July 4, 2022

Biden finally admits that his administration is not in control of border crisis

President Joe Biden admitted that the nation’s southern boder is not under control during the response to a question from a reporter this week.

“We will get it under control,” Biden answered regarding the border crisis.

The response marked a strong contrast with his previous statements on the issue. In April, Biden addressed the border with the answer, “We’ve not gotten control,” of it.

However, the border is certainly not under control, as more than 1.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border this year.

The situation spiked in September as 15,000 Haitian migrants crossed the Rio Grande River and set up camp under the Del Rio International Bridge. Texas Border Patrol finally took action and closed the border.

The Del Rio bridge is now being handled and numbers were below 4,000 as of Thursday. Yet many of these migrants are still being released within the U.S.

The border is clearly out of control and it’s good to see Biden at least admit there is a problem. Now we just need some action to address it.

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