May 20, 2022

Joe Biden says he no longer plans to issue a federal mask mandate

Democrat nominee Joe Biden announced last week that one of his highest priorities as president would be to issue a nationwide mask mandate, something President Trump has refused to do.

However, Biden abruptly quit claiming that he would enact the controversial mandate after experiencing political backlash from the declaration, saying instead that he has decided he will “pressure” leaders to do it locally.

After a reporter asked Biden on Wednesday whether he supports a federal mask-wearing mandate, Biden responded “no, what I suggested was, I would ask every person in authority” to issue a mandate, pointing to concerns that there is no constitutional authority for a federal mandate.

“I’m a constitutionalist, you know, you can’t do things the constitution doesn’t allow you the power to do,” continuing to explain that he would “put as much pressure as I could on every governor, every senator, every mayor, every county executive, every local official … to make sure you wear a mask and maintain social distancing.”

This reversal is a far cry from both Biden and running mate Kamala Harris’s statements in recent weeks indicating that a federal mask mandate was a non-negotiable platform issue for them.

In fact, Biden promised in his Democratic National Convention acceptance speech just two weeks ago that “we’ll have a national mandate to wear a mask” if he’s elected president.

Kamala Harris also affirmed just last week that a federally-issued mask mandate was one of the first priorities of the potential Biden administration. Asked by a reporter on Friday if a mask mandate was one of the first orders of business for Biden, Harris replied, “yes, it’s a standard.”

Concerns about the ability of the federal government to enforce such a mandate, however, have clearly made the Biden/Harris campaign skittish about committing to the mandate, as Harris added that “nobody’s going to be punished,” but that “The the point is this is what we as responsible people who love our neighbor, we have to just do that right now.”

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John Campbell (@guest_1043648)
1 year ago

So Biden imidiately quits his Position regarding face masks when confronted by it ! What if it was a serious matter for the U.S. this is an indication that Biden should not be our President !

Joe (@guest_1043693)
Reply to  John Campbell
1 year ago

Joe Biden is a mentally half witted moron, with the mentality of communist air head, who speaks anyway too get the Presidency…..

maria (@guest_1043764)
Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

He is a mentally sick person , pro muslims, communist and hates free world.
He should quit and the creature Kamal Harris too

Esther (@guest_1043716)
Reply to  John Campbell
1 year ago

I hope Trump has a list of all these things Biden has said and is now denying. Biden’s brain is like a sieve, everything leaks out.

Richard (@guest_1043759)
Reply to  John Campbell
1 year ago

He’s a constitutionlist that wants to take away you’re guns, what a joke. Stupid old man.

morry hanson (@guest_1045367)
Reply to  John Campbell
1 year ago


Carl Johnson (@guest_1043649)
1 year ago

What do you expect from idiots who haven’t even begun to establish a true platform. They are winging it and looking to see if we swallow the crap they throw op on the wall.

Nathan t nguyen (@guest_1043670)
Reply to  Carl Johnson
1 year ago

Unfortunately many, many, many will be willing “to swallow the crap they throw off the wall” and selling their soul to the devil.

Eva Davis (@guest_1043653)
1 year ago

Biden is hot and cold with decision making…He can’t make up his mind…

Jack hall (@guest_1043654)
1 year ago

He’s a Constitutionalist? B/S! Obama had NO PROBLEM TRAMPLING THE CONSTITUTION and neither would Biden. The senile old fool did say he would enact a Nationwide Mask mandate and that is clearly Unconstitutional. That’s exactly why President Trump couldn’t step in and run the China Virus response that was a total disaster in NYC.

BENJAMIN (@guest_1043657)
1 year ago

All I have to say is that this Idiot doesn’t know whether his coming or going? he is just filling in as a puppet
for the Liberals and the the Billionaires and millionaires like Soros, sick Jew and others who want to destroy
our freedom country. But , I try not to be too worried about it, God is in control and its his will! I will say this in all honesty if we could get some of our leaders to start preaching the word [ Gospel} more in public we could with Gods help change this country around ,but i know no body will do it because it offends all the Idiots in this country!
Seems to me we are being run by Dictators already! SHEW ON THAT FOR AWHILE!

