January 25, 2021

Bongino: Biden insiders admit his cognitive decline is accelerating

The Democrat establishment narrowed one of the largest and most diverse fields of presidential candidates ever seen down to 78-year-old Joe Biden, and their plan is backfiring.

Conservative pundit and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said on Sunday that he’s heard from sources close to the situation that “Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask.”

Biden’s shocking cognitive health collapse is impossible to ignore, despite his campaign’s best efforts, and it’s causing panic on the left.

“Not a joke and not hyperbole – I’m hearing from people close to the situation that Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask,” Bongino wrote on Sunday. “The Democrats are going to have to make a decision soon.”

Democrat strategists have already begun urging Biden skip planned presidential debates, likely to shield Biden from further criticism over his inability to make a gaffe-free public appearance.

Democrats have outright ignored concerns about Biden’s ability to fulfil his duties should he win in November, but no matter how much time and effort the mainstream media puts into gaslighting the American people, it’s difficult to ignore the obvious.

Laura Washington, a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times remarked on Sunday that after she published an op-ed questioning Biden’s mental acuity last week, she received dozens of replies affirming her concerns from voters on both sides of the aisle.

Throughout the fierce Democratic nominating campaign, there was a steady undercurrent of questions about his age, stamina and intellectual capacity.

I watched, and sometimes cringed, at his performances in debates and other public appearances. Biden stumbled over and mangled names, facts and concepts. At times, he seemed confused.


Voters may be reluctant to turn out an incumbent president, even Trump, in a time of crisis if they do not feel sure Biden can ably serve.

Will Biden’s stumbles and bumbles catch up with him?

If even the most hardened anti-Trump journalist can admit that Biden is one of the weakest candidates Democrats have ever put forward, the Biden camp shouldn’t be shocked if Trump roars back for another four years.

Watch Biden’s most recent memory lapse here:

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68 Responses

    1. Dems just going to try to cheat, mail in voting..do u believe this is america .Democrats are like communist china.

    2. The liberal media keeps insisting that there’s no evidence that mail in ballots can be tampered with americans are supposed to rely on the media to give us the truth they too have been deceiving us too

      1. If you believe the media, then I have some water front property in Kansas to sell you for a great price.

      1. The ego is a compelling force and easily becomes attracted to forms of embrace that stokes the ego process. Bear in mind the ego process occurs very differently in mentally mature adults when contrasted to ego processes in immature adults. These egos are surrounded with defense mechanisms and can easily and willingly distort reality. I submit that Biden exhibits the latter in a significant number of ways.

  1. What the DEMOCRATS are not ADMITTING is UNCLE JOE BIDEN is SUFFERING from the SAME BRAIN ROT that killed his SON and JOHN McCAIN. It will be a MIRACLE if BIDEN SURVIVES until the ELECTION !

  2. It is criminally negligent to try to get a candidate elected in his condition. Get him tested like Trump was tested for everybodys sake.
    Way don’t those Dems care about the country anymore. What really is their “long term” plan?
    Why do they allow the destruction of America?

    1. Why allow such destruction? Making America a pile of rubble takes out the big defender of Israel, placing us as fodder for world govt take over, which leads to the Antichrist & Satan’s hate For God, Jesus who is a Jew, then Israel , then Israels defender, etc as Satans wants to keep owning this world, and to defeat God, both of which wont happen.

      1. But who is doing anything about it? BLM just did an extortion shakedown in Louisville, KY- eateries: hire 23% black workers, buy 23% of your supplies fm black businesses–or give 1.5% of your net to black charities on a recurring monthly basis, & put up visible signs abt reparations, & have semi-annual inclusion trainings Or bad things will happen to your business location, online social media & review sites, & protests w/sit ins in front of your store & the same for all of your other businesses. One man stood up to them & his store was vandalized– but he got together w/other Hispanics & made a protest of solidarity & BLM had a fit Tha he didn’t come to them to talk it out & implied the extorted was just a ‘bad apple’ – but other businesses were shaken down & signed the contract.

        They were bummed that it got out that someone defied them & ‘got away’ with it!

        Something has to be done about the casual law-breaking, & how Dem mayor’s & governors turn a blind eye to the insurrection & lawlessness & refuse & discourage Federal help. As if they want the country to fall apart. The more the anarchy is ignored, the more brazen Antifa & BLM gets!

        That restaurant had to close for the weekend & 30 workers lost pay bc of the nned to close for safety!

