May 25, 2022

Concha: Biden operatives are prioritizing ending string of disastrous interviews, appearances

Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been highly reluctant to make any public appearances even though coronavirus restrictions have largely been lifted and Donald Trump has now successfully pulled off his first rally.

Joe Concha, the media reporter for The Hill, told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that Biden’s silence is strategic, and that going forward, Biden’s strategists want to put an end to any unscripted appearances to keep Biden’s famous gaffes under control. 

Typically, a presidential candidate would do everything in their power to get in front of voters, but the Biden team’s strategy is the precise opposite.

“The bottom line is that Joe Biden is in the business of handpicked questions from handpicked outlets from safe situations,” Concha explained.

Democrat operatives are focused on preventing a replay of Biden’s disastrous “you ain’t black” remark on Charlamagne Tha God’s radio show in May.

Democrats have accepted that Biden can no longer answer impromptu questions without providing ammunition to the Trump campaign, and have opted instead to have Biden’s top adviser, Symone Sanders, do the talking unless absolutely unnecessary.

Concha remarked that Democrats want a “scripted or homogenized Biden,” and “don’t want extemporaneous Joe Biden because that’s where he always gets in trouble. And that’s where people, when they see him speak in those situations, they think, wait a minute, this isn’t even the vice president of four years ago or, certainly, the sharp vice presidential candidate in 2012 when he debated Paul Ryan so effectively in that vice presidential debate then.”

While the strategy was effective during lockdowns, the coronavirus excuse is wearing very thin. At some point, Biden will have to debate Trump in front of the entire nation. The Trump campaign is fully poised to take advantage of this fact and is already agitating to add more debates on top of those already scheduled.

Do you think Biden will self-destruct once the presidential debates begin? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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peter (@guest_1012007)
1 year ago

I might be sorry for biden but having someone putting politico words in his mouth like his advisors then telling fake news media is sad in the first place. I really doubt he would be able to last in the first debate no less three or more debates in front of millions of people. If he can then I would say there will be some fraud connected to how biden will get through the debates and I do not think millions of people or even the RNC will let biden run the debates from his basement along with cheater advisors next to him while the debates might be half way around the U.S. He needs to get out and confront the people or sink in the process. Just think wholeheartingly as to what follows because this virus may or may not be around for the short term or the long term and the show must go on and also one other item, all legal voting citizens must go to a polling place with no mail in voting except for the ones who actually can’t get to the poling place because there will be no fraudulant voting which will be seen in mail in voting.

Diana (@guest_1012011)
Reply to  peter
1 year ago

Fraudulent voting is already happening in several states and they are saying it’s a mess!
Don’t know how the can straighten it oIt unless the do a rerun and make the people show up at the polls. Too many dead people,COVID19 deceased people and people who have voted and no one can find their votes. They are gonna cheat…. that’s the only way they could possibly win. Sad world we are living in right now!

Diana (@guest_1012009)
1 year ago

From what I understand from reading the Dems articles, they plan on slipping in Killery at the last minute as VP and as soon as Biden is announced the will claim they have now found out he has dementia and Killery will move up from VP to President. If not her Michael Obama!
🇺🇸TRUMP/PENCE 2020’ 🇺🇸

Avatar666 (@guest_1012028)
1 year ago

Joe Biden tells the story of a drunk truck driver that killed his 1st wife and baby daughter. According to the court, Joe’s wife ran a stop sign. The truck driver did not and was the first to render assistance to the Biden family.

In 1987, when Joe Biden was running for President for the very first time, his campaign got swallowed up in a swarm of lies that Joe Biden told about himself all over the country. First, Biden was caught plagiarizing a famous speech from British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock – including parts of the speech that came straight from Kinnock’s personal life that simply were not true for Joe Biden. Then, he plagiarized yet another speech from the late Robert Kennedy and another from JFK and another from Hubert Humphrey. You have to understand – this was pre-Internet, pre-social media, and something in Joe Biden’s mind made him think he could get away with it. He didn’t. And it ultimately tanked his campaign.

