May 26, 2022

Biden FAA administrator Steve Dickson announces resignation

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) leader Steve Dickson announced on Wednesday that he will be leaving his role at the end of March.

“Although my heart is heavy, I am tremendously proud of everything we have accomplished together over the past several years,” Dickson shared in a statement with the Washington Examiner.

“The agency is in a better place than it was two years ago, and we are positioned for great success. It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve alongside you,” he added.

His term has involved a whirlwind period of leading the agency during the pandemic. The restrictions on airlines led to increased frustrations with masking and other issues related to COVID-19.

However, Dickson noted his focus is not about the job, but rather his plans to focus on his family during his current stage of life.

The departure adds to a growing list of staff members leaving early in Biden’s tenure that will now need to be filled.

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