September 29, 2022

Biden had ‘potentially precancerous’ growth removed during colonoscopy

President Joe Biden’s physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor released a memo on Wednesday revealing he removed a potentially precancerous growth from the president during a colonoscopy.

“As previously reported in my 19 November 2021 memorandum. President Biden had a benign appearing 3 mm polyp removed from his ascending colon. The specimen was sent for histologic examination,” the statement said.

The statement noted Biden had a similar growth removed in 2008.

“The excised specimen has been identified as a tubular adenoma. This is similar to the polyp which he had removed in 2008. A tubular adenoma is a benign, slow-growing, but thought to be potentially pre-cancerous lesion for which no further action is required at this time,” the statement said.

The report noted the follow up treatment for the procedure included “routine surveillance” and said, “Typically, repeat colonoscopy in 7 to 10 years is recommended.”

The hour and a half procedure included much drama as the president temporarily handed over presidential power to Vice President Kamala Harris.

The brief move made Harris the first female to hold presidential power in American history.

Biden’s colonoscopy may have been successful, but many Americans remain concerned whether the president is cognitively fit to serve in the nation’s highest office.




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