    2. Dems cheat, lie, and do whatever it takes to win. They’d run a stuffed animal and try to con the public into supporting it. All about power, control and money. We’ve already seen how they sell or hock the security of our country to foreign governments using their position to enrich themselves and family members.

    3. the democRats are today´s stalinists and muslims. Their plan is to destroy America and then to destroy the whole world. The first terrorist obama and his muslim gangs have nearly destroyed the US.
      And now he and his thugs are trying again

    4. Democrats care, just not about Biden’s condition. That doesn’t matter since the Vice-President, whoever that might be, will be the true president. Biden will be nothing more than a puppet, if he is there at all.

  3. Did you all see the article entitled: “BIDEN = Bigggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated”? It goes along these same lines. I really don’t see how anyone could vote for a man who can’t even figure out what is going on right now when he doesn’t have any responsibilities. How in the world do they think he can handle the rigors of the Presidency? It is ridiculous!

    1. His “handlers” will run the country or the Pelosi-Schumer Cartel will declare him unfit and his VP will become the president and then, due to inexperience, Biden’s “handlers“ will take control and the “president will be like a “royal“! Basically a neutered figurehead with no authority, but, available to be thrown under the bus, if Hussein, sorry, the “handlers” screw up!

      1. Obama is probably calling all the shots. He probably realizes that Biden’s health is on a downhill slide and thinks this is an opportunity for him to run the government in the background. Maybe that’s why he is planting himself in the middle of this election. These people are eat up with ego, power and control with no concern for the future of the country.

  4. I am predicting that the DNC Convention will throw Biden under the bus, and select through the Superdelegates either Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton as their Presidential Nominee, and the other as their Vice Presidential Nominee!

    1. I have been saying that for months. Why else has his Vice never been named? Because Biden will be removed at the last possible moment and replaced with someone very obscure. Who in hell ever knew anything about Jimmy Carter? It takes time to run background checks and dig up dirt. No way will it be Michael Obama or the Hildabeast.

      1. Biden can be bought.
        Hildabeast made a deal with Biden early on.

        “Pick me as your v p and then you act progressively mentally deranged and then you drop out once you are elected. Then I am president.“

        In the meantime Soros is hildabeast’s financial supporter and he caused this chaos, unrest and violence with defunding police and mail in voting fraud/cheating.

  5. Joe Biden needs to be more concerned with the last of life he has left & just drop out of the presidential race & let trump have it for another 4 years .His mental health is failing what’s next after that physical body is next.

  6. Gee no kidding. The guy can’t go through 15 minutes without sounding like he has lost it and we need insiders to tell us what everyone can see. Its amazing how stupid these people think the American Public is. They think we are all deaf, dumb and blind and all they have to do is tell us how to think and we do it. I will agree they do have quite a few of the Useful Idiots as followers but that is certainly not the majority of American Citizens.

  7. Wife Jill & other Biden family members should be trying to get Joe to abandon his plans to run for President…..it will save them all much grief, a ton of money, & especially the USA’s reputation, if he somehow does get elected.

  8. I am surprised his wife has let it go on this long. Hiden Biden and such things. My tweet: REMEMBER: A vote for Biden is a vote for Nancy Pelosi.
    She’s been more pleased herself lately than usual. (If that is at all possible!)
    They had to come clean soon. It is so dishonest to keep fooling the voters.

    1. His wife is being well compensated by the dems for her allowing Biden to be used this way. She is as ruthless as Pelosi et al.

    2. Jill is not so honorable or she knows something we don’t know about joe.
      Like he is not as sick as he portrays himself to be.

      Creepy Biden family!

    1. Just remember..Biden and Obama allowed Biden’s son to not only use taxpayer money for his many, many, many flights to China..but the hundreds of thousands for security to him as well also allowed by Obama and vp Biden. Taxpayers were again taken advantage of and used. All for the Burisma Holdings where Biden’s son became quite wealthy and could very well afford his own flights and his own protection. I am so sick of it!

      1. Just remember..Biden and Obama allowed Biden’s son to not only use taxpayer money for his many, many, many flights to China..but the hundreds of thousands for security to him as well also allowed by Obama and vp Biden. Taxpayers were again taken advantage of and used. All for the Burisma Holdings where Biden’s son became quite wealthy and could very well afford his own flights and his own protection. I am so sick of it!

        Still feel bad for them?

  9. This is not a Democratic Party. This is a Communist Party headed by Bernie Saunders who honymoned in the Soviet Union. Biden is listening to everything Bernie has to say. AOC will be at the head of the Democratic Party together with Omar. We have lost our great country. Get rid of mail in ballots except for those people who are registered voters. Every mail in ballot has to be carefully examined for illegals, criminals, dead people, and people who do not even exist except the Democrats made up names of non-existence people. We no longer have a Democratic Party headed by evil Nancy Pelosi and liar Dianne Feinstein who had a Chinese driver for 30 years so her husband could get projects in China. There is never enough money for the corrupt Democrats. We need a new party to replace the Democrats. Let a reputable person start a new party to throw out all the lying Democrats that have caused trouble for four years to get rid of our elected President Trump.

  10. This article asks if Joe’s decline will catch up to him. I say it has done so, a long time ago. Then i was looking Biden over too. ,It has long been evident he is being handled/managed. I saw it long ago, that the Dems want the Senate & to keep the house. Then, even if Trump wins, he is blocked, a lame duck type for the full 2nd term. No wonder the Dems stay so silent, except to support riots & rioters ….ohhh, arent they soooo peaceable? Not to mention covid – hurry the vaccines…… I could well be wrong somewhere here but it all fits……

  11. Daniel John Bongino is an American political commentator, radio show host, author, politician, former congressional candidate, and former U.S. Secret Service agent. Bongino ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Republican in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

    In other words a loser

  12. Speechless just like Joe. Joe is like the athlete that just doesn’t know when to hang it up. A real shame.

  13. “Biden stumbled over and mangled names, facts and concepts. At times, he seemed confused.” – Still, he’s the best they’ve got. At least, the best of the ones that were willing to run. A theory voiced during the nominating process: The Democrats know they’re going to lose the 2020 Presidential election. They do not want to saddle a potential 2024 candidate with a 2020 loss. Biden is essentially a valueless throwaway, a sacrifice whose sole value lies in bringing in campaign contributions. It’s so Progressive to put the poor guy through this for their own purposes, making him run this grueling race that he cannot win.

  14. Watch out for Pelosi she thinks she deserves it she is so far pickled she don’t right from wrong either on anything

  15. Biden out, disability, Sanders out, could be disabled. Harris has Jamaican father, and Hindu mother. Like Rachael Dolezal, SHE IS NOT BLACK. Enter Elizabeth Warren seeking to be a real chief.

  16. When hiden Biden reminisces about crossing Lake Michigan with Christopher Columbus and discovering America, I think it’s time to worry

  17. I don’t like Joe Biden but I do feel it’s inhumane how the Democratic Party is using him. He isn’t fit to be President and they have no intention of allowing him to govern if he wins. There’s no morality here; what a terrible thing to do to somebody! There’s NO moral conscience within the Democratic Party itself! They will ruin whatever life he has left. Do we really want these people in power?????

  18. Truly, if dem insiders think they have been masking Biden’s cognitive decline, they need to have their own cognitive abilities checked. I do not like the man, but also know that the dem party, using him in this sleazy fashion, has absolutely no sound ethics to govern anything. Any halfway intelligent person in the country should be lining up for Trump 2020. And vote the Squad out, along with every long term congress person. B’bye Pelosi, you slime ball.

  19. Joe has been stupid all his life. Has done nothing meaningful in all his career. Fed at the government trough like the hog he is. Did manage to make himself and family members rich. One crooked sorry piece of dog excrement. This is the best the demorat party has to offer. Pitiful! Trump 2020

  20. The Democrats are willing to nominate a piece of moldy bread if they think it can beat Trump.
    Oh, wait. Joe has the cognitive capacity of a piece of moldy bread.

  21. We do it the American way…..we vote them out of office.
    And if that doesn’t work, we do it the other American way. We put them out of their misery….
    I’m from Brooklyne, that ‘s just how we talk…..

  22. Joe’s dementia qualifies him to be sent to a professional home that deals with people in this obvious condition.

  23. CREEPY JOE doesn’t even know where he is most of the time , how the hell is he going to be able to deal with CHINA , NORTH KOREA and RUSSIA and protect OUR country ???? Our country should not even be considering Biden ,,,,, he has got to STEP DOWN !!!!!

  24. Biden will never become President……………even with their corrupt mail in voting………..Both Parties can do mail in voting…………..HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    Dem Marxists are sooooooooooooooo Stupid!

  25. Dem’s want him to live so he can choose a communist vp…Either way if he wins it’ll be the commies making all the decisions…prayers needed..USA must wake up!!

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