October 5, 2022

Biden likely to extend COVID emergency directive through 2024 election

President Joe Biden is expected to extend the COVID-19 state of emergency through the 2024 elections, with a senior Biden Administration official saying, “it will end whenever the emergency ends.

White House insiders predict that President Joe Biden would renew the Covid emergency declaration in order to maintain it through the November midterm elections, according to The Post Millennial.

Insiders in the government were quoted as saying, ” “Covid is still active. The pandemic is still ongoing. Given the cases we are currently encountering, it makes no sense to lift this.”

President Trump issued the Covid emergency declaration in 2020 after using the National Emergencies Act to address the effects of the novel virus on the US. Since then, the proclamation has been maintained.

The Senate GOP was successful in passing a resolution to lift the state of emergency on March 3 of this year. The vote was divided along partisan lines, with 48 Republican senators supporting the resolution and 47 Democratic senators voting against it. There was no more development with the bill. If Biden extends the statement, it will be in effect until 2024, four years after the virus was first discovered in the US.

Many federal laws and programs that critics claim have fueled inflation and the supply chain crisis would be able to continue if the emergency was prolonged, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

According to Politico, there are some working behind the scenes at the White House who are willing to let the declaration expire since things might change before the deadline of August 15 to make a decision.

“So when does the emergency end?” Justice Amy Coney Barrett asked Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar in the case of the National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor on January 7 of this year. Barrett’s questioning centered around the creation of seemingly endless emergency powers that have been taken by federal, state, and local governments because of the emergency declaration.

For instance, Medicaid has been enlarged under the emergency declaration but would contract once more if it were to terminate.
Joe Biden has never promised to lay forth a strategy for phasing out the emergency since taking office. The New York Times reports that there are approximately 100,000 new instances of COVID per day in the US.


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