May 14, 2021

Biden’s lead collapses to just 2.6 percent in first post-debate poll

Despite the media hysteria surrounding the first Presidential Debate on Tuesday, President Trump appears to have emerged the winner.

The first significant post-debate poll, conducted by Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP, found that Joe Biden’s popularity is collapsing — the worst possible news for the Biden campaign with just weeks to go until election day. 

According to the poll, the Democrat presidential nominee’s once-formidable lead over Trump has been cut down to just 2.6 percent in the wake of the debate.

Biden now only leads Donald Trump 48.6 percent to 45.9 percent — and four percent of respondents claimed that they still haven’t decided who they will vote for. If the trend continues, those four percent could easily swing towards Trump.

“Biden leads President Trump, 48.6% to 45.9%,” said IBD’s Jed Graham.”Another 1.5% say they’ll vote for another candidate, while 4% are not sure who they’ll support. Biden holds a 48%-38.5% lead among likely independent voters and 92%-4% among Democrats. Trump leads 93%-5.5% among Republicans.”

A similar poll conducted by IBD just one month ago found that Joe Biden led Trump by a whopping eight points — further cementing the fact that Biden has completely blown the command that Democrats saw as indestructible.

In even worse news, Breitbart reported:

While the poll showed Biden got better reviews from respondents for overall debate performance, more voters shifted to Trump after the debate than shifted to Biden. The two candidates split on who performed better on individual topics, with Trump winning with the economy and Supreme Court and Biden winning the others.

This poll, coupled with the fact that Trump voters are typically more reluctant to admit their support for Trump due to fears of retaliation makes these next several weeks more critical than previously thought for the Biden campaign.

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46 Responses

    1. BULLS EYE !!! Biden “attempted to Disrupt Trump as he did RYAN and Trump BLEW THE DEMENTED SCRIPTED IDIOT out >>>>Wallace interrupted Trump Dozens of times as Biden Wing Man and Trump BLEW THAT DEMOCRAT IDIOT OUT also !! MAGA !!!

    2. Win, two, three, four,
      Win, two, three, four,
      Win, two, three, four,
      Win, two, three, four!
      🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Ive never given those crooks, frauds, liars cheaters and LEFTISTS a vote in my whole adult life and NEVER WILL!
      MAGA 2020!

    1. Thats what i want to know we have not even voted and the democrats have old Joe winning more fake crap from the democrats.they stand for liars,dishonsty,crime,hate ,evil,working for the devil 24/7 .lets wait til the real show starts the voting .TRUMP 2020 THW ONLY CHOICE THATS A WINNER.

    2. If you read the story, you would know. Well here it is: “The first significant post-debate poll, conducted by Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP,…”

  1. sir my granddaughter thinks you caused thousands of babies to be that true? g eis now for abortionand it makesme very sad.i love her somuch but she is breaking my heart

      1. HECK BADER GINSBURG killed more Babies at PP than we lost in VN and Korea ……………. and Biden and Pelosi “CLAIM TO BE CATHOLICS”????

  2. Democrats do not deserve American’s votes after promoting, supporting and funding violent protests by BLM and ANTIFA. Democrats and Biden will not denounce these anarchists who hate America, our flag,national anthem, our law officers, our military, our President, our Constitution, our Traditions, our History and American Way of Life. Democrats refused to vote to add them to the domestic terrorist list. How much violence is needed before burning, looting, defacing businesses and public building, hateful words and behavior is considered terrorism??

    1. Amen could not of said it better. Trump 2020 lets take this country back and back Trump to do just that.prayers go out to our president and first Lady.may you be blessed and come through this with flying colors.all lives matter.

  3. Democrates are money whores , someone has paid them to destroy America ! Their not democrates anymore their communist , lie , cheat , steal , their way through . Wars are made this way ! Immoral unethical practice of evil , Marxist demonology they’ve been possessed . The gates of hell has opened and they’ll lead into it .

  4. If you think of the “senior” Democrats in the House and the Senate, they are all “dinosaurs” and need to retire. They all share certain things that are not positive “leadership” traits. Their time in service ? is time to retire.

  5. Did anyone notice the “wire” under Biden’s right jacket lapel and the device on his left wrist? He was getting help electronically during the debate. At one time you could see both the wire and the connections on his wrist – that was cheating just like Trump said would happen.

    1. I thought that they were not going to let him use a wire – what happened? He should not be allowed to use help from an outsider. This is definitely cheating but what else is new.

  6. I did and so did James Woods who posted it on twitter. Must be investigated and the twitter pic examined, if its still up.

  7. The left has so much hate for America, it’s President and the people they are suppose to serve. They will sit back and let people be hurt as well as property and businesses destroyed. Doing nothing but blaming President Trump, but they will expect and demand tax payers money to pay for their time of doing nothing to help. Hopefully they will get voted out for their unconcern for the people who needed their help.

    1. I think the day is finally here that people are realizing that the democrats are a danger to our people ,our country and we the people need to back our president Trump in the fight to winn this country back.stay strong and vote RED THE AMERICAN WAY .PRAYERS TO OUR PRESIDENT ,FIRST LADY FOR A FULL RECOVERY.

    1. I’m sure he already has just like all the big shots in California who got her where she is. She didn’t get where she is is today on her intellect.

  8. I do not believe in polls and neither should Patriots . The reason for the statement is very simple , vote fir biddy when it is not official and Trump when official . It boost the dims ego which makes them relax and come election day they have lost . Very simple strategy .

  9. God put Trump in and God is not through with him yet. As long as Trump honors God God will Honor him. The Bible display gave God great pleasure.

  10. Joe Biden doesn’t have a lead and never has! Idiots like the one who wrote this article accept the results of these polls knowing they are biased and rigged for the results they want! Foolish people believe in polls just like the polls of 2016! It’s like people need to be kicked in the head by a mule three or fore times to get the message to move!

  11. I’m voting for Trump and Pence 2020 we can’t let America go down if Biden wins will be fighting for our freedom they will close America down an open our border good bye America as we Kno it

  12. I cannot believe anyone with a grain of commonsense would even consider voting for someone with obvious dementia. Good guy has nothing to do with electing an official to public office – BUT …intellect, motivation, proven ability, energy all go with brainpower and should determine one’s vote.

  13. Win, two, three, four,
    Win, two, three, four,
    Win, two, three, four,
    Win, two, three, four!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. Ruth gator ginsu:
    She single handed murdered more babies than any woman in history. It is like she killed them with her bare hands and reveled in their blood! Many were poor black and latino babies, such a shame. She is burning for all eternity now.

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