really look at what you are doing to your cities and our country. I know, I’m talking to a brick wall, but we need action from our leaders. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES MAYORS AND GOVERNORS AND DO SOMETHING. Must not be up for re-election this year. This whole situation is making me and a whole lot of people very ill. In some cases more than the virus. President Trump is really trying but without cooperation from you lunatics (Mayors and Governors), how much can he do???? This is something I never thought would happen here. Hillary and Obama are egging them on. And so is SOROS and his tons of money.

  25. Yup! The Biden is a first class – Sorry, NO CLASS – schmuck. Just let everyone kill and be killed. What does he care? If people vote for him, people will get what they deserve; however, we will all suffer.

  26. There is nothing political about the wide spread violent criminal activities of BLM, ANTIFA, and the many others who have chosen to destroy the lives and the livelihoods of millions of innocent Americans. Joe Biden, what’s the political statement being made with the numerous murders these animals are committing ?
    Not only should the National Guard be Federalized and deployed with Orders to Shoot to Kill rioters. Federal Law Enforcement should be activated to investigate, arrest and bring to trial all their supporters, financial backers, aides and abetters, and everyone else who facilitated the rioters actions in the commission of their crimes.
    There are most certainly those who have utilized and directed these terrorist organizations to overthrow Our Government and threaten the life of Our President, and to them I say Treason is the criminal charge, and a quick death should be the penalty.


  28. Biden’s promise is like leaving an alcoholic in a room full of alcohol before he has kicked the habit.

  29. Well, I guess if you swing toward the Communist party, like Biden and his Democratic no brain people, you would say such a thing. My question to Biden is: Why do we have a National Guard and what are they to be used for? Of course, he wouldn’t have an answer of importance, because he doesn’t give a hoot about the U.S., and Harris is just another pawn for the Democratic party that is in power. They will cast both of them aside if they get into office.

  30. I too fear we are heading into a civil war.. one that shouldn’t happen again in our country! Why Washington politicians will not work together for the good of our fellow Americans is absolutely nuts and aggravating as hell quite frankly! All the parties need to do what they were elected to do; if not then they need to get out of the way and let someone who puts their country and people first represent us… Period! Complete dereliction of duties by too many… disgusted with the party over people group as well as the Rhino’s.

  31. Unfortunately, a civil war is what we need. As Benjamin Franklin said, “From time to time, the tree of liberty must be fertilized with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. I hate it, but he was right. It’s time to take back our country and the Constitution gives us that right, but, since 9/11 we have stood by and allowed our rights to slowly be stripped away. ENOUGH. It’s time to take a stand.

  32. The Commies just go on and on and blame our president for all their destruction/violence/murder. BLM must be stopped–they keep buying big busines’s to fund and promote their evil actions. Screw the media–we must continue to fight back with our own freedom groups–do it in every city as needed!

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