This past week in Iowa Biden went so far as to say he “was raised in the Black church.” It’s about as absurd of a claim as a person running for President has ever made. Again, I must remind you that he has never mentioned any of this for his entire life.

Avatar666 (@guest_1012030)
1 year ago

Joe Biden claimed twice recently that he met with Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors when he was vice president, despite the fact that he was already out of office when the attack took place.

Biden is known for lying repeatedly and plaigarizing other peoples works since his college days.

Kristin Decker (@guest_1012039)
1 year ago

No If, ands, or buts, all Biden knows how to make are social blunders. I kind of feel sorry for the guy because I too am not a good social speaker myself, but I am not a political person who HAS to do it as part of his job nor did any of my jobs involve speaking in public. I made SURE of that! I was an interpreter for the deaf back in Ohio, but that was fine with me. I enjoyed it. Wish I could put my knowledge of sign language to use in Arkansas, but their only school for the deaf is too far away for the to walk to it. Maybe if there were some deaf adults in Fayetteville or Springdale or Gentry, SOMEWHERE around here I could just be friends with them. I would NOT blunder alond, but be slow at first & then, after 40 years of no use of sign language, get back into using it again. I do miss using it!

jimmy (@guest_1012041)
1 year ago

A sad state of affairs if the past presidents could rise up they would condem the demacrat party for what they are doing to sleepy joe biden

Steve (@guest_1012042)
1 year ago

Biden as POTUS? May as well call the White House the “President’s Pedophile Palace”.

Michael Patton (@guest_1012048)
1 year ago

Biden is Toast!!!

Bill Dunn (@guest_1012063)
1 year ago

Biden should stay in the basement forever . He is corrupt and even the dems think he has early onset dementia

Diane Maxwell (@guest_1012074)
1 year ago

Just watch closely at ANY debate that Joe Biden will need to partake in….I bet the Demorats will have a minuscule transmitter microphone in his ear with someone else behind the lines whispering the answer to the questions to the debate questions to him.

Charles Thomas (@guest_1012075)
1 year ago

The Extreme Liberal Left Democrats can not afford Biden to messed up their plans to win the election. They already know that they are going to loose the Presidency Position to Trump. There is no way that Joe Biden can defeat Trump head to head. So they want keep Biden’s mouth shut using the Corona Virus Pandeic Scare tactic to cover Biden’s reluctance to come out face the voters on issues he can not win. The Left has determined that they would rather go after victories in the House and Senate and tie Trump’s hands from any further success, with another four more years of investigations, Impeachment trials and every form of legal actions that they can drum up to make Trump’s term in the White House an unpleasant experience. They do not care about the public because they know that he will destroy them if he gets what they are keep us to us. Vote out the Democrats in November.

Tina Moore (@guest_1012084)
1 year ago

The elder abuse of Biden continues. His family, his campaign and the DNC should be ashamed to put this man through hell. He is self destructing in his basement. He won’t last until the first debate. If the democrats had done something positive for the last 3 1/2 years besides impeachment crap, they might have come up with a more viable candidate. Too late!!!! Trump 202 and straight red.

Jim (@guest_1012126)
1 year ago

They will probablyremove him from the ticket based on his mental health and install someone that they believe can defeat Trump at the last minute or allow him on the ticket and pick a VP who they wish to be President about 6 months after the election when they put Joe in a Nursing home.

Charles Chandler (@guest_1012171)
1 year ago

Trump will ace the debates. They just need to make sure he does not use an earpiece for someone to feed him what to say. Biden that is.

CAROLYN WALTER (@guest_1012204)
1 year ago

I would rather call him “creepy joe” just looking at him makes my skin crawl. The democrats will come up with a scheme to push him through, he will never see a debate stage.