Shirley Warren (@guest_1043703)
Reply to  BENJAMIN
1 year ago

Benjamin you said everything I feel…..we are being run by Dictators already. We are told we have to stay in quarantine, when we can go to church, school, or even a family gathering. Obama opened up the trap door and Biden will do the same. They have their plan already set in cement and with Kamala, and Pelosi on his tail they would see to it that America would be a thing of the past. I DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS HAPPEN.

William Lockridge (@guest_1043658)
1 year ago

Float an idea ballon, see if it flies, and then make your decision. A piss poor way to run a campaign.

russell d remmert (@guest_1043659)
1 year ago

biden should be in nursing home

Percy Phillips (@guest_1043677)
Reply to  russell d remmert
1 year ago

I agree with this statement. biden changes his thoughts with the wind, he will say something one day or week & change it the next week or day. This would be a poor way to run our country. WE need to be sure he does not get in the President office . He would be the down fall of our great nation. He really needs to be admitted in a nursing home & lock the doors. Harris needs to be in the same nursing home & locked up also.

Paul E. (@guest_1043660)
1 year ago

Says one thing then when he’s confronted, he back tracks. Biden and Harris sure make one heck of a team. Thre only problem is, if elected, they’ll stick to what was originally said. At least when Trump says something. He stands his ground with feet planted firmly. And of all things, he does what says once in office. What kind of politician does that?

BoB Sobczak (@guest_1043665)
1 year ago

OMG.Biden for President. Here’s a man half the time doesn’t know what State he’s in or knows what the hell he’s talking about,and you want this Idiot to run our Country. You have got to be kidding me. Sure China is rooting for him so that things will return to Normal,and they can start screwing America again. Sorry, I’ll stick with Trump, at least I’ll know what the hell I’m getting . Someone who cares about America and its Citizens.

Deborha Schmitt (@guest_1043691)
Reply to  BoB Sobczak
1 year ago

Amen to that!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

mbr722 (@guest_1043668)
1 year ago

More hypocritical s–t. Is it ever going to stop with the democrats? Liars are cheats and thieves. Crooked Hillary, Sleepy Joe, Schifty Schiff, and all the rest of them. What a party to not vote for. My decision was made in 2016 and I’m ready for 2020. Trump 2020.

Alan (@guest_1043669)
1 year ago

And who would enforce mandatory masks old joe .social workers ..tell that to ur blmob.

TSW (@guest_1043675)
1 year ago

It doesn’t matter because there are so many left wing lunatics who believe every lie that these people and their propaganda machine tell them 24/7 it is just ridiculous! These people have been brainwashed so badly that they actually truly believe that our president is Hitler incarnate and that he wants to turn our country into a dictatorship. All this even though in reality nothing could be further from the truth. It is just sickening to think that these criminals can cause so much pain and suffering and nothing ever happens to them because so many people who are supposedly smart use our own constitution as a reason for allowing these people to absolutely dsstroy the greatest country on earth and they are being allowed to take us with them into HELL!

southern proud (@guest_1043682)
1 year ago

here we go again, folks. flip flop Biden. he throws something out there to test the waters, then walks it back when he doesn’t hear the expected applause. just like re-directing police funding, fracking, etc….. you never know what he’s going to do or say next. it must be exhausting to be him> it is so refreshing to hear our President speak. you know exactly what he stands for. we must all be sure to get everyone we know to get out and vote in person. this election is going to be, or should I say will be attempted, to slide biden in with phony mail in ballots. that is why Clinton said he should not admit defeat on election night. they will see how many ballots they need, and miraculously they will be “found” in someones trunk, like before. she has blatantly told us that they will do anything and everything to get Trump out of office. I’ll tell her it will be an icy day in hell when the American people allow the demon rats to turn this country into an anarchy…. Vote Red, MAGA…

Wildbill (@guest_1043796)
Reply to  southern proud
1 year ago

Now I’m waiting for him to take back his disavowal of the Hyde Amendment when he realizes it will turn the faith community against him. He’s a moron that’s being manipulated by the far left.

Dan Gibson (@guest_1043688)
1 year ago

Hey, c’mon guys — stop posting these misleading, over the top Headlines, i.e. ” JOE BIDEN QUITS ” just to lure us in then post a far less impactful story. There’s no need for that … we have plenty of SHOCK JOURNALISM out there already.

Dicky (@guest_1043694)
1 year ago

Biden is a total mental idiot and should be put in a mental institution!

Anne Gerrard (@guest_1043697)
1 year ago

Biden is trying to save his butt by kissing every one elses. Trouble is you can’t please everybody so we never know what’s coming next. He changes his mind faster than he changes his shirt depending on which way the wind blows. Personally I will take the first things he has said he only changed his tone when he found out, or his handlers did, that he was dropping in the polls. No good Joe, you are lying out of both sides of your mouth. IF you are elected you will do what you initially promised or worse it’s a democrat thing, promise the world and deliver nothing that helps the American people.

Jon (@guest_1043704)
1 year ago

Wishee washee no idea what he’s doing We can’t have him and Harris anywhere Washington they just don’t have what it takes to run the greatest nation on earth. The Democratics know they can’t beat trump and they ll never accept the election tallly Losers they can’t get over Hillary lost. Sad sick peoples

Mike (@guest_1043706)
1 year ago

Wait till dementia joe forgets his pants. It only is going to get worse!

GW (@guest_1043709)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is an Idiot and does not know what he wants from one day to the other unless Pelosi tell him what to do

ICE (@guest_1043712)
1 year ago

Well just more evidence that Uncle Joke Biden is unfit mentally for the Position of POTUS. hell he does not know who or where he is for more than 3 minutes at a time.!!

Martin Syvertson (@guest_1043731)
1 year ago

I think he’s backpedaling simply because his handlers have told him he’ll lose votes, that said, there’s nothing to stop him changing his mind once again should he by some miracle, win in November. Don’t forget, the only thing consistent about Biden is his inconsistency, on practically everything.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1043738)
1 year ago

I live in Taiwan. We have the best record in the world fighting viruses from Communist China, especially considering we are only 85 miles away from them. You must wear a mask to ride the bus or subway. That was a decision of the mass transit company, and made sense. Their bus, their rules. Other than that, wearing a mask in the US is DEM politicians using the virus as an excuse to become tyrants, plain and simple. The wearing of masks in bars, beauty salons, restaurants, convenience stores, etc, are decisions MADE BY THE BUSINESS OWNERS, NOT POLITICIANS! We do not have rules about wearing them in public although you may get a “black face” if someone thinks you should. I remember I would catch people staring at me on the subway, even while I was wearing a mask because I think some locals thought I had just arrived from the airport. Over here Caucasians are minorities. Whitmer, DEM GOV DICTATOR of my home state of Michigan outlawed vegetable garden seeds! Now THAT WOULD HAVE CAUSED DEMONSTRATIONS IN TAIWAN! I THINK ANTIFA/BLM RIOTERS FLYING AROUND THE US TO RIOT NEEDS IMMEDIATE FEDERAL INTERVENTION, AT THE AIRPORT, BEFORE THEY GO TO THE NEXT TOWN. THEY SHOULD BE PUT UNDER 14 DAY QUARANTINE, AT THEIR EXPENSE BEFORE BEING RELEASED. THESE ANARCHISTS ARE SPREADING THE VIRUS, NOT VEGETABLE GARDEN SEEDS!

Patty (@guest_1043878)
1 year ago

Biden waffles again! Sounds like obummer and his “ red line” on Syria. He said it on national t.v. Then said “ I didn’t draw a red line, the American people did”. LIAR! All the demonrats lie like dogs, then deny their statements, or blame someone else! Piglosi should be called to account for all her seditious statements! People, WAKE UP! The demonrats will say what you want to hear, then do as THEY please, because they “ think” we, the American people, are too stupid to understand. Piglosi “ thinks” she is in charge of our country! We MUST re elect President Trump if we want to remain free! And VOTE IN PERSON, NO MAIL IN BALLOTS! Don’t let the demonrats steal your vote! VOTE RED ALL THE WAY. KAG!!!!!!



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