July 31, 2021

Biden says George Floyd’s death has had more of an impact than MLK assassination

A top Democrat strategist recently told a group of fellow Democrat leaders that nominee Joe Biden is “fine” staying in his basement while the Democrat party and mainstream media do the campaigning for him.

We’d have to agree after Biden’s disastrous appearance at a Philadelphia round table on Wednesday, in which he claimed that George Floyd’s death has had more of an impact than the death of famed civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. 

We’ll let his shocking comment speak for itself:

Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did, because just like television changed the civil rights movement for the better when they saw [former Commissioner of Public Safety for Birmingham, Alabama] Bull Connor’s dogs ripping the clothes off of elderly black women who were trying to go to church, and fire hoses ripping the skin off of young kids.

That — all those folks around the country who didn’t have any black populations heard about this, but they didn’t believe it, but they saw it, it was impossible for them to close their eyes.

Well, what happened to George Floyd, now you’ve got how many people around the country? Millions of cell phones, it’s changed the way everybody’s looking at this. Look at the millions of people marching around the world.

While it’s true that the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was a flashpoint for widespread protests and riots, even Democrats were left speechless at Biden’s declaration.

Biden also appeared to have another one of his now-famous memory lapses later on in the round table discussion, while attacking Donald Trump’s leadership.

Watch: (H/T GOP War Room)


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21 Responses

    1. Past time for Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe to be put out to pasture. But, let him remain in the running. He’ll prove to be easy target for President Trump’s re-election bid. I will say if Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe does get elected, then this country will completely fall and be open targets for those who would destroy the freedom we have enjoyed in the past. It will be time to think about a partition of this country into two distinct areas, one run by the rule of law and one by the Libtards in the democrapic party.

      1. SGT. Preston I totally agree with that statement, maybe two sections might work.

  1. While Floyd’s death was inexcusable these rioters need to be jailed. Isn’t it against the law to deface and destroy public property and what’s going on in Seattle is a dereliction of duty on the govnor and mayors hands. Stop this now

  2. Biden is a tool of the Democratic party. They Peliso and Schumer are now intrested in a Female Vice President whether it’s an African American or a White person just as long as it’s one of the two. Most of the Democrats know Biden if elected will only serve one term or a few years. America is going in a direction of un certanity

  3. MR, President , ask for volunteers, restrict the military to their bases, leyt us resolve the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical tick problem, once and for all.

  4. Very sad to watch and see his health decline b-4 our eyes and the democRATS keep pushing him out there. He should not b running for president he cant run his own life but this is ver sad to watch… vote 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP

    1. Look whom he picks or I should say whom they pick for his VP… That is the question.?!?.. The left think they are slick!

  5. He will be tried for being a Turncoat and forcing a country overseas to hire his son with no knowledge of the job requirements….that’s screwing the country there over…Blackmail!..!!!!!

  6. The Stte and Federal Governments jointly should surround the 6 block Seattle area with police, sheriffs and state militia. The the federal militaary should surround all of those. The, help get all the non-participating citizens that live and/or have businesses in that area out of the area. Then, cut off all sewer, water and elecftric services to the are. Therefore, no water, toilets, appliance/airconditioning etc use possible. You probably also should put up blocks of phone services signals for cell phone reception so they cannot call out for help if they need it. After all. they do not want any help from the security of police, AMTs, fire depts, etc. So they will have to figure out how they are going to survive without having all the services, protection and help from HOME. After all they don’t want to protect police officer lives or even their own bunch. They will turn into the real cannibals and terrorists they have become. They can learn the hard way why we need these protections and services. Why should the Seattle nonviolent taxpayers have to pay for their survival when what they want is to destroy their city for all the wrong reasons.

  7. The Party knows Joe Joe in the basement is to stop his dementia mouth from blowing the run for Pres. He is a loony as any I’ve ever seen trying to run for Pres in my 85 years. What a skunk he truly is he knows less than HITLERy,other she was slicker with he shady dealings she committed. joe Joe is just a dummy on Ovomits knee as HitlerY is as well. Ovomit gets one of them in the WH and that’s the end to our freedoms and the beginning of the new Socislamic country. Time we buckle up and run these three out of America and on to Iran where this crap first started with Ovomit.

  8. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  9. Why did the democrats choose such a corrupt man to be their presidential candidate it’s quite baffling he has never accomplished a darn thing., mumbles when he talks , paws women and doesn’t seem to know which country he is on 😱

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