July 4, 2022

Biden expresses shock at high gas prices during speech praising infrastructure bill

In the annals of presidential tone-deafness, few can rival the recent antics of Joe Biden, a fact which was again on display on Wednesday when he announced – with a bizarre sense of shocked incredulity – that gas prices have skyrocketed under his watch, as Breitbart reports.

During an event at the Port of Baltimore in which he celebrated the passage of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, Biden offered a series of remarks which seemed to, at least in some ways, point the finger of blame at his own administration for the economic pain Americans are currently feeling, as the U.K. Independent observed.

“Did you ever think you’d be paying this much for a gallon of gas?” Biden inquired rhetorically, adding, “In some parts of California, they’re paying $4.50 a gallon.”

Attempting to acknowledge the difficulties facing the citizenry as a result of the supply chain crunch and rising inflation, Biden declared, “People are feeling it. They’re feeling it,” adding, “Everything from a gallon of gas to a loaf of bread costs more. And it’s worrisome even though wages are going up.”

The president also took pains to assuage growing alarm about the situation, suggesting that “jobs are up, wages are up, values are up, and savings are up” and pledged, “we’re tracking these issues and trying to tackle them straight on.”

As Jim Geraghty of National Review pointed out, the gas price problem that Biden is apparently just now noticing is actually a bit worse than he stated, given that according to the American Automobile Association, the average price of a gallon of gas in California as a whole – not just in “some parts” – has risen to $4.64.

Not surprisingly, though Biden was quick to offer some rambling thoughts about “the steps we’re taking” to help ease the supply chain crisis, he did not delve into the numerous, highly counterproductive actions in which his administration has engaged that threaten to keep gas prices high for the foreseeable future.

As Geraghty emphasizes, it was a mere two years ago that the United States became a net exporter of energy and cut dependence on foreign crude oil sources by over 50% from 2016 levels, but the Biden administration and the environmental activists that appear to pull many of its strings continue to pursue policies that hinder domestic production and – given OPEC’s refusal to boost supply – result in higher costs at the pump.

In the wake of recent news that the administration is now exploring the possibility of shutting down yet another critical pipeline in the upper Midwest, it appears ever more obvious that despite his theatrical surprise at the high cost of gas, Biden has no intention of running afoul of the radical climate change crusaders who are dictating his energy policies.

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