Jose (@guest_1012239)
1 year ago

The Democrats knows very well that there plans will succeed after the President can’t continue his job the vice president will take over.
Who could possibly be that person has a deeper scheme of thwarting the public to a destructive covert plan to hand over our USA to the
One World Order leader and there goes our country to the third world
down spiraling.

faithful 1228 (@guest_1012241)
1 year ago

Pray for Biden that the party and his family will let him be “put out to the Dementia pasture” and live out the rest of his years doing in his mind whatever will make him happy and peaceful. It is so cruel to see him being used so badly for THEIR purposes in his present state. May Heavenly Father give the push we need to elect all Republicans and keep Trump in the white house and take over the House and keep the Senate. There has to be SOME reasonable and sane Democrats out there who have enough of a backbone to do what is right.

Dee (@guest_1012246)
1 year ago

The Liberals are all racist haters of Americans, especially white people and Christians. They want to destroy America and control the people, so many brainwashed Dems & Independents that can’t see through all the lies. They aren’t even hiding all the evil they are doing and these brainwashed people still can’t see what they are doing. Won’t let their states open, but cheer on and pay for rioters and looters, duh!!! As for Biden he has and always will be a racist, but I feel bad for the old man suffering. Obama pushed for him so he can sit back and pull the strings, pretend it’s Biden making the decisions. Obama worse President ever and wife Mike helped Muslims and ignored we the people of America. You have to know they are no good when they allowed him to seal his records, should not have been legal for someone running for President. Unseal the records, probably ashamed he’s married to a transgender, LBGQTI? should be in an uproar he’s not truly supporting them.

Patty (@guest_1012254)
1 year ago

People with no conscience do un consionsble things. Clearly, ther is not ONE Democrat who has a conscience! They are all about money, power and destroying our country! Biden’s wife is probably hoping he will hold up long enough till election time. She has to be aware of his mental decline, she is his WIFE! But, the notion of bieng “ First Lady” gets in the way of common sense. He ISN’T going to get better! Only much worse as time goes by. Dementia, or Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease, and the lingering death associated with it is horrible. He should not be put in the position he is in, and any truly caring person would not allow it. WHAT is wrong with these people? Is winning more important than life? Clearly, not to the demonrats in charge! They are a bunch of buzzards, waiting to feed on the carcass of a dying nation! If they manage to steal this election, our country will be lost. We cannot let this happen! We ALL must vote Republican and stop by his insanity!!

Patty (@guest_1012314)
1 year ago

Par for the demonrats course! Pull every dirty trick in the book, any political stunt to keep people’s attention elsewhere while they put their plan into action. First the covid distraction, then the blm riots. What is next on the agenda? Stopping the Trump rallies, voter fraud, sneaking in a last minute replacement just before or after the election, stealing the election, or saying it was not a legal election in some way. Beware! They are up to NO GOOD, as usual! Something illegal is afoot for sure! If we don’t stop them, we are done for as a free country! We cannot let this farce to continue, the lies, double dealing, the illegal legislation Piglosi is passing, all needs to be stopped!

Mea (@guest_1012367)
1 year ago

This is all drama!!! Enjoy the show!!!! This is all premeditated…. at the last minute … perhaps after the convention the Demonrats …. that’s my name for the party …. will make a switch..: Hilary and Michelle …. Hil go for President and Mich for VP …. so we can see nothing getting done in the nation …. a backdoor for Bill and Obama…. they are both very Presidential…. whatever that means. B O … how’s that for rocket science??? God forbid if Biden gets elected then let go because of whatever malady or sickness he is suffering from, his wife, the Doctor in the House will diagnose him…. and the killer blow No No Nannette will move in to takeover the vacancy!!! Her Numero Uno priority to tell you and I how to think will at last come true!!! Her fantasy😂Then we will get to see a rerun of awesome ice creams being served at the White House on late night TV!!!! These Demonrats are capable of anything and everything .::. So let us hope sane people … the majority of citizens are just that …. sanev….will vote Trump/Pence 2020 to deliver us from these maniacs!!!

Gayland Wood (@guest_1012404)
1 year ago

I do not think he has enough since to go to the bath room by himself much less be President.

Harry Cauley (@guest_1012408)
1 year ago

He has already disructed himself. He’ll BDA when he debates Trump on any issue.

Rose (@guest_1012424)
1 year ago

If Biden gets elected then all sex offenders can become President!

PATTY (@guest_1013074)
1 year ago




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