July 4, 2022

Biden in talks with China over disarmament

President Joe Biden and Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping met this week and worked on ironing out an agreement to launch arms control dialogues, according to The Washington Examiner.

“The two leaders agreed that we would look to begin to carry forward discussions on strategic stability,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday after a virtual meeting between Biden and Xi that ran late into Monday night.

“Now, that is not the same as what we have in the Russian context with the formal strategic stability dialogue that is far more mature, has a much deeper history to it. There’s less maturity to that in the U.S.-China relationship, but the two leaders did discuss these issues.”

According to the Examiner, this meeting could allow for more process, however, China has indicated that they will not enter talks over arms control with Russia and the United States. 

The Asian superpower justified their decision saying that Washington and Moscow control much more firepower in their stockpiles than China, and therefore have the burden of disarmament. 

However, the threat posed by China appears to be only growing due to their growing nuclear arsenal which they’ve been recently testing with hypersonic missiles that could orbit the globe. 

“That [new dialogue] needs to be guided by the leaders and led by senior empowered teams on both sides that cut across security technology and diplomacy,” Sullivan said.

Conservatives have voiced continued concern that the Biden administration could have too much affinity toward the Communist Chinese Party due to potential monetary gain for the Biden business assets in the region. 

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