September 30, 2022

Concha: Biden operatives are prioritizing ending string of disastrous interviews, appearances

Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been highly reluctant to make any public appearances even though coronavirus restrictions have largely been lifted and Donald Trump has now successfully pulled off his first rally.

Joe Concha, the media reporter for The Hill, told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that Biden’s silence is strategic, and that going forward, Biden’s strategists want to put an end to any unscripted appearances to keep Biden’s famous gaffes under control. 

Typically, a presidential candidate would do everything in their power to get in front of voters, but the Biden team’s strategy is the precise opposite.

“The bottom line is that Joe Biden is in the business of handpicked questions from handpicked outlets from safe situations,” Concha explained.

Democrat operatives are focused on preventing a replay of Biden’s disastrous “you ain’t black” remark on Charlamagne Tha God’s radio show in May.

Democrats have accepted that Biden can no longer answer impromptu questions without providing ammunition to the Trump campaign, and have opted instead to have Biden’s top adviser, Symone Sanders, do the talking unless absolutely unnecessary.

Concha remarked that Democrats want a “scripted or homogenized Biden,” and “don’t want extemporaneous Joe Biden because that’s where he always gets in trouble. And that’s where people, when they see him speak in those situations, they think, wait a minute, this isn’t even the vice president of four years ago or, certainly, the sharp vice presidential candidate in 2012 when he debated Paul Ryan so effectively in that vice presidential debate then.”

While the strategy was effective during lockdowns, the coronavirus excuse is wearing very thin. At some point, Biden will have to debate Trump in front of the entire nation. The Trump campaign is fully poised to take advantage of this fact and is already agitating to add more debates on top of those already scheduled.

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