May 24, 2022

Biden Fed nominee once supported reparations

President Joe Biden’s nominee to serve on the board of governors for the Federal Reserve System is coming under scrutiny for her past view of supporting reparations, among other concerns.

“Everybody benefited from slavery. Everybody,” Lisa Cook, a Michigan State University professor, said in a September 2020 “EconTalk” podcast, Fox News reported.

“So, I think that we absolutely need some sort of reckoning with that. There are many proposals on the table to study the possibility of reparations, many economic proposals being put forward, and I think they should all be taken seriously,” she added.

The same year, Cook expressed support on Twitter for reparations.

The need for reparations and any type of means to fairly distribute such payments for African American slavery has been a concern among many.

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey also expressed his concerns at multiple issues found with Cook and Raskin as nominees.

The concerns could be enough to end another nominee’s journey, which is terrible news for President Biden who is struggling to fill his administration’s positions.

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