July 23, 2021

Biden lied about fracking, video evidence exposes him

During the last presidential debate of 2020, President Trump called out Joe Biden for his promises to end fracking and the use of fossil fuels in the US, but Biden lied.

Joe Biden denied during the debate that he opposed fracking — an industry that supports millions of American jobs — but President Trump and anyone that has been paying attention know that Biden caved to the radical environmentalists months ago to secure his nomination.

He promised them that he would end fracking and the use of fossil fuels in the US if he became president when he was seeking the nomination, and then turned around and lied about statements of which there is video evidence.

Biden has reason to deny his real intentions because he knows that the notion of banning fracking and fossil fuels only resonates with radical environmentalists and the far-left fringe of the Democrat party. Most Americans know that a complete ban on fossil fuels will lead to energy shortages like the ones happening in California when customers were asked to go without air conditioning in the hottest days of summer.

Fracking has created millions of jobs and the price of gasoline nationwide has decreased, leaving more money in American pockets. Several states’ economies — including swing-state, Pennsylvania, also Biden’s home state — have boomed because of fracking and a Biden administration would return them to Obama-era recession. Does anyone really want that?

The practice of fracking has helped to make the US the top oil producer in the world, and ending the industry for good would have catastrophic consequences for blue-collar Americans.

Fracking and the resulting increase in the supply of natural gas has even helped the environment by reducing carbon emissions. According to the Washington Examiner:

Increased natural gas use, made possible by fracking and the resulting low prices, is the primary reason the United States has reduced carbon emissions by 13 percent since 2008more than any other nation in the world so far this century on a raw tonnage basis.

President Trump’s campaign, per Biden’s demand, compiled a video of the multiple times Biden said he would ban fracking and fossil fuels. Watch:

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24 Responses

    1. No, he just lied as he usually does. He still believes there are only record players and old fashioned radios. And dial telephones. He forgets there are videos where your lies can be shown, telling your falsehoods. Thank you Pres. Trump for putting up the videos and these arent all. How can dunce biden hide from these, or his Pretorian guard in MSM?

      1. Biden doesn’t even know where he is half the time. We sure do not need Harris in she is a communist . Our Freedom would be gone in a flash. Vote Trump 2020 and straight Republican all the way.

    1. I’m thinking we’re going to be seeing on Nov. 3rd that this country is awful close to the 50% fool ratio! As shown in 2016 for Hillary.

  1. sleepy “stink finger” Joe is a total looser. During the last debate near the end, I could tell his drugs were starting to wear off when he was stuttering, trying to find the words, looking away from President Trump and other noticeable
    things like shuffeling the papers on his desk, etc…
    Semper Fi

  2. W h a t a moronic imbecile! Or, god forbid, he’s a twin. Bloody stupid & brainless. What a true politician: mouth moving = lying
    TRUMP 2020!

  3. President Trump is the main man! How in the name of God would someone vote for Harris and Biden?🤯🤬😡🥺🤓🥶😷

  4. OH my God, Biden is a joke, what a loser he lied the whole night. President Trump will
    Win on November 3, he is a much better man for the job. It would be a disaster if Biden &
    Harris won, we have to go out and vote Trump&Pence. Go Trump 2020.
    God bless the President and his Family. We love you Mr. President.

  5. Joe Biden is what my granny used to say about Foolish people. He does not know if he is afoot or horseback. I watched the debate & it was exactly what I would have expected. Joe Biden is definitely suffering from end stage dementia. He is being used as a ploy in order to get Kamala Harris in the White House as POTUS. If that happens we have the option of living under the Rule of Tyranny or not living.

  6. Hang them all the lying bunch of commies. Those who worship Satan eventually feel the wrath of God. Life is very short, but hell is for all eternity. And no red blooded American is going to just sit back and watch their country crumble. Like the Japanese realized after they attacked Pearl harbor , you don’t mess with a sleeping Lion. The Democrats think they’ve taken control already by their bias control of Congress and the media, but like our Forefathers Americans will fight for their Freedom. Good luck Joe, you and nasty mouth Kamala will never set foot in the White House.

  7. One other VERY SIGNIFICANT statement from Biden, when he admitted that there would be job loss if he was elected and enacted his policies, was that SOME workers would be put to work on his GREEN NEW DEAL programs! Wonderful! Like Russia, he would continue our governments growth, inefficiency, and worker alliance and support for the government they work for. It may come as a shock to everyone but the vast number of Federal and State employees ARE DEMOCRATS! They therefore support LARGE GOVERNMENT! You SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISED! These are the same people who will be throwing away Trump ballots